The lies we are being told about our healthcare freedom, and the solutions we need to win.

Enough is enough!

The Battle of Our Time Fighting for Healthcare Freedom

Over the last few decades, I’ve watched as the hospitals and insurance companies have attacked the dignity of the American people. I’ve watched as pharmaceutical companies have “buddied up” with doctors to drain billions of dollars from sick people. I’ve watched as ignorant senators have attempted, time and time again, to shove the same expensive and over-regulated health plan down our collective throat.

Make no mistake: Our healthcare freedoms are under attack, and it’s time to fight back.

Here’s how:

The lies you’re being told by Big Pharma, Big Hospitals, and Big Government

Lie #1: Medical providers are always acting in your best interest

The Truth: There’s no surprise here: Hospitals and pharmaceutical companies are for-profit operations that will do everything in their power to squeeze a few extra bucks from the common man. From obscured pricing structures to corrupt backroom deals, there’s no length they won’t go to take your money.

Consider this: U.S. doctors are allowed to prescribe any medication they want for any ailment. That means that you might not be getting the medicine you need, but rather the medicine that Big Pharma wants you to have.

Lie #2: You should always listen to your doctor

The Truth: Not only does your doctor have a massive conflict of interest when it comes to medications, but more importantly, there’s a good chance that they don’t even know what they’re talking about.

There are good doctors out there. But there are also some really bad ones, or even some good ones who are just having a bad day. But either way, it’s time for us to stop believing that our medical professionals are perfect or beyond reproach. That’s just what the healthcare complex wants you to believe, so that you’ll take your doc’s word for it when they bust out the prescription pad.

Here’s a bit more proof: Doctor’s hate it when you say that you’re seeking a second opinion. You know why? Because it’s a sign that they’re losing power over their “patients” (read: customers).

Lie #3: You can’t control how your healthcare dollars are being spent

The Truth: With traditional health insurance plans, you don’t have much control over how your monthly premiums are being spent. Most of it is going to pay for the salaries of higher-level executives. A small amount is actually used to keep you healthy, and even then, there’s someone else deciding what’s best for you.

  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are giving Americans an opportunity to reclaim their healthcare dollars. These tax-advantaged accounts can be funded directly from your paycheck, before any taxes are taken out. Then, you can grow the funds over time, or use them to pay for out-of-pocket expenses. As long as the money is being spent on qualified medical stuff, then you never have to pay taxes on it.

Lie #4: You can’t know what it costs until you get the bill

The Truth: Of all the healthcare injustices in the world, the fact that hospitals don’t want to show us the bill until afterwards is perhaps the most ludicrous. While our previous administration made a lot of progress with price transparency, hospitals and providers are still doing everything in their power to keep it around.

We’re made to think that it’s inappropriate to ask how much something costs while we’re sitting in the exam chair. As if talking about money with your doctor is rude or culturally inappropriate. But that’s what they’ve conditioned us to believe, so that they can continue to make up prices as they go.

Lie #5: You’re required to have a government-approved health insurance plan

The Truth: Of course they want you to believe that you have no choice but to go with one of “their” plans. In fact, this lie got so out of hand that the federal government even started penalizing those of us who couldn’t afford their plans.

  • Healthcare Cost Sharing is the alternative that they most certainly don’t want you to know about. Healthshare plans are a low-cost and legal alternative to government-regulated plans. Not only can you get much lower rates than unsubsidized insurance, you’ll also be “sticking it” to the predatory health insurance complex.

Compare Pricing on the Best Healthshare Plans Available

How to exercise your healthcare freedom

At HSA for America, our goal is to empower individuals, families, and businesses to exercise their healthcare freedom. That means fighting for the plan that is right for you, and not resting until we’ve accomplished your goals.

Here are some more ways to use your healthcare freedoms to your advantage:

Remember that your doctor works for you

If you don’t like your mechanic, you go and get a new one. Why should medical professionals be any different? Your doctor is there to help you achieve your health goals, but a lot of them have forgotten that.

Maximize your HSA contributions

If you’ve got a Health Savings Account (HSA), then every pre-tax dollar that you deposit is a dollar that you’re taking back from the insurance companies. By maximizing your annual HSA contributions, you’re not only investing in a valuable asset, but you’re giving yourself much more power over how your healthcare dollars are being handled.

Get a second (or third) opinion

Doctor’s hate having their opinion second-guessed, but that isn’t the way it should be. If you think that your provider is either off-the-mark with their diagnoses or charging way too much, then it’s time to start shopping around. Be sure to check other hospitals and providers in the area, and use the internet to your advantage.

Consider a medical cost sharing plan with no doctor network

Aside from the low monthly costs, Health Sharing Plans have the unique advantage of no provider networks. That means that you can choose any doctor or hospital that you want when seeking medical care.

Compare Pricing on the Best Healthshare Plans Available

We’re taking a stand for your healthcare freedoms

Remember: Big Pharma, Big Insurance, and Big Hospitals all share the exact same strategy. It’s making you believe that you don’t have any options when it comes to healthcare. They’ve spent decades as well as billions of dollars supporting this lie, and they’ll spend even more to keep it going.

It’s time that we take back our power from the health insurance companies. If you’re ready to switch to a form of healthcare without all the corruption and overreach, give us a call. Healthshare plans are available to all people, at all times, and if enough of us make the switch, there’s a good chance that we can take a real bite out of insurance industry profits.

You can get in touch with your Personal Benefits Manager at 800-913-0172, or click here to schedule a no-cost consultation.

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