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MediShare Plans

Join the hundreds of thousands of members that have discovered MediShare works for their family’s healthcare needs.

MediShare is a healthcare sharing program, which means members share each other’s eligible medical bills.

It is important to understand that MediShare plans are NOT health insurance. As a Christian ministry, the concept is based on the Biblical principle of bearing one another’s burdens.

MediShare has now over 250,000 members and more than $1.7 billion dollars in medical bills have been shared and discounted.

Why Choose a MediShare Plan?

MediShare is Accountable
MediShare plan members vote on the guidelines.
Medi-Share plans are Affordable


Savings amounting up to 50 percent or more. MediShare plans have options available that will fit every family and budget. Monthly contribution for families average $350.



Based after the Book of Acts where people who are one of heart and mind, also shared what they had. Your money is never used to pay for procedures that do not align with your values.

MediShare Plan Community
MediShare plan members support each other and pray for each other when you need it the most.


Anyone who is a member of a MediShare plan is exempt from the requirement to carry health insurance, and is exempt from all Obamacare tax penalties.

Medi-Share Plans are Available All Year-Round

Available All Year-Round

You don’t have to wait for an annual open enrollment period. You can join a MediShare plan at any time.

Member Benefits of MediShare Plans

MediShare Plan Discounts
MediShare plan members can get discounts on vision, hearing, and dental services.
24/7 Access to Providers

24/7 Access to Providers

For non-emergency care, MediShare plan members have 24/7 free access to providers via video or phone.



You can choose a provider from one of the largest PPO networks in the country, or use your own provider.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) – View Story

Q: How does Medi-Share work?

A: As a Health Care Sharing Ministry, Medi-Share makes it possible for members to share the cost of each other’s medical bills. It’s an affordable, legal alternative to health insurance available for families, seniors, and even small businesses.

Q: What is the deductible for MediShare?

A: Health sharing members do not pay deductibles. Instead, members are responsible for an Annual Household Portion (AHP). Similar to a deductible, the AHP is the amount that must be covered before any additional costs will be eligible for sharing.

Your AHP will depend on the plan options you choose, but can range from as low as $1,000 to as high as $10,500.

Q: How much does MediShare cost?

A: The cost of your monthly plan with MediShare will depend on several factors. These include your age, location, and number of people that you are enrolling. In most cases, MediShare plans are about half the cost of unsubsidized health insurance.

You can run a free quote on all available MediShare plans at the bottom of this page.

Q: Is MediShare Christian health insurance?

A: MediShare is not health insurance at all, but rather a form of medical cost sharing. However, MediShare is a Christian ministry that is devoted to the idea of sharing one another’s burdens. All members will be asked to complete a non-denominational Statement of Faith, and agree to some healthy lifestyle commitments.

Q: Who is MediShare for?

A: MediShare’s medical cost sharing plans are people who are tired of paying the steep costs of health insurance. Founded on the biblical ideals of community and generosity, MediShare is the perfect way for all Christ-followers to lower their monthly medical bills.

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They offer one Annual Household Portion per family!

Rated 4 out of 5
September 13, 2021

The best thing about MediShare is that we only have one AHP for our whole family. It’s much more affordable than when we had an individual insurance deductible to meet for every one of us. As long as we stick to the network, it’s easy to know how much of our costs are going to be shared, and what kind of costs aren’t qualified.

Leslie T.

The Medi-Share app is awesome

Rated 5 out of 5
September 12, 2021

The Medi-Share app is awesome. You can handle all your telehealth appointments right there with your phone, as well as check on whether or not a certain procedure is eligible for sharing. It’s also a lot better than carrying a membership card around.

William B.

Great low cost alternative to Obamacare

Rated 5 out of 5
September 6, 2021

Anything is better than being forced into an Obamacare plan that I can’t afford. Medi-Share was the first Christian health plan that I found, and I’ve been sticking with it ever since. I don’t get sick that often, so I’m able to save a lot of money. It can take about thirty days for an expense to be shared, but if you haven’t heard back, just call customer service and they’ll let you know how long it’s going to take.

Sheila H.

MediShare is pretty reliable

Rated 3 out of 5
August 28, 2021

MediShare’s customer service can be a little slow at times. But other than that, it’s been pretty reliable in terms of having my medical costs shared. There are some Christian health companies out there that are clearly just trying to take advantage of a fad, but MediShare has been around for a while and they’ve got their operation down pat.

Nathan B.

MediShare is a good choice

Rated 4 out of 5
August 20, 2021

As far as health sharing programs go, MediShare is probably one of the better ones. As someone who has been in and out of a lot of health insurance plans over the years, it’s good to find an option that finally works. I don’t use my health plan that much, so switching to MediShare actually saved me a ton of money over the last few years. They can be a little slow when it comes to sharing the cost of some procedures, so it’s always faster to check beforehand if it’s pre-approved.

Bill T.

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