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MediShare is a healthcare sharing program, which means members share each other’s eligible medical bills.

It is important to understand that MediShare plans are NOT health insurance. As a Christian ministry, the concept is based on the Biblical principle of bearing one another’s burdens.

MediShare has now over 250,000 members and more than $1.7 billion dollars in medical bills have been shared and discounted.

Why Choose a MediShare Plan?

MediShare is Accountable
MediShare plan members vote on the guidelines.
Medi-Share plans are Affordable


Savings amounting up to 50 percent or more. MediShare plans have options available that will fit every family and budget. Monthly contribution for families average $350.



Based after the Book of Acts where people who are one of heart and mind, also shared what they had. Your money is never used to pay for procedures that do not align with your values.

MediShare Plan Community
MediShare plan members support each other and pray for each other when you need it the most.


Anyone who is a member of a MediShare plan is exempt from the requirement to carry health insurance, and is exempt from all Obamacare tax penalties.

Medi-Share Plans are Available All Year-Round

Available All Year-Round

You don’t have to wait for an annual open enrollment period. You can join a MediShare plan at any time.

Member Benefits of MediShare Plans

MediShare Plan Discounts
MediShare plan members can get discounts on vision, hearing, and dental services.
24/7 Access to Providers

24/7 Access to Providers

For non-emergency care, MediShare plan members have 24/7 free access to providers via video or phone.



You can choose a provider from one of the largest PPO networks in the country, or use your own provider.

Get a Free Quote on All the Available MediShare Plans and Join Now!

Join the hundreds of thousands of MediShare plan members that have discovered MediShare works for their family’s healthcare needs. Fill in the form below to get a MediShare quote!

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