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By Wiley Long III, President – HSA for America
Reviewed by Lou Spatafore – Fact checked by Misty Berryman – Updated 12/4/2023

If you’re enrolled in Direct Primary Care membership, you can now enroll in a Health Sharing program tailored exclusively to DPC members. Our DPC Direct option gives you access to low-cost medical cost sharing to protect you from emergency hospitals.

Meanwhile, your DPC doctor will provide all the routine and preventive services you need.

Pairing DPC with health sharing is a simplified way to build a more comprehensive healthcare strategy, while still paying considerably less than you would with traditional insurance.

Plan Overview: DPC Direct

As long as you’re currently enrolled in a direct primary care program, you can enroll in DPC Direct right away.

As a member of the DIRECT health sharing community, you’ll have access to:

  • Medical cost sharing for emergency or unexpected medical bills
  • A monthly cost as low as $170 / month for individuals
  • Unlimited 24/7 telemedicine services with $0 fees for just $5 extra per month
  • Optional access to the RX Share prescription discount program (with generic prescriptions as low as $5)

How Does DPC Direct Work?

DPC Healthshare is a more simplified model of healthcare cost sharing.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Enroll in a DPC membership. (Don’t have DPC? Check the Map below to find a Direct Primary Care provider in your area.)
  2. Make an appointment with your Personal Benefits Manager to enroll in DPC Direct. Unlike other health sharing ministries (MediShare, Covenant, etc.) this program is open to all people, regardless of faith or religious affiliation.
  3. Choose an Initial Unshared Amount (IUA). This is the dollar amount that you will need to pay out-of-pocket before you can access cost sharing, similar to a deductible. (IUA options include $1,000, $2,500, or $5,000).
  4. When you incur a medical bill, simply submit a cost-sharing request. As long as your IUA has been met, and it’s an eligible medical need, the DIRECT Healthshare community will cover the rest of your bill.
  5. Continue to work with your Personal Benefits Manager year after year to keep your healthcare strategy optimized and up to date. Your PBMs services are 100% free to you, for as long as you have your plan. Read more details in the DPC Direct brochure (pdf).


How Much Does DPC Direct Cost?

If you’re an individual, membership in DPC Direct can be as low as $170 per month. However, your actual cost will depend on your age, your IUA option, and which additional options you choose to add to your membership.

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Where Can I Find A DPC Practice?

Use the map below to find a DPC practice in your area. Note that some may not be accepting new patients at this time.

The drop pins that are Blue are DPC offices with whom we have a personal relationship, and that are currently accepting new patients. You can also see past issues of our DPC Newsletter that we mail out to our DPC Partners. (Attention doctors and patients: if you do not see your DPC clinic on the map, please click here to add your clinic.)

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Healthshare + DPC

Q: What is a DPC Arrangement?

A: Direct Primary Care, or DPC for short, is a membership-based healthcare model where the patient pays a monthly fee in exchange for ongoing preventive and routine medical care. DPC arrangements can be lower than the cost of your monthly phone bill, and provide unrestricted access to your primary physician to help keep you healthy.

However, DPC arrangements do not cover ER or hospital visits, as well as some specialist visits, lab tests, and more. This is why pairing DPC with health sharing is so effective.

Q: How does DPC + Healthshare work?

A: Pairing a DPC membership with a specialized DPC healthshare plan can reduce your healthcare risk without forcing you to pay for an expensive health insurance plan. DPC Direct, for example, provides access to cost sharing for emergency medical bills, something that is not included in DPC memberships.

Q: Is a DPC Healthshare plan right for me?

A: Both DPC and Health Sharing are viable alternatives for anyone who is looking for a simpler and more affordable health plan. However, if you have a serious health condition or ongoing medical needs, these options might not be best for you.

Consult for Free with a DPC Healthshare Expert

Our Personal Benefits Managers (PBM) are top of their field when it comes to Direct Primary Care and health sharing plans. More than this, they’re experts and finding people better or more affordable health plans that are suited to their individual needs.

Your PBM will provide ongoing no-cost consultations to health you with your healthcare strategy. Click here to schedule a consultation, or call 800-913-0172 to get started.

Become a DPC Expert Yourself

Want to learn more about DPC? Click here to read our comprehensive guide, Everything You Need to Know About Direct Primary Care (DPC), and How it Can Lower Your Cost and Improve Your Healthcare. To learn more about the DPC Direct, open the DPC Direct brochure (pdf).

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