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By Wiley Long III, President – HSA for America
Reviewed by Leslie Jablonski – Fact checked by Mike Montes – Updated Jan 1, 2024

All You Need To Know About Healthshare Plans

These are Not a Health Insurance Policies

Health care sharing memberships are not offered by insurance companies, but rather by recognized medical cost sharing organizations, sometimes called Health Care Sharing Ministries (HCSMs). To qualify, these organizations or their predecessor have been in existence and sharing medical expenses continuously and without interruption since December 31, 1999. They must be set up as a non-profit 501(c) organization.

Because these programs are not insurance, they do not fall under state and federal regulations governing health insurance.

Members of HCSMs pay a monthly contribution which goes into an escrow account, and it is that money that is used to pay qualified medical needs.

This video will give you a complete overview of healthshare programs (also known as medical cost-sharing programs) and how they work.

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Health Sharing Plans Considerably More Affordable

Health care sharing memberships, or Medical Sharing plans, do not have “premiums”, but rather “contribution amounts”. Typically, these amounts are half or less the cost of an unsubsidized health insurance policy.

There are several reasons for this. The first is that because health care sharing programs typically limit how much they will share on pre-existing conditions the first couple years. the people joining health share programs are also, on average, much healthier than those buying health insurance.

Health care sharing programs are also not required to cover birth control, preventive care, and many of the other “essential benefits” required under the Affordable Care Act.

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Healthshare Requirements

Special Requirements and Conditions


Unlike health insurance plans, health care sharing programs are not required to share in pre- existing conditions. In most cases, there will be at least a two year period before pre-existing conditions are fully eligible for sharing.

Some healthshare plans (or medical cost sharing plans) have unlimited lifetime sharing, but most have a lifetime limit of $1,000,000 in cost sharing, and some basic plans have even lower limits.

Because health care sharing programs are offered by faith-based groups, they also often have additional rules and restrictions. Some do not accept smokers, most do not share on expenses for drug rehabilitation, and some require that you attend church regularly.

They also all have a statement of beliefs that you must sign. Some are Christian-based, while other health care sharing plans are non religious.

Please read the details thoroughly, so you understand any restrictions on the program you choose.

Available Healthshare Plans

The most popular Healthshare programs we currently offer are HSA Secure, Care+, netWellOneShare HealthSederaUniversal HealthshareZion HealthAltrua, and Medi-Share.

You can apply online, or contact us for free expert assistance.

We’ve also answered the frequently asked questions about health care sharing programs on our Healthshare FAQ page. If you’d like even more detailed information, request a copy of our free special report, How Smart Consumers are Opting Out of Obamacare and Slashing Their Costs by Joining Healthshare Programs.

For further questions or clarifications, talk to a Personal Benefits Manager to help you find the best program for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Health Care Cost Sharing

[Healthshare FAQ]

Q: What is a health share plan?

A: Healthshare plans are a low-cost alternative to traditional health insurance. While not technically insurance, healthshare plans allow members to protect themselves against large or unexpected medical costs. In most cases, healthshare plans are more affordable than unsubsidized ACA health insurance plans..

Q: How do healthshare plans work?

A: With health sharing plans, members make a monthly contribution towards a shared “pool” of resources. When a member incurs a qualified medical expense, they can be reimbursed from this pool. In other words, healthshare plans make it possible to share the cost of medical expenses with other members of your church or community.

Like traditional health insurance, healthshare plans come with a monthly fee. Most plans also have an Individual Sharing Amount (ISA) that must be paid by the member before medical bills can be shared. Different healthshare organizations may use different terms for this amount.

Q: Is medical sharing the same as a healthshare plan?

A: There are many names for health sharing, including:

Like traditional health insurance, healthshare plans come with a monthly fee. Most plans also have an Individual Sharing Amount (ISA) that must be paid by the member before medical bills can be shared. Different healthshare organizations may use different terms for this amount.

  • Medical cost sharing
  • Health care cost sharing
  • Healthshare plans
  • Health care sharing ministry
  • Christian health insurance

Because health sharing organizations are not regulated like traditional insurance, the specific terms and definitions will vary depending on who you go with.

Q: Are healthshare plans just for Christians?

A: In the beginning, health sharing plans were only offered by Health Care Sharing Ministries. These faith-based organizations were looking for a way to allow their members to share the cost of medical expenses, thus fulfilling the biblical principles of community, charity, and caring for the less fortunate.

Today, however, medical sharing plans are available to almost everyone. While some healthshare plans do have a Christian religious component, there are plenty of non-denominational plans and plans that do not have a religious component.

Q: Is health sharing legal?

A: Healthshare plans are 100% legal, which has made them the single most popular alternative to traditional health insurance.

However, healthshare organizations are not regulated on the federal level the way that insurance companies are. This is part of the reason why they are more affordable, but it also means that there is no federal guarantee that your medical expenses will be shared.

Q: How much does healthshare cost?

A: In many cases, a good healthshare plan can be as little as 50% of the cost of unsubsidized insurance. But like insurance plans, most healthshare companies let their members choose from a range of monthly costs and coverage options.

Q: Do healthshare plans cover pre-existing conditions or preventive care?

A: Healthshare plans are not required to share medical costs of pre-existing conditions or preventive care. However, most plans make sharing available for pre-existing conditions after a predetermined waiting period of 1 or 2 years.

Recently, more and more health care sharing organizations are making preventive services available to their members. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive healthshare plan with these benefits, talk to your Personal Benefits Manager.

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Our Healthshare Customers Have a Lot to Say

We’ve helped over 16 thousand people find health insurance or a health sharing plan – each customer gets the same amazing service:

I am glad to have found something that works with my budget, which I was very concerned about with the marketplace.

In my state, there is only 1 provider left, and they were asking for an astronomical increase in premium that I was afraid I would not be able to afford and still pay my bills. It’s not good to be the only game in town, because without competition they can charge whatever they want without caring about the people they are supposed to be serving, so again, thank you for giving me an option called healthshare programs.

D. Nelson

I am very pleased with information and options I could discuss with Justin.

My wife and I were facing premiums with Florida Blue that were increasing to $22,000 this next year. With the medical cost sharing plan we chose, we are saving over $9000!!! The healthcare sharing plan covers us on travel which is huge for us. You are running a great service providing options for healthcare.

J. White MD

ACA-Exempt Health Sharing Plans

A Low-Cost and Legal Way to Opt Out of Obamacare


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