Why Associations Should Add Health Sharing Plans To Member Benefits

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By Wiley Long III, President – HSA for America
Reviewed by Lou Spatafore – Fact checked by Misty Berryman – Updated 4/25/2024

Recent regulatory changes allow associations to extend group health benefits to individuals, such as freelancers, independent contractors, and sole proprietors.

This allows these individuals to benefit from better group pricing through the association. But even with association plans, many freelancers, independent contractors, and self-employed association members still find themselves priced out of increasingly unaffordable health insurance products.

Furthermore, many people are discouraged by the narrow care networks imposed by major medical HMOs and PPOs. Most people appreciate the freedom to see the best doctors in their communities without having to worry about whether those doctors are in network.

Fortunately, there’s a better way:

Offer a group health sharing plan.

These innovative plans offer a much more affordable non-insurance alternative to traditional group health insurance plans.

Members who enroll in a group health sharing plan still get significant help paying for large and even catastrophic medical bills – but at a fraction of the cost of a typical traditional group health insurance plan.

By partnering with HSA for America, your members can benefit from an HSA-compatible health sharing plan that can cut their costs by half.

group health sharing

Compatible With HSAs

compatible with hsasOur association health sharing solution is HSA-compatible.

Your members who are business owners, freelancers, independent contractors, or otherwise self-employed who sign up and who do not have other first-dollar medical coverage in place will be eligible to contribute tax-free dollars to a health savings account.

This alone is an important benefit that can help your eligible members potentially save thousands of dollars in income taxes from contributions and tax-free distributions to pay for medical expenses.

Revenue Sharing for Associations

Revenue Health Sharing for AssociationsYour association can benefit from every member who signs up.

You’ll receive ongoing commission payments for as long as your member remains with your association health sharing plan.

What is a Health Sharing Plan?

What are the tax benefits of a Health Savings Account?

A health sharing plan is a non-profit community-based alternative to traditional health insurance.

Health sharing plans are not insurance companies, but rather non-profit associations of like-minded, health-conscious people who agree to help share the unexpected medical bills faced by their fellow members.

However, some general features of health sharing plans include:

  • sharing of medical expenses among members
  • freedom to choose providers without worrying about care networks
  • lower costs compared to traditional group health insurance 

Note: Unlike traditional health insurance, health sharing plans typically impose a waiting period before they will share costs related to pre-existing conditions. 

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HSA For America Association Health Sharing At a Glance

Save up to 50% compared to unsubsidized traditional health insurance Check
No narrow care networks – Use your plan with any doctor or provider Check
HSA Qualified Check
Catastrophic health sharing Check
Deep discounts on prescription drugs, labs, and imaging costs via the HSA AdvantageRx Card Check
Enroll any time – no limited open enrollment periods Check
24-hour telehealth service with zero copay Check
Easy administration: Members self-enroll via your special URL Check
Revenue sharing with your association Check

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Why Partner With HSA For America?

Get to know us!

Easy Administration

Offering health sharing to association members is easy and hassle-free.

There are no complicated regulations or thick compliance handbooks for you to worry about.

There’s no fiduciary liability involved in offering a health sharing alternative as is with ERISA health plans. Health sharing isn’t regulated under ERISA or the ACA.

Your administration can be as hands-off as you like. All you need to do is provide a link to your members so they can self-enroll online.

Your HSA Personal Benefits Manager is there to help members with any questions, and to assist with the enrollment process.

We will also provide online presentations to help your members see the value of becoming a health sharing member.

How To Get Started

It’s easy, fast, and free. Simply make an appointment with an HSA For America Personal Benefits Manager.

We’ll coordinate with the health sharing plan, and get you an easy-to-use, custom self-enrollment link exclusively for your members.

The revenue-sharing program applies to any of your members who sign up through that link.

Meanwhile, your Personal Benefits Manager will be your primary point of contact for anything you need. You won’t get shunted around to a different call center rep every time you need to speak with someone.

Your PBM will be familiar with your organization and its membership and is available to help your members with any questions about their health plan and enrollment.

Your independent and small business members want and need an alternative to overpriced traditional health insurance.

And they want more health care freedom.

Don’t wait any longer: Make your appointment with HSA for America today.


Health insurance plans that are HSA qualified can be viewed in our health insurance instant quote results. HSA-qualified plans will have a blue HSA symbol.

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Health sharing plans are not insurance but a more affordable way to make sure your family is protected from unexpected medical expenses. Health sharing means that the group is helping to cover each other’s medical bills.

Choose your state below to get a free quote on our low-cost health sharing plan that will work with an HSA.


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