Wiley Long III

President, HSA for America

Let me share with you what motivates me in my career: I am passionate about cutting through the confusion and helping people find better and less expensive ways to protect themselves against high medical bills.

Sadly, today it isn’t uncommon for a family to be paying $2,000 – $2,500 or more a month for their health insurance, which just blows my mind. That’s a mortgage payment. Or yearly tuition at a nice college. Or a decent deposit to someone’s self-funded retirement account.

Health insurance should never cost that much.

Despite a lot of false promises from politicians, the people who are paying their own way are now paying more than ever–or going without coverage at all, which is a huge risk. Your health isn’t something you should ever take for granted, but many people don’t have the luxury of caring or doing something about health concerns or taking preventative measures they know they should. 

I have been self-employed my whole life, first as an independent contractor and then as a small business owner. I know what it’s like to have to eat what you kill so to say, to have to meet payroll, pay for marketing and overhead, pay for insurance, and hopefully have some left for yourself at the end of the month. Bottom line, it’s hard, and sometimes, it feels near impossible.

Since starting in the health insurance business back in 1986, I’ve personally met with several thousand individuals and small business owners one-on-one concerning their health insurance needs. Their challenges are real and mostly ignored by the media.

People who pay for their own health insurance in today’s market often struggle to get by, especially if they don’t qualify for subsidies on the government exchange. Small business owners and independent contractors are the driving force of innovation and economic growth in our country, and they deserve to keep more of their money in their own pockets. 

That’s why I’ve always looked for the hidden strategies that could actually save money for the person who is paying their own way.

Going on a bike with my son, Wiley IV

With my wife Christie

In addition to running the company, Wiley is the author of the monthly newsletter
Maximize Your HSA. He has written for Agents Sales Journal, and he has been featured in American Airlines Magazine, Pregnancy Magazine, the LA Times, and numerous other publications, and is the author of The Medicare Playbook.
He loves to mountain bike with his son Wiley IV and travel with his wife Christie.


The introduction of HSAs in 2004 created a tremendous opportunity for individuals and businesses to lower the cost of their health care, receive a generous tax break, and save money for future medical expenses. I had been advocating for this law and started HSA for America the same year HSAs first became available.

By introducing market competition into the medical marketplace, HSAs are slowly forcing more and more doctors and hospitals to post their prices and actually compete for their customers’ business.

The drive to find more affordable solutions and alternatives is also what lead us to start offering health sharing program memberships a few years ago. Health cost sharing is not health insurance, but it can serve the same purpose.

As health insurance costs have skyrocketed the past few years, health sharing programs have become more and more popular. Some of our clients have reduced their annual expenses by $10,000 or more by switching to a healthshare.

Both HSAs and healthshares are systems that reward personal responsibility, whether that be putting money aside to cover future medical expenses, or taking better care of yourself now so you have less medical expenses in the future. 

If you need health care solutions for yourself or your family, and you don’t qualify for government subsidies to lower your premium, then you should definitely be talking to us. 

No one else does it better. 


To your health and wealth,




Wiley Long III
President, HSA for America
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