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netWell’s perfect-fit health sharing plans offer more options and more customization

With three different plan options available, netWell members have access to health plans that are suited to them. Note that health sharing is NOT the same thing as health insurance. In addition to free 24/7 telemedicine, netWell also offers preventive screening benefits that other healthshare plans do not.

Membership options: netWell Healthshare


netwell advantage hospitalization

netWell Advantage: Catastrophic option

The netWell Advantage plan is designed for people who want to stay protected against unexpected healthcare costs, like sudden accidents or hospitalization. The Advantage plan includes free 24/7 telemedicine support, but does not include the preventive care or primary care options that come with the upper-level plans.

netwell primary care

netWell Superior: Primary care option

The netWell Superior plan offers a balance of preventive and primary care options. This plan is popular with people who want to pay the lowest monthly contribution while using their preventive care services to stay healthy. Superior plans do not include sharing for emergency room, hospitalization, or surgery.


netWell Elite: All-inclusive option

The netWell elite plan provides more comprehensive sharing options. Elite plans have a higher monthly contribution, but also a higher annual sharing limit ($1,000,000) and a lower Member Commitment Portion (as low as $2,500). The netWell Elite plan also comes with additional sharing for Maternity Care, something very few healthshare plans offer.

What is health care cost sharing (Healthshare)?

Health sharing plans are a low-cost alternative to ‘traditional’ health insurance. These innovative, independent health organizations give their members an opportunity to share medical costs with other members of the community, often united under the Christian ideals of charity and brotherhood.

Today, health sharing plans are available for more people than ever before. They’re giving Americans the opportunity to ditch their overpriced and over-complicated insurance plans for something better.

Healthshare plans are not a great match for everybody. Many plans include a waiting period for pre-existing conditions, as well as other restrictions that insurance plans don’t have. Your Personal Benefits Manager can help you decide if health sharing is a good choice for you.

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If you’re thinking about making the switch to low-cost health sharing, give us a call. Our team at HSA for America is composed of some of the best experts in the business, here to give you the one-on-one service you need to find the perfect plan.

Call 800-913-0172 and we’ll connect you with your own Personal Benefits Manager. You can also click below to run a free quote on netWell healthshare plans.

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Good so far

Rated 4 out of 5
November 22, 2021

My friends convinced me to switch to healthcare sharing and decided that Netwell was as good as any. I’m definitely paying less than I used to per month, that’s for sure. I just haven’t had to use the sharing yet because I’ve been healthy. Will update in a few months!

Amar D.

The Elite plus is well worth it

Rated 5 out of 5
October 21, 2021

I used to be enrolled in the Catastrophic option, which was good, because it was so cheap. I recently upgraded to the Elite plus program, which adds in some regular doctor visits. I also get a ton of discounts on dental and vision. It’s not even that much more expensive than the other options.

Teri A.

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