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By Wiley Long III, President – HSA for America
Reviewed by Leslie Jablonski – Fact checked by Mike Montes – Updated 3/7/2024

netWell Healthshare is consistently one of  our most popular, best-selling healthshare plans we offer.  Currently over 25,000 members.

With reasonable, affordable member contribution amounts, unlimited 24-hour access to MDs via telemedicine, and three compelling membership tiers, we rank netWell as our top all-around performer when it comes to delivering both protection and value to health sharing members and their families. 

netWell Healthshare Pros

netWell Healthshare Pros:

  • High $2 million lifetime cost sharing limit (in Elite + plan)
  • Innovative drug access program with hundreds of drugs available free
  • Excellent maternity benefits
  • Catastrophic “Advantage” membership tier dovetails well with direct primary care strategy
  • Solid comprehensive option
  • Great track record paying qualified sharing requests
  • Can be used at any provider you choose
  • Preventive Visit after 90 days, shareable up to $1500 yearly

netWell Healthshare Cons

netWell Healthshare Cons:

  • No HSA-qualifying High Deductible Health Plan available (for an HSA-qualifying plan that uses the cost-saving health sharing approach, consider the HSA Secure plan.) 
  • Two-year restrictions on sharing of bills arising from treatment of pre-existing conditions.
  •  netWell members can utilize their PCP or Specialist visits to maintain any pre-existing condition after the 90 wait period is satisfied. There may be a 2-year, 4-year or Lifetime pre-existing limitation for a surgery or hospitalization related to a pre-existing condition (depending on the condition). 

netWell is great if you are looking for a comprehensive program that includes preventive care and first-dollar doctor visits. Other similar programs you may want to compare are the Prosper plan, and the OneShare Classic Crown.

What is health care cost sharing (Healthshare)?

Health sharing plans are a low-cost alternative to ‘traditional’ health insurance. These innovative, independent health organizations give their members an opportunity to share medical costs with other members of the community, often united under the Christian ideals of charity and brotherhood.

Today, health sharing plans are available for more people than ever before. They’re giving Americans the opportunity to ditch their overpriced and over-complicated insurance plans for something better.

Healthshare plans are not a great match for everybody. Many plans include a waiting period for pre-existing conditions, as well as other restrictions that insurance plans don’t have. Your Personal Benefits Manager can help you decide if health sharing is a good choice for you.


About netWell Healthshare

netWell is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) Christian health care sharing ministry (HCSM), headquartered in Norcross, Georgia. Currently, netWell has more than 25,000 members and is growing fast.

Unlike some other health sharing ministries, netWell Healthshare does not impose a requirement to attend services regularly, nor to profess a specific faith or set of faiths. As such, netWell is a popular choice for healthshare customers who want a more non-denominational or secular approach to health sharing.

A portion of all netWell’s proceeds goes to the Tim Tebow Foundation.

Note: Like other health sharing ministry organizations, netWell is not an insurance company. Instead, as a Christian health sharing ministry, netWell facilitates the voluntary sharing of eligible health expenses among like-minded members.

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netWell Healthshare’s Statement of Belief

All netWell members must affirm their statement of belief, which reads as follows: 

  • “We believe in the God of the Bible and the Power of Prayer.​
  • Philippians 4:6, NIV: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

  • We believe it is our Duty to Love and Accept one another. ​
  • John 13:34, NIV: “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”


  • We believe it is our obligation to God and our fellow members to Live a healthy lifestyle which avoids habits and behaviors that are harmful to the body.​
  • 1 Corinthians 10:31, NIV: “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

  • We believe it is our ethical and moral responsibility to Carry each other’s Burdens. ​
  • Galatians 6:2, NIV: “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”​

netWell Healthshare Membership Options

netWell Healthshare has two membership tiers: Advantage and Elite+. 

netWell Healthshare Advantage

netWell Healthshare Advantage:


Advantage is the most budget-friendly of the two plans, and is for the individual or family that wants to protect themselves from the major expenses, but are ok with paying for the more routine doctor visits out-of-pocket.

Sharable costs under the Advantage membership tier include hospitalization costs, emergency room visits, surgery (in-patient or outpatient), and lab costs. This plan does not share for primary care visits or specialist visits.

Read more details in the netWell Advantage brochure

elite plus

netWell Healthshare Elite+:

A Robust, Comprehensive Health Sharing Solution

 Elite+ is the most comprehensive and the most popular of the netWell membership options. It features full-spectrum cost-sharing from primary to catastrophic hospitalizations and surgeries.

The Elite+ tier also has a souped-up annual cost sharing limit of $1 million, and a lifetime cost sharing limit of $2 million. All subject to an annual member contribution amount of $2,500, $5,000, or $10,000.

Eligible costs you incur each year above this amount are generally 100% shareable.

Additionally, the Elite + membership tier comes with a large suite of discount services, including dental, vision and LASIK, diabetic supplies, gym memberships, and lots more.

Read more details in the netWell Elite+ brochure

Standard Waiting Period

There is a standard waiting period of 90 days for all conditions that are not life-threatening or life-changing. If you are transitioning from another plan, you may want to consider keeping that plan in place for 90 days after joining netWell, so you don’t have any gaps in your protection.

How Much Does netWell cost? 

As a health sharing ministry organization, netWell normally costs members just a fraction of what they would pay using an unsubsidized traditional medical insurance policy.

Individual contribution amounts per month range from $144 to $269 per month, depending on the membership tier you select. 

Get a quote for your situation here:

In contrast, the average unsubsidized monthly premium for a “silver plan” for a Marketplace family plan under  the Affordable Care Act is approaching $1500.

Currently, netWell is offering a two-year rate lock-in: netWell will not increase your monthly contribution for two years. That’s a significant benefit in today’s inflationary environment, with health care costs going up an average of 10 percent in just a year. 

How Does netWell Determine Costs?

At netWell, your monthly sharing amount is based on the following factors:

  • The age of the oldest active member in your family
  • The number of members in the membership
  • The membership option or tier you select
  • Your member commitment portion (MCP)
  • Your state of residence

Pre-existing conditions


Pre-existing conditions are an important factor in the decision to use a health sharing plan. Unlike traditional health insurance policies, which must take applicants during open enrollment periods regardless of pre-existing conditions, health sharing ministry organizations can legally discriminate.

This is tremendously effective in keeping health sharing affordable compared to health insurance. But it also means that healthsharing isn’t suitable for some people with significant pre-existing conditions.

netWell accepts new members with some pre-existing conditions, but imposes at least a 24-month waiting period on cost sharing for treatment of or conditions arising from pre-existing conditions.

This is less stringent than some other healthshare organizations. For example, OneShare has a similar 24-month waiting period. But for cancer it’s five years.

For this reason, netWell and health sharing work best for people who are in generally good health, without serious pre-existing conditions.

A brief discussion of common pre-existing conditions follows: 

Cancer Waiting Periods

Under the Elite+ and Advantage membership tiers, netWell will facilitate the sharing of bills related to cancer treatment – but only if the cancer diagnosis was received after 90s from joining the health sharing plan.

As long as that criteria is met, and you’ve met your annual member commitment portion for the year, cancer treatment costs are shareable up to the following limits: 

  • 1ST year: $250,000  
  • 2ND year: $500,000 
  • 3RD year and beyond: yearly maximum sharing limit 

Pregnancy as a Pre-Existing Condition

Pregnancy at the time of application is a disqualifying condition. However, netWell offers some of the most robust maternity and childbirth benefits in health sharing. See the “Maternity Benefits” section below.

In some cases, more serious conditions may have a 4-year waiting period before treatment costs become eligible for cost sharing. And some conditions have a lifetime exclusion on sharing the cost of hospitalizations or surgeries. However, the costs of office visits to help manage and treat these pre-existing conditions are generally shareable. 

Other Pre-existing conditions

AdoptionsnetWell Healthshare Adoptions

A 24-month waiting period applies to adoptions. 

Organ transplantsnetWell Healthshare organ transplant

A 24-month waiting period applies before costs relating to organ transplants are sharable.

Preventative Care

Preventative care costs are sharable under the Elite+ plan, up to $1500 per member per year. This could include screenings of cholesterol, blood pressure, hepatitis, various cancer screenings, and more

However, since the Advantage Plan is designed to be a comprehensive plan only, preventative care costs are not included for Advantage tier members.

Because of this, many people we work with choose to address this gap in coverage by using a direct primary care plan, or DPC plan.
When you enroll in a DPC plan, you are essentially “subscribing” to a primary care doctor’s office. More information is available on our DPC Patient’s Guide page.

Provider Networks

Unlike many traditional health insurance plans (e.g., HMOs and PPOs), netWell does not restrict members to using narrow care networks for non-emergency care.

You also don’t have to worry about not being able to find a network provider if you travel out of town.

With netWell, you can use your health sharing benefits at any provider in the United States. 

Just present your membership card to the provider and present yourself as a self-paying cash patient.

That said, netWell does negotiate preferred pricing with some providers. netWell uses the PHCS/Multiplan network, one of the largest medical care providers in the country. You can obtain significant discounts by using a netWell Network provider.

Chiropractic Care

Members of the netWell Elite+ plan can share costs for up to six chiropractor visits per year, once the annual member commitment portion has been met.

Unlike most other health sharing plans, netWell’s program doesn’t impose a waiting period for seeking chiropractic. 

In fact, some health sharing plans don’t regard chiropractic treatment costs as a shareable medical expense at all.  

Maternity Benefits

netWell’s strong set of benefits to pregnant women and new mothers is one of their most attractive features. netWell is tremendously popular among young couples and those planning families in the near-to-intermediate term.

Under netWell’s Elite+ membership tier, pregnancy and delivery costs for normal and C-section deliveries are fully sharable up to $15,000. 

There’s no member commitment portion for these costs. netWell’s sharing community provides help with the first dollar.

If there are life-threatening complications, your costs are sharable up to $100,000.

Limitations: A 6-month waiting period prior to conception applies for maternity benefits. That is, for pregnancy and delivery costs to be shareable, you must have your membership in place for at least six months prior to conception.

Also, both the husband and wife must be members in the same plan. No maternity costs are shareable unless both the husband and wife are netWell plan members.

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Mental Health

netWell provides much better than average sharing benefits for mental health care compared to other health sharing plans.

There are three paths to mental health treatment under netWell’s health sharing plans:


netWell members enjoy free telephone visits with qualified masters’ level mental health counselors and therapists for urgent, emergency, and crisis situations. These counselors are available 24 hours a day, 7-days a week, at no additional cost to the netWell member. 

eHome Counseling

netWell will share up to $40 of the $130 visit fee for up to 8 sessions per family, using the excellent eHome Counseling Services.

This program includes access to the Mooditude App which provides personalized, mental health help right to your phone.

The service helps members get personalized, daily interactive behavioral health assistance with exercises, media, videos to help members manage things like PTSD symptoms, addiction cravings, anxiety, depression, and much more.

In addition to the programs listed above, netWell’s Elite + program also lets you choose your own therapist. 

netWell will share up to 40 percent of the costs of seeing a therapist, up to 8 visits, and up to $40 per visit.

You aren’t limited to a few in-network providers who take insurance. netWell lets you select any provider in the country. 

Pharmacy and Prescription Drugs 

netWell is a leader among health sharing organizations when it comes to providing assistance to members with the high cost of prescription drugs.

netWell’s pharmaceutical arm, netWellRx, is the nation’s first “free pharmacy.” This new and revolutionary approach provides members with FREE access to more than 600 commonly-prescribed generic drugs, including both acute medications (to meet immediate clinical needs) and maintenance medications (to manage chronic health conditions).

Free same-day pickup for acute care medications is available at thousands of pharmacies nationwide, including CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, and Target. You can get up to 21 days’ supply of any of 600 acutely-needed and commonly-prescribed generic medications at more than 64,000 brick-and-mortar pharmacy locations nationwide. 

The netWellRx Healthshare Comprehensive Diabetes Program

Diabetic subscribers to the netWellRx enjoy full access to the netWellRx Comprehensive Diabetes Program at no additional charge.

This program includes the following at no additional charge: 

  • A premium bilingual voice-response glucometer
  • A 1-month supply of blood glucose test strips
  • A bottle of glucometer control solution
  • A lancing device and supply of lancets
  • Auto-refills every three months
  • Zero-cost access to selected diabetes medications, including free shipping

Additionally, diabetic netWell subscribers enjoy access to specially discounted prices on insulin (Novolin N, R, or 70/30) at a low, low cost of $19.88 per vial, through a partnership with Walmart. 

How much does netWellRx cost? 

A netWellRx subscription costs only $19.95 for an individual, or $29.95/mo, which covers everyone living at the same address. 

Who should consider subscribing to netWellRx?

netWellRx may be a great solution for any family that spends more than the monthly subscription cost in generic medications, or for any families that has one or more diabetics in the household.

Individuals and families who use generic prescription drugs can save substantially versus using a traditional pharmacy – especially the uninsured or those with high deductibles that aren’t normally met.

It’s also a great companion for health sharing plans or traditional medical plans that exclude prescription drug coverage, such as Medicare supplement insurance (Medigap) plans, as well as people who use direct primary care (DPC) plans.  

Click here for more complete information on netWellRx

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SmokersHealthshare for Smokers

netWell Is one of a handful of health sharing options that accepts smokers, though tobacco users must contribute an additional $40 per month compared to other non-smoking members in the same plan. 

While the $40 per month additional contribution is higher than some other organizations, smokers qualify for the full $1 million lifetime limit on health sharing benefits. 

In contrast, other health share companies, including our runner-up for the Best Healthshare Option for Smokers category, limit their sharing to $50,000 for tobacco users age 50 and older. 

For Further Reading: The Best Health Share Plans for Smokers


netWell is available in every state except Massachusetts, Maryland, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Washington. 

Save Money Now

netWell is also offering very competitive pricing in most markets, rendering perhaps the best value, dollar for dollar, in the health sharing market.

For members in good health who don’t have significant preexisting conditions, netWell Healthshare and the health sharing approach in general is much more affordable than an unsubsidized silver plan on the Affordable Care Act Marketplace.

Our clients consistently find they can realize significant savings by declaring independence from Big Insurance, ditching their bloated and overstuffed, inefficient traditional policies, and reduce the role of government meddling in their lives by enrolling in health sharing plans like netWell.

Especially if they combine health sharing with other supplementary plans like direct primary care or netWellRx. 

The Bottom Line

netWell has established itself as an outstanding, reliable health sharing ministry organization. Their two primary membership tiers are very different, and suit a widely diverse set of circumstances.
They also have a robust set of benefits, especially in the Elite+ membership tier.
Their solid set of benefits in maternity and childbirth is particularly noteworthy for young couples and families.


Hospitalization and Surgery

netWell’s Elite+ plan tier shares 100% of costs after your MCP has been met, up to the maximum sharing limit for the plan ($1 million per year, and $2 million lifetime).

However, an initial 90-day waiting period applies for new members, unless you face a life-threatening or life-altering medical condition.

Preauthorization required for inpatient hospital visits. 

Doctor Visits

Elite+ tier shares costs for up to nine visits per member, per program year. 

These include:

  • primary care doctor visits (with a $35 copay)
  • specialist visits (with a $55 copay, up to $350 maximum per visit)
  • urgent care centers (with a $55 copay, up to $350 maximum per visit )
  • wellness visits

$35 PCP / $55 Specialist or Urgent Care, shared up to $350 maximum per visit

Mammograms, pap smears, or prostate exams will be applied to the office visit category.

Telemedicine appointments are free. No copay, no MCP requirement. 

Lab Costs

Advantage Tier: 

  • Initial 90-day waiting period from the member’s effective date
  • Services must be related to a pre-admission, emergency room, inpatient hospitalization, or outpatient surgery visit.
  • Shared at 100% of the allowed amount, once the Member Commitment Portion (MCP) has been met.
  •  Laboratory services included in one of the three (3) specialist visits will be processed up to the maximum sharing limit of $500.

Superior Tier

  • The initial 90-day waiting period from the member’s effective date.
  • If services are part of a primary care physician, specialist, urgent care, or wellness visit processed up to the maximum sharing limit of $500. 
  • If outside of a primary care physician, specialist, urgent care visit, then shared up to $300 per member, per program year.

Elite+ Tier

  • Initial 90-day waiting period from the member’s effective date.
  • If services are part of a primary care physician, specialist, urgent care, or wellness visit processed up to the maximum sharing limit of $500.
  • Shared at 100% of the allowed amount, once the Member Commitment Portion (MCP) has been met.

In addition to the cost-sharing benefits above, netWell members have access to the DirectLabs Lab Discount Plan (DLS).

DLS offers a wide variety of important health and wellness blood chemistry tests at discounted prices, saving members 10% to 80% off regular retail pricing at over 3,000 certified labs nationwide.*

*Services not available in NJ, NY, and RI

About Us

Since 2004, HSA for America has led the way in affordable healthcare, crafting innovative cost-saving strategies and providing strong alternatives to expensive traditional health insurance for individuals, families, and small businesses. Read more about us.

Ready to sign up for coverage with netWell healthshare?

If you’re thinking about making the switch to low-cost health sharing, give us a call. Our team at HSA for America is composed of some of the best experts in the business, here to give you the one-on-one service you need to find the perfect plan.

Call 800-913-0172 and we’ll connect you with your own Personal Benefits Manager. You can also click below to run a free quote and sign up online for a netWell Healthshare plan.

Misty Berryman (Personal Benefits Manager) was fantastic to work with! I explained our situation/needs to her and she went through several options very thoroughly. We (Misty and I) worked through each of our options and determined the best path forward for my family. She is the best and any time we are in need of insurance, she will be our first call! 

Travis Lawler

Mike Montes (Personal Benefits Manager) was a great help! He helped me to find affordable health insurance, registered me in the system, and set up automatic payments for me. He also later helped me to find a primary care provider in my area. I was really pleased with his services!

Svetlana Nakrokhina

I truly appreciated Leslie’s (Personal Benefits Manager) expertise in helping me navigate the health sharing options. She was patient and informative during the process. No question went unanswered. I will reach out to her without hesitation if I ever plan on adjusting my health plan in the future.

Minita Brinkley

Whitney (Personal Benefits Manager) is THE BEST in every way! She is always ready to help, extremely patient and persevering, knowledgeable, personable and so kind. You and the clients she serves are blessed to have her. 

Hunter Purdy

netWell Healthshare Reviews

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3.7 out of 5 stars (based on 26 reviews)
5 star38%
4 star35%
3 star4%
2 star4%
1 star19%


April 23, 2024

Without having to write a book about how horrible this company is, I will give bullet points.

1. They won’t pay for anything.

2. They will call it pre-existing, or they don’t have documents they need, all lies.

3. They will put you in perpetual “review”

4. Super friendly until it’s time to actually approve surgery or pay for something.

5. They will leave you with what is NOW, a pre-existing condition and no other company will want to insure you either when it WAS NOT pre-existing to begin with.

6. If this is a Christian company, they need to find Jesus.

Janet D

I like Netwell

April 12, 2024

I joined netwell because my doctor left my HMOs network so I started looking for options that would let me choose my own doctor. I’m glad I did! I’m saving almost $400 per month compared to my HMO. I can keep seeing my doctor – or any other doctor I choose. And they share my values.

Siobhan O

Avoid Netwell at ALL costs

March 24, 2024

I know, I know: It was a mistake to go the healthshare route over more traditional health insurance. Believe me, I know that now. I’m writing this in the hopes that, when someone Googles Netwell in the future, this post comes up. I wish it had for us.

Netwell has single-handedly ensured my wife and I’s first pregnancy has been as stressful as possible, and I beg anyone who is considering using Netwell to look into ANY other options. I’m writing this review as a last resort, after countless hours on the phone and months trying to get any meaningful information or update from Netwell that isn’t an empty “We’ll expedite this and call you back” promise.

My wife and I joined Netwell months before trying for a baby. We were accepted, but had no need to use them for anything at the time. When she got pregnant, we read all of Netwell’s documentation regarding pregnancy coverage. We first had to prove to Netwell she was actually pregnant (and didn’t get pregnant before we joined the program). No problem: We visited a doctor, who sent all the necessary paperwork to Netwell.

That sat with them for months “in review.” In the meantime, pregnancy bills began to stack up. But the Netwell documentation clearly states that you cannot submit pregnancy-related claims until you’ve been approved by Netwell, so we waited.

Eventually, we called. In what would become a theme, we were told it was still in review. So we waited some more, and had more expenses pile up. After many phone calls, we got someone to look at it and approve it. Great!

We submitted the outstanding claims to Netwell, but they were denied because too much time had passed between the charge and the submission. The only reason we waited was because we were specifically told that we could not submit until they verified the pregnancy, and they took months to do what was a 3-minute review of paperwork.

After much back and forth, we were told to go ahead and resubmit the claims. We did, and then we asked about the Maternity Specialist who would act as a go-between for Netwell and the various health providers (doctors, midwives, etc) that we work with. Netwell’s pregnancy documentation specifically mentions that members will be assigned one as soon as pregnancy is verified, and that everything must go through this person. The Netwell representative said she had no idea what we were talking about, so we pointed her to her documentation. This was news to her, and she said Netwell does not assign Maternity Specialists.

Okay, fine, we’ll do it on our own. No problem. We waited for our claims to be reviewed for weeks and weeks, and made many calls. Finally we got a letter in the mail stating that everything had been rejected with no further explanation. We called only to find out they didn’t have some of the information they wanted. Rather than let us know they needed more information, they simply rejected the claims outright.

They recommended we submit our claims via email because the submission form on their website isn’t comprehensive enough for the information they need. We did that. We attached every imaginable piece of paperwork and then some.

It’s been in review for months now. First, they tried to tell us it was because they were trying to contact our providers to get additional information. We reached out to our providers, who confirmed they’ve never received any communication from Netwell at all.

Now it’s just in perpetual review. It’s supposedly been escalated a half dozen times, but every time we call we get the same story: It’s in review. Everything we submitted is well beyond their 90-day policy now and, even though every single of our claim items clearly falls into things they cover, I’m becoming increasingly certain they’re going to use length of time as the excuse for the reason they reject it all.

We’ve tried time and time again to speak to a supervisor, but a supervisor is never available. We’ve been told a dozen times a supervisor will call us back, but over the many months we’ve been battling this, we’ve never spoken to a single supervisor.

My wife now desperately needs an iron infusion for the health of her and the baby. I called to see if they would be covered. They said it would, but we MUST submit something for them to review and approve before we get the infusion or they’ll reject it outright.

They haven’t reviewed our paperwork from 3+ months ago, and we’re told we have to submit something new for them to review before she gets an infusion she needs? That could take months. Obviously we’re not waiting, and are going to pay out of pocket and just hope for the best with Netwell.

But this whole thing has just been a nightmare. If anyone is considering Netwell, I beg of you: Look elsewhere. Look anywhere else. You’re better off paying out of pocket. It’s looking like that’s what we’re going to end up doing anyway.

Connor D

A reliable solution

March 21, 2024

Netwell’s Health Share Plan has been a reliable solution for my family’s healthcare needs. The ease of enrollment, clarity in cost-sharing, and responsiveness of their support team have all contributed to a positive experience. The only suggestion is to increase accessibility to a broader range of healthcare providers, it would undoubtedly enhance the overall value of their plan. Nonetheless, I’m grateful for the financial security and peace of mind Netwell has provided to my family.

Jared C, MI

Reliable and Responsive

February 27, 2024

Netwell’s health share plan has proven to be reliable in times of need. Claims processing is smooth, and the responsiveness of their team is impressive. A slight room for improvement in certain areas is needed though.

Trevor G, CO

They pay for very little.

February 21, 2024

Just be aware that if they can possibly get out of paying, they will. They pay for very little overall. They expect you to be a doctor and know for absolute fact that it is a medical emergency BEFORE you go to the ER because if it isn’t what THEY say is a medical emergency, they won’t cover it. Chest pains that don’t result in a full blown heart attach… not covered, and what you pay out of pocket doesn’t even go to your member contribution portion! Run the other way, and find another plan. Prescription coverage is terrible too. Wish we’d never switched.

Emilee D.

It ranges from OK to good

December 16, 2023

As a middle-aged American with a family to care for, Netwell’s Health Share Plan has been a blessing. The peace of mind it provides, combined with the significant savings on healthcare costs, has made a substantial difference in our lives. Their commitment to transparency and ethical cost-sharing is commendable. I’;m leaning towards a 4-star rating, mainly because I see potential for even more streamlined processes and expanded coverage. Nevertheless, Netwell has earned my trust, and I’m grateful for the financial relief it has brought to my family’s healthcare journey.

Alex B TX

They attempt to categorize everything as a pre-existing condition

December 6, 2023

Title says it all. Stay away.

Joshua D

netWell has worked well for me so far

September 17, 2023

I was enrolled in the catastrophic plan, which was cheap. Never had to use it. Then i got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I switched to the Elite plan, which has a special diabetes supplies program Plus telemedicine, doctor visits, and labs (after 90 days). If you get your a1c checked every few months the lab costs add up!

Geoff C

Make sure to read all the details of the plan

July 6, 2023

Netwell did great for my wife, who had to have a gall bladder removed. We covered the first $5,000 according to the plan, and they picked up almost everything else!

I had to have a stent put in, but they called it a pre-existing condition because I had cholesterol problems before and was taking Atorvastatin and said the surgery didn’t qualify for healthsharing for at least two years. So I’d say it can work well if you have a clean bill of health. But be careful if you have health issues.

Enrique M

Mental health benefits are great!

April 12, 2023

We signed up with Netwell because it saved us almost half our monthly health insurance premium we were paying with United. We didn’t even look at the mental health benefits. Nobody does, right? You’re healthy now, and you think you won’t need it.

Well, I have a teenage daughter, and she wound up needing it. She had problems with depression and anxiety. One night was really bad. We looked at our Netwell documents and found out we had access to a mental health counselor via a phone hotline at no cost!

Our counselor managed to talk her through the immediate crisis and helped us formulate a plan to get her some more help going forward. Netwell helped us pay part of the cost. Not all of it, but it was a big financial help for us at the time.

We found out later that Netwell is one of the few healthsharing plans that provides real mental health benefits.

Lilith B

We love netWell!

January 27, 2023

My husband and I were planning to have a baby. Some places give you problems with maternity sharing. But with netWell they only had a six-month waiting period. Sooooo… we waited six months!

Nine months and five days after that, I had to have a C-section. We sent the bill to netWell, expecting we’d have to pay thousands of dollars. But netWell covered the whole thing! There’s no member contribution on natural childbirth or C-sections up to $15,000.

Sara N

netWell covered me for my cancer

November 3, 2022

I joined netWell and five months later found a lump in my breast. It turned out to be cancer, and I had to have radiation. I was afraid it was too soon to do healthsharing but when I called netWell they told me the cancer waiting period was only 90 days! I wound up having a mastectomy later which probably saved my life. I had to pay the first $5,000 but they picked up all the rest of the hospital and doctor bills above that. $95 thousand so far!

Plus, I could pick my own doctor. My old health insurance plan wouldn’t let me do that. I love netWell. They came through for me.

The disadvantage is you really have to have your paperwork organized when you send bills for sharing.

Moira N

I like the catastrophic plan!

September 1, 2022

netWell is one of the few options out there that offers a true catastrophic plan, which was what I want. I can handle $10,000 in medical bills. I can’t handle $100,000 in medical bills. Too many insurance companies lard up their policies with stuff I don’t need just so they can jack up their premiums. I just want catastrophic with a low monthly premium. Which is what I got. I combined it with a direct primary care plan, which takes care of the day-to-day primary care stuff. And I’m saving thousands of dollars every year. It only takes a couple of years before that adds up to my $10,000 risk, and I’ll have that sitting in the bank! I don’t know why everybody doesn’t do this!

Rick J

The Elite plan has everything… still cheaper than insurance

July 12, 2022

Go with the elite plan if you want great healthcare. Don’t give any more money to the government or the insurance companies. This is still the cheaper option.

Lawrence D.


May 30, 2022

Not a good health share bad service and they won’t even pay all of your bills you have to pay some of it yourself.

Zach M.

Here for the maternity care

May 26, 2022

Our advisor said that netWell would be a good fit because we were trying to start a family. The elite plan has all that included, plus primary care and preventive benefits stuff. It’s been more expensive that the sedera plan that we use to have, but we feel a lot more protected.

Mikhail A.

$35 doctor visits

May 12, 2022

My last healthshare plan didn’t cover doctor visits at all. They’re not unlimited with netWell, but you only have to pay $35. So far the Advantage level program is working really well for me and the fam.

Jeff N.

The Elite plan is a great deal

April 15, 2022

I’m in the ‘elite’ plan. You get multiple doctor visits, unlimited telemedicine, preventive screening stuff, and a lot more as well.

Wanda K.

I’m switching back to Medishare

February 28, 2022

Doesn’t seem as good as my Medishare plan was. netWell is maybe 50 bucks cheaper per month but it just doesn’t feel the same after the last two years.

Richard W.

Easy to sign up … Don’t need to go to church every week

February 10, 2022

I used to be enrolled in a different Christian healthshare, but it was through our church and I felt bad because we weren’t going that much. netWell is based in the bible which is something I want for my family. But it’s more relaxed than other programs.

Johnathan V.

Great healthcare protection for only a few hundred

January 8, 2022

I’ve never heard of netWell before … seems like there are more healthshare companies out there than there used to be. Anyway, they’ve been on point so far. I had a quick trip to the E.R. two months ago and the cost-sharing came through without issue.

Daniel B

They’re pretty good with prescriptions

December 16, 2021

The website is really clean and easy to use. That’s important to me. They let me use their online prescription look-up thingy before I signed up, and that let me know how much I’d be paying for my current prescriptions. Pretty cool.

Gabriel A.

It’s really easy once the account is setup

November 28, 2021

Our family just used our Elite program for the first time. It was really easy … we knew what our Member Portion was so we had that ready to go. Then the rest of the costs were shared by other members, pretty much automatically through our healthshare account. Surprisingly stress-free.

Marta S.

Good so far

November 22, 2021

My friends convinced me to switch to healthcare sharing and decided that netWell was as good as any. I’m definitely paying less than I used to per month, that’s for sure. I just haven’t had to use the sharing yet because I’ve been healthy. Will update in a few months!

Amar D.

The Elite plus is well worth it

October 21, 2021

I used to be enrolled in the Catastrophic option, which was good, because it was so cheap. I recently upgraded to the Elite plus program, which adds in some regular doctor visits. I also get a ton of discounts on dental and vision. It’s not even that much more expensive than the other options.

Teri A.

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