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netwellrx-logoMillions of Americans have a problem: High prescription drug costs are putting a serious crimp on household budgets. Many households are either uninsured – or their deductibles are so high that their insurance isn’t doing them any good. 

So they wind up being forced to pay the full retail price for the lifesaving medications they rely on.

Even with insurance, the cost of prescription drugs can still amount to thousands of dollars out of pocket each year: According to the Department of Health and Human Services, the out-of-pocket limit for an ACA Marketplace plan can be up to $8,700 for an individual and $17,400 for a family.

That’s a real problem: A Kaiser Family Foundation study found that up to 75% of Americans with high-deductible plans who have a chronic condition reported that they skipped or delayed medical care or filling a prescription because of high out-of-pocket cost sharing charges. Even with insurance. 

Enter NetWellRx.

Only $29.95/mo for a Family; $19.95 for Individuals

A subsidiary of the prominent health care sharing ministry NetWell, NetWellRx makes the 605 most-prescribed generic prescription drugs available to subscribers for free. The online pharmacy company even covers standard shipping on covered generic prescription drugs. All customers normally pay for covered generics is a predictable monthly subscription fee of $19.95 for individuals, and $29.95 to cover all family members living at the same address.

In addition to most commonly-prescribed prescription drugs, NetWell also sells many over-the-counter drugs at more than 50% off the usual and customary price at brick-and-mortar drugstores. Some over-the-counter meds are available at discounts up to 80%.

The company bills itself as “America’s first FREE pharmacy.” Well, it’s not quite “free.” But it’s a lot less expensive for many people than paying full price at a brick-and-mortar pharmacy. 

You still need to pay the monthly subscription fee. And only generic drugs qualify for free distribution and standard shipping. But if you’ve been spending more than $20-$30 per month out of pocket for prescription drugs, or someone in your household relies on diabetic care supplies like blood glucose test strips and lancets, there’s an excellent chance an NetWellRx membership may generate a significant amount of savings.

The NetWellRX Comprehensive Diabetes Program

A NetWellRx subscription includes access to their Comprehensive Diabetes Program at no additional charge. Diabetic subscribers are eligible for:

  • A premium bilingual voice-response glucometer
  • A 1-month supply of blood glucose test strips
  • A bottle of glucometer control solution
  • A lancing device and supply of lancets
  • Auto-refills every three months
  • Zero-cost access to selected diabetes medications, including free shipping
  • Access to insulin (Novolin N, R, or 70/30)  at $19.88 per vial, through a partnership with Walmart. 


NetWellRx monthly subscription includes free standard 7 to 10 day shipping on all covered prescription medications. Shipping for over-the-counter (non-prescription) medications is just $5.99.

If you want to receive your medicines faster, you can select expedited shipping, priced as follows.

  • 3-day shipping: $19.95
  • 2-day shipping: $29.95
  • Next-day delivery $44.95

NetWellRx delivers to P.O. Boxes. 

Local Pickup for Immediate Medication Needs

Sometimes you can’t wait seven to ten days for standard delivery of your prescription drugs. For patients with an acute medical condition and an immediate need to access their medication, NetWellRx provides a solution: Free, immediate local pickup at any of approximately 64,000 pharmacies nationwide. 

The program covers generic versions of the  top 124 most commonly-prescribed acute medications, up to a 21-day supply. 

Who Needs NetWellRx?

NetWellRx is a great option if you meet any of these criteria:

  • Your household averages more than $20 or $30 per month on prescription drugs – especially generics
  • You have no health insurance, or your plan has a high deductible 
  • Your health plan has a separate deductible for prescription drugs
  • At least one member of your household is diabetic and should be using test strips, lancets, and/or a glucose monitor

NetWellRx can be a great companion to a health sharing plan, such as NetWell, or to a direct primary care (DPC) plan. NetWellRx can also work well if your primary health plan excludes prescription drugs. 

Both DPCs and discount prescription drug programs such as NetWellRx are excellent at helping patients manage routine care and medication needs – at a fraction of the cost you’d pay using a traditional health insurance model. 

NetWellRx Advantages

  • Individuals and families who use generic prescription drugs can save substantially versus using a traditional pharmacy – especially the uninsured or those with high deductibles that aren’t normally met.
  • Free local pickup of up to 21 days’ supply of the 124 most-prescribed acute generic medications at any of 64,000 pharmacies nationwide.
  • Standard shipping (7-10 days) is free.
  • Diabetes program includes glucose monitor, strips, and lancets at no additional charge. Discounts on ReliOn insulin via Walmart. 

NetWellRx Disadvantages

  • NetWellRx membership only provides free generic prescription drugs. It does not cover brand-name drugs. But NetWellRx’s pharmacists will help you identify a generic equivalent, if one exists, which may be covered. 
  • NetWellRx doesn’t support automatic refills. But you can have them send a text to remind you to request your doctor to refill a prescription. 

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