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About HSA for America

We help individuals, families, and small businesses find ways to lower their healthcare costs, using innovative strategies such as:

  • Health savings accounts and HSA-qualified health insurance

  • Direct Primary Care memberships 

  • Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs)

  • Health Care Cost Sharing (health sharing) programs

Healthcare is overly complicated and expensive, but there are strategies that may dramatically lower your costs, while increasing your healthcare freedom.

We Help You Consider All Your Options

Many insurance agents are “captive” to a single insurance carrier. No matter what the customer’s needs, they can only sell insurance policies from that particular carrier.

No competition allowed. They can’t even tell you about your health insurance alternatives.

At HSA for America, we’re not even “captive” to the insurance industry!

And that makes a difference.

Don’t misunderstand – insurance has its place. But most insurance companies won’t tell you the truth: In addition to insurance, there is a world of non-insurance alternatives out there. These alternatives can help provide effective, efficient, and affordable ways to reduce the impact of sky-high medical bills and lower your out-of-pocket costs for these events.

We get it: The health insurance industry has made things incredibly complex and overwhelming. And if you don’t qualify for an Obamacare subsidy (there’s another layer of madness!), you may feel that the insurance industry has priced you out of affordable options.

Finding affordable, quality protection feels like pulling teeth while jumping on one foot… It’s nearly impossible, and also kind of painful!

We are passionate about helping our clients find better ways to manage their healthcare expenses. Families who don’t qualify for health insurance subsidies and are being squeezed by sky-high premiums, copays, coinsurance payments, and deductibles.

We believe you deserve relief.

That’s why we started a new, different kind of health insurance agency.

We help people find options to lower their costs, including health insurance plans that work with HSAs, direct primary care arrangements, HRAs, association plans, non-insurance health care cost sharing programs, and other strategies that you probably won’t hear about anywhere else 

When you work with HSA for America, you’re immediately assigned a Personal Benefits Manager. Your PBM’s job isn’t just to sell you a quick insurance policy with the highest premium they can get and be done with you.

Instead, your PBM’s job is to act as a trusted and knowledgeable guide. They’ll walk you through all your options.

Not just the products the insurance industry wants you to know about. 

Since our founding in 2004, we’ve made it our mission to be experts in paying for health care. That includes becoming experts both in insurance solutions, as well as alternative, lower-cost alternatives to less well-known traditional health insurance models. 

We become the experts so you don’t have to. 

Here’s how we make it easy:

  • You get to see all your options. We don’t stop with high-priced, unaffordable traditional insurance options. That’s why we’re fans of non-traditional options: 
  • Association plans
  • High-deductible health plans that work with health savings accounts
  • Health sharing programs. 
  • Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs)
  • Direct primary care plans

 You could say we think “outside the box.”

  • You get a Personal Benefits Manager. When you call HSA for America, you are assigned a Personal Benefits Manager. Your PBM will help you navigate the system to find what’s best for you.  Whether it’s traditional insurance… or something else.

    Your PBM will be your primary contact with us as long as you’re with HSA for America. You’ll never be passed off to a representative who doesn’t know you and your situation. 


  • You’ll be kept informed. We offer our Comprehensive Policy Review every year to be sure you are still in the best option for you. Things change, and we’ll be with you every step of the way. 

All these differences, and more, are why we have enrolled more than 16,000 clients and counting into the healthcare plan that works best for them… Whether it’s a traditional health insurance policy, a more affordable health sharing plan, a direct primary care plan, or something else.

We’d like to work with you, too. 

We Believe in Healthcare Freedom

We’re not a captive insurance agency. We are an independent health solutions agency that connects individuals, families, and small businesses with health management and risk reduction solutions they can afford.

Our primary objective is to increase your healthcare freedom, by offering better solutions and ways to lower your costs. Here are some of our core beliefs as an organization:

1. We believe that everyone has the moral right to make their own decisions about their own healthcare.

2. We believe people should have the ability to obtain medical treatments of their choice, without restriction and without coercion.

3. We believe in bodily autonomy. All people have an inalienable right to choose what is best for their health, and to decide for themselves what to put into, around, or onto their bodies.

4. We believe in informed consent – the right to be informed of all risks, benefits, and alternatives of any medical procedure, and the right to make a voluntary decision about whether to undergo the procedure.

5. We believe in health and nutritional freedom – consumers should be free to access whatever foods and whatever nutritional supplements they wish.

6. We believe that people should be able to access alternative therapies if they so choose.

7. We support the Right to Try Act, allowing people with life-threatening conditions to access unapproved treatments.

8. We believe in a doctor-patient relationship in which the doctor provides information, interpretation, and advice, but where the patient maintains ultimate decision-making control.

9. We believe that the free flow of information is essential for individuals and society to make the best decisions for themselves, and we oppose all forms of censorship.

10. We believe everyone has a right to medical privacy and should maintain complete control over who they share their medical records with.

11. We believe in the power of the free market in fostering innovation and excellence in health care.

12. We promote price transparency, so that consumers can more easily compare price and quality among different providers.

13. We believe in our customers, and your ability to make good, informed decisions about your own health care. We also believe that health insurance, health sharing organizations, government, and other institutions should facilitate these decisions, not act as an obstacle or impose limitations on your freedom.

14. We believe in showing people how to be better consumers, how to save money on their health care, and in sharing resources and tools.

15. We promote personal responsibility when it comes to healthcare and healthcare expenses. And we advocate solutions like Direct Primary Care and Health Savings Accounts that place control and responsibility where it belongs: With you.

16. We believe that people can take more control of their health with simple lifestyle changes. We share information and encouragement. And we connect our clients with health sharing ministry organizations made up of like-minded people. People who commit to practicing temperance and moderation, thus reducing health care expenses for everyone in the plan.

Sometimes, traditional insurance is the best overall solution. Sometimes the best solution is one of our insurance alternatives that still provides valuable protection against the devastating financial risk of an unexpected medical emergency.

Since we’re not captive to anyone, but completely independent, we are free to do what’s best for our customer, all the time. That’s you.

We love HSAs!

Health Savings Accounts, or HSAs, empower you to take personal control over your health and over your money. When you’re writing the checks, you get to make the decisions. You decide what providers to use. Not the insurance company and their narrow networks.

Furthermore, no other investment vehicle has the tax advantages of an HSA. These innovative plans allow you to save money pre-tax for future medical expenses on a pre-tax basis. If you have out-of-pocket medical expenses, such as deductibles, co-pays, coinsurance, or out-of-network fees, you can use your HSA to pay them, tax free.

And unlike many workplace flexible spending accounts, the money doesn’t go away at the end of the year. If you remain healthy and don’t need the cash, it stays in your account – and continues to grow, tax-deferred, just like an IRA!

When you reach retirement, all that money that has been accumulating tax-deferred becomes available to help with retirement expenses. You just pay income taxes on the amounts you withdraw.

With an HSA, you can cut your yearly taxes, be more proactive with your health, have more flexibility in treatment options, and put money aside for retirement – all at the same time!

Ultimately, nothing increases your healthcare freedom like having cash in your HSA. What’s not to love? 

We’re also big fans of Health Sharing Plans.

Health sharing plans are collectively saving our clients millions of dollars per year.

Health sharing plans are voluntary associations of like-minded people who agree to share each other’s medical bills. They are affordable non-insurance alternatives run by Health Sharing Ministry Organizations (HSMOs). 

These ministries document and verify members’ qualified medical expenses and facilitate the cost sharing among the entire membership. So members don’t get slammed with a single unexpected medical expense they need to handle all by themselves.

Health sharing programs are not insurance. But they are an effective solution that may help you reduce your risk. People are tired of the red tape and greediness of insurance companies, and for good reason. Health care cost sharing programs cut out the bureaucracy of insurance and make health coverage more personal. 

And usually, at just a fraction of the cost.

One of the ways hHealth sharing plans keep costs low is by exempting from their sharing guidelines  items that their members aren’t likely to need. So most will not pay for accidents caused by intoxication, or other expenses such as drug addiction treatment or sex-reassignment surgery. 

Health sharing organizations also tend to aggressively negotiate for the lowest pricing possible.

These are some of the reasons health sharing plans are an increasingly popular, affordable alternative to traditional health insurance solutions. And HSA for America has the world’s foremost experts on health sharing plans. 

We’re Excited about Direct Primary Care Plans!

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a membership-based healthcare model where the patient pays a monthly fee in exchange for ongoing preventive and routine medical care. DPC arrangements can be lower than the cost of your monthly phone bill. And they provide unrestricted access to your primary physician.

There’s no co-pay. No deductible. You just call your participating primary care doctor’s office, make an appointment, and go.

You don’t need to worry about cost. And your doctor doesn’t have to have a small army of clerks to handle insurance billing. Needless overhead is much reduced. Your doctor can pass much of the savings from that model on to you.

With direct primary care, you and your doctor can declare independence from the tyranny of the traditional health insurance model!

What’s even better, we now have cost sharing plans that are specifically designed to dovetail with direct primary care plans. So you don’t have to pay for redundant or unnecessary coverage!

To learn more, schedule a chat with one of our Personal Benefits Managers today!

CASE STUDIES: How HSA for America Saves You Money
HSA For America has saved money for more than 16,000 customers and counting by connecting them with lower-cost alternatives to their existing or traditional health insurance plans – at up to 50% off what they were paying for bloated and inefficient major medical insurance plans..

Here’s how we do it:

Case Study 1: How Healthsharing Saved a Typical Family 69% in Monthly Health Care Costs

Stephen L., a 45-year-old male from Austin, Texas, was shopping for a health plan to cover himself, his wife (42), and their three children. Like millions of working families, Stephen and his family didn’t qualify for any subsidies under the Affordable Care Act. They had to pay the full premium.

Their existing plan was a BCBS Texas family plan, which was costing them a budget-busting $1,723 every month in premiums. And even with insurance they had significant exposure because of the 20% co-insurance requirement: A $100,000 medical event would still cost them up to in deductibles and copays $17,400 – the maximum out of pocket under the Affordable Care Act in 2023.

We were able to sign Stephen and his family up with a health sharing plan from netWell.

His maximum out-of-pocket exposure fell from $17,400 to $10,000.
His new plan would share medical bills up to $1 million per year and up to $2 million for a lifetime.
He eliminated his 20% co-insurance exposure on amounts over $10,000.
His monthly cost fell from a $1,7232, premium to a monthly healthshare contribution of just $548.

Stephen’s experience with switching from a high-premium, high-cost traditional health insurance plan to a health sharing alternative isn’t unusual. In fact, it’s very common for individuals and families who fall through the Obamacare cracks and who don’t qualify for an ACA subsidy to save 35-50% each month by switching to a health sharing plan.

Case Study 2: How a typical family saved more than $1,000 per month on health insurance

We recently worked with another family of four: A 52-year-old male, his 46-year-old wife, and two children, ages 20 and 17 – all residents of Colorado.

The older daughter was a full-time college student, and the younger son was still in high school.

When they contacted us, they were also paying nearly $2,000 per month for a family health insurance plan. In this case, the family didn’t understand that they qualified for a significant Affordable Care Act subsidy. And so they were paying the full premium.

They contacted HSA fFor America, and spoke to one of our Personal Benefit Managers, who took them through our detailed needs analysis. As a result of that process, they found out that their income and family size meant that they qualified for a significant subsidy under the Affordable Care Act and the American Rescue Plan.

In other words, after speaking with HSA for America, they discovered they should have been paying much less all along!

This isn’t unusual: The traditional health insurance market is insanely complicated. And the intricacies of the Affordable Care Act larded massive layers of additional complication on top of it. Millions of Americans are confused and bewildered by a ridiculous system.

And wind up making terribly inefficient decisions because of it.

After considering their options, they chose to buy a Humana Silver Plan over the ACA exchange – covering all four of them for less than $300 per month. This decision generated immediate savings of over $1,600 per month.

In this case, because of the ACA subsidy, it made more sense for them to go with a traditional Affordable Care Act-qualified insurance plan. If they had a higher income and didn’t qualify for a subsidy, we would have looked carefully at a healthsharing alternative.

Every family is different. That’s why it’s important to work with an independent health insurance expert who is not captive to any one carrier, or even beholden to the insurance industry itself!

At HSA For America, we understand both traditional insurance and money-saving insurance alternatives. So whatever your situation, we can connect you with the plan that makes the most sense for you and your unique, individual circumstances.

Case Study 3: How Group Health Sharing Saved A Small Business More Than $5,000 Per Month

A small business in Florida we worked with had 24 employees on board. 17 of them signed up for a group health sharing plan. 7 employees chose to enroll in an individual health insurance plan.
Working with one of our expert Personal Benefits Managers, the business owner set up a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA), which would help reimburse employees who chose health insurance for most of their insurance premiums, tax-free.

The business owner also set up an accident insurance voluntary benefit plan that effectively reduced every employee’s deductible for accidents to $100. This was important, because most of the employees couldn’t afford thousands of dollars in ER deductibles and coinsurance costs if, for example, a child broke her leg at soccer practice.

All together, offering employees a lower-cost health sharing alternative still saved the business more than $5,000 per month, compared to the cheapest traditional group health insurance plan they had been considering. The savings were more than enough to provide the improved accident insurance protection

As a result, the business is more profitable, has more free cash flow, and employees have more financial security, thanks to these innovative approaches to small business health benefits.

HSA for America believes in equal opportunities for all individuals. Read more about our Non-discrimination Policy.


“Thanks for easing this whole process… I’m frankly not sure I even would have [one], if not for your advice & help with everything!”
Eric A., Tipton, Indiana


“I am glad to have found something that works with my budget. I was very concerned about the marketplace. In Iowa, there is only 1 provider left, and they were asking for an astronomical increase in premium that I was not able to afford and still pay my bills. So again, thank you for giving me the ‘health sharing’ option!


Diane, Iowa

[Personal Benefits Manager] Tom and your company’s service has been awesome. My husband and I are thrilled to be off of Obamacare and into the world of Medicare plus supplements. Tom was thorough and simplified our supplement options. We are very happy with the customer care and processing of our selected, private supplement companies.

Rebecca E.
Parker, CO


“Your website offered me the education I needed to begin my HSA experience. [Personal Benefits Manager] Rob Tavis was available, helpful and full of good information. Our HSA will begin today August 1st and I believe with Rob’s help I’ve made a decent decision. I feel comfortable emailing or calling him if I need further help.”

Maureen Thompson



You personally helped our family with insurance when we lived in Texas over five years ago. When we moved to Colorado, we were forced to switch underwriters (no coverage in CO at the time) and went to a “local” agent, thinking we would have good customer care close by.

When our prices kept increasing for our high deductible family HSA policy (doubled in 4 years), the local agent only offered more policies with our then current provider, Anthem, though we repeatedly asked for a comparison with other providers.

Also, we were to do all the research work in comparing policies. I do not have the time or interest in becoming a policy expert, understanding the pros and cons of each underwriter and their unique coverage restrictions.

One phone call to your folks and we received a number of options to choose from. We were able to make a decision that day and change our coverage. We saved enough to also fund both Accident and Dental coverage (our total premium dollar is still lower than before, while simply raising our annual deductible from 10,000 to 11,900).

What a blessing to work with someone who understood our needs and the underwriters’ criteria. I plan to tell my self-employed peers in other parts of the country about how easy personal line insurance shopping was with the help of ColoHealth.

Diane was great and offered quick, accurate counsel. That we could apply (and sign) online was exceptional.”

Steve Simpson


My wife and I are very pleased with the service we’ve received. [Personal Benefits Manager] Tom did a great job informing us and providing guidance and support. We are grateful and satisfied.

Gary E.,
Parker, CO


I have had absolutely great service from [Personal Benefits Manager] Tom Lockwood (Medicare). He is very knowledgeable, very responsive, have answers for all my questions, and have given us great advice. I’m signed up for medigap starting in January 2019 & my wife will be signing up for 2020. We will definitely be using Tom again next year.

Dave G.
Loveland, CO

Dear [Personal Benefits Manager] Leslie,

Leslie, Paco and I feel so blessed to know about you and the services you provided.

As soon as I know what my Medicare Claim # is, I will contact you so you can get the ball rolling with my Supplemental Plan F with Cigna. We would be clueless without your assistance!

You are not only very knowledgeable, you are one of the most patient people we have ever met (over the phone)! :):)

We will want to share your name with others for sure!

Kay J.,
Colorado Springs, CO



My husband and I have worked with [Personal Benefits Manager] Tom Lockwood for a few years. We are very pleased with the information and insurance opportunities he has provided. We will keep coming back. I recommend him whenever I can.

Patrice G.,
Lockwood, CO



We are happy with One Share…and especially [Personal Benefits Manager] Misty. Misty has been responsive and kind. She did a great job from the beginning to follow up.

Nampa, ID

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The HSA for America Guarantee

If you are not happy with the plan you choose, cancel within 10 days of effective date and get a 100% refund. No strings attached! In the rare chance that you are not happy with the service we provide, we’ll do everything possible to make it right.


 Big Insurance has its place. If you qualify for an Obamacare subsidy – and you don’t care who your doctor is – it can be a cost-effective solution.

But things are very different for those who don’t qualify for an ACA subsidy. If you’re in that boat, you deserve to learn about all your options. Including the options Big Insurance doesn’t want you to know about!

 Options like:

  • Health Sharing ministries, which can radically reduce your exposure to high out-of-pocket health care costs, at just a fraction of the cost of a major medical insurance policy.                                                                                                                 
  • Direct Primary Care Plans, which allow you unlimited access to a family medicine or primary care doctor who actually has time for you. While saving you money. 
  • Health Savings Accounts, which empower patients by allowing you to pay for out-of-pocket medical costs tax free, using any physician or provider you choose. To contribute, you have to be enrolled in a high-deductible health plan (HDHP). Which is great, because these are the most
    cost-effective traditional health insurance policies out there.
  • Health Reimbursement Arrangements, which enable small business owners to save money and offer tailored health benefits to employees at an affordable cost, while allowing employees to make more of their own health care decisions. So they can purchase the plans that make the most sense for them.

There are lots of health insurance brokers out there. But only HSA for America will tell you about the full spectrum of insurance products and affordable non-insurance alternatives available on the market.

Only HSA for America was founded and built on the principles of economic liberty and leveraging free market solutions and innovations to improve affordability, flexibility, and healthcare freedom for our customers!


If you’ve been trapped in the traditional insurance model for years and just want to know what moneysaving alternatives are out there, you should call HSA for America.

If you don’t qualify for an ACA subsidy and you’re tired of being forced to buy overpriced insurance plans to subsidize everybody else, you should call HSA for America.

If you’re tired of narrow network medicine and you want the freedom to choose your own doctor and your own hospitals, you should call HSA for America.

If you’re tired of paying inflated health insurance premiums for coverage you don’t want or need, you should call HSA for America.

Or you’re just looking for ways to save money, while getting a better overall health care experience, you owe it to yourself to give one of our Personal Benefits Managers a call to learn more about your options.

Our process is consultative and educational. It’s also very easy. To us you are not just another number. Reach out to us any time, we’d love to get to know you better, and there is no charge for our services.

Click here to get a no-obligation quote, set an appointment with a Personal Benefits Manager today!

Mike Montes, Personal Benefits Manager

For Mike, a dedicated husband and the father to two small children, Madisyn and Gavin, health insurance comes down to love for family.

Mike realized the value of having adequate protection against the devastating high cost of health care after his mother suffered a severe brain aneurysm at the young age of 64.

That’s when Mike realized that if she didn’t have excellent protection in place, the costs of ER, surgery,  and ICU care would have been catastrophic for most American families… if they could even access that care at all.

Every day that I can help even one person with challenges they may be facing is a successful day in my book!” Mike says. “ I get a sense of fulfillment when I know I’ve helped someone make critical decisions that impact his or her future. The insights we Personal Benefits Managers share really can help you save a lot of money during the course of our relationship.”

Read Mike’s full story and read testimonials from some of his many happy clients here. 

Misty Berryman, Personal Benefits Manager

 Misty, one of our Personal Benefits Managers, is an experienced independent health insurance agent. More importantly, she is a devoted wife and mother to three beautiful teenagers.

A former math teacher, Misty is a big believer in taking financial responsibility, and enjoys helping individuals and business owners  with their health insurance and other healthcare solutions because it helps her impart those values to others.

“Every household should have a budget and savings for unforeseen situations. You shouldn’t spend more than you make and not borrow money when at all possible,” says Misty. “These same principles should be used in your business, especially when you have employees who depend on you.”

In her free time, Misty enjoys volunteering with her church, boating, golfing, trail riding on ATVs, exercising, watching and playing sports, listening to inspiring podcasts, walking her dogs, and just generally being with her family and friends.

You can read Misty’s full story and schedule a free, no obligation consultation with her here.


Tom Lockwood, Personal Benefits Manager

 Tom made the decision to become a health insurance agent after having a negative experience with one. He also found the whole process of shopping for health insurance to be confusing and difficult.

The experience showed him that there was a massive unmet demand for caring insurance professionals who take a patient, consultative, client-centered approach. 

 That’s why he joined HSA for America as one of our Personal Benefits Managers. He works every day with individuals, families, and business owners to connect them with better, more efficient, and more affordable health care solutions.

“I wanted the opportunity to help support and guide people make health insurance decisions instead of being one of those who only cared about making the sale,” says Tom.  “ I try to live a life of honesty, integrity and caring in my personal life, and what a boon it has been to be able to live those same principles in my professional life as well!”

A devoted family man, he enjoys spending time with Margaret, his wife of more than 40 years, as well as their children and grandchildren. He is a proud veteran of the United States Navy.

You can read the rest of Tom’s story, and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with him here.

Leslie Jablonski, Personal Benefits Manager

As one of our Personal Benefits Managers, Leslie believes in taking a consultative, patient approach with clients and prospects.

“I listen first, then make recommendations based on the client’s needs that will be best for them over the long term,” says Leslie. “On rare occasions, the best plan for a client is one that I do not offer or get paid on, but I always put the client’s best interest ahead of my own personal gain. Doing the right thing is always the best thing.”

She is a big believer in the value of health savings accounts (HSAs) because of their tremendous tax benefits and flexibility. There’s nothing like cash in an HSA to employ people to take more control and ownership of their health care needs!

Outside of the office, Leslie enjoys a variety of outdoor activities, including running, teaching yoga, playing beach volleyball, stand-up paddleboarding, tennis, learning to golf, walking, and playing with my new miniature bernedoodle puppies.

She’s also a big history buff, and loves learning about history, archaeology, and listening to history podcasts.

You can read Leslie’s full story, read testimonials from her happy clients, and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with her here.

Lou Spatafore, Personal Benefits Manager

 A veteran business owner and entrepreneur, Lou took over his father’s furniture business at age 26. He ran it for more than 30 years, eventually converting it to a successful antique mall before selling the business.  

Lou wasn’t ready to fully retire yet. So he followed his calling to help individuals, families, and his fellow business owners achieve better financial security by helping them protect themselves against the high cost of medical care.

“What I loved about the insurance biz, even from the beginning, was the opportunities it provided to interact with people,” says Lou. “I get to spend time with real-life people and help them find a healthcare solution that can truly change their life. It gives me a level of satisfaction that you just can’t buy.”

You can read Lou’s full story and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation here.

Whitney Kline, Personal Benefits Manager

As one of our Personal Benefits Managers, Whitney became a health insurance agent to help people feel safer and more secure about their healthcare. “Sometimes that’s all about finding the best premiums, and in others, it’s about pairing your personal health needs with the right balance of coverage,” she says.

Whitney is passionate about helping people find that balance, with health insurance, health sharing, and other solutions that they can afford.

She is a devoted wife to her husband and the love of her life, Ross. She’s active in her church and frequently volunteers to help others in her community.

Whitney also enjoys CrossFit and outdoor activities like mountain biking, rock climbing, and kayaking.

You can read her full story and connect with her for a free, no-obligation consultation here


Christine Corsini, Personal Benefits Manager

Christine describes herself as a “bike-riding, mountain-climbing yoga gal with a love of music and a taste for good Californian wine.”

She got into the health insurance business because she enjoys solving problems and creating solutions. When someone calls her with a health insurance question or problem, or is just looking for the alternatives, Christine feels energized by the challenge.

“When I’m trying to help someone choose a healthcare plan, the first step is to listen, to really listen, to what it is that they have to say,” says Christine. “That kind of deep listening isn’t possible without empathy. When my clients tell me what they need, I treat it like a family member asking for my help.”

She successfully completed the competitive New York City Marathon, and she rode her bicycle across the United States to support the American Lung Association.

Christine is also active within her church and enjoys volunteering to support her community. On weekends, you can frequently find her and her family cruising the San Francisco Bay area or taking a boat out to Angel Island.

You can read Christine’s full story and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation here.

Wiley Long, Founder and President

A lifelong entrepreneur, Wiley Long has been working in the health insurance industry since 1986. He founded HSA for America after discovering that millions of Americans were being poorly served by traditional insurance and care delivery models, and were too often massively overpaying for health insurance.

HSA for America was created to leverage the free market to deliver greater health care value, savings, economic freedom and medical liberty to Americans all across the United States,

A nationally-recognized health insurance expert, Wiley is  the author of The Medicare Playbook monthly newsletter Maximize Your HSA. He has written for Agents Sales Journal, and he has been featured in American Airlines Magazine, Pregnancy Magazine, the Los Angeles Times,, and many other publications, and is the author of The Medicare Playbook.


He loves to mountain bike with his son Wiley IV and travel with his wife Christie.

Read Wiley’s story here. 


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