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Hello! I’m Kirsten Vastine, a lifelong Midwesterner from Indianapolis, Indiana, and I’m thrilled to be a Personal Benefits Manager with HSA for America.

I learned the value of a good health plan the hard way: from personal experience.

I broke my foot skateboarding a while back.

Dealing with the healthcare system, on top of everything else going on in my life at the time, was stressful and challenging. But I had an excellent health plan in place, and that was a real blessing.

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Having a very good health plan did wonders for my state of mind: I didn’t have to scramble for money, or go into debt to get taken care of. I was able to afford the surgery I needed, and focus my efforts on recovery.

It wasn’t just about my recovery; it was about the peace of mind that came from knowing the financial side was taken care of.

Thanks to this formative event in my life, I became passionate about guiding others in their health insurance or healthshare decisions. So I can help ensure that when a crisis comes, my clients  have the support and coverage they need without the stress.

Why I Work With HSA for America

I chose HSA for America because it aligns with my belief in providing personalized, client-centered service.

With me, it’s not just about selling a policy; it’s about understanding my clients’ unique needs and finding affordable solutions that fit your  budget and your life.

I also chose HSA for America because of their emphasis on preserving individual healthcare freedom, and on helping connect people with healthcare approaches like health sharing, which can both save money and align better with my clients’ individual values.

Whether it’s navigating plan options or understanding the benefits of a Health Savings Account, I’m here to simplify the process and help you make informed choices.

Get To Know Me!

I’ve always been extremely active. Fitness is my passion. I love the outdoors. I’m an avid CrossFitter and a Level 2 Crossfit instructor. I also enjoy biking and snowboarding. I’ve also ran marathons and participated in the CrossFit games, among many other activities.

It’s not just about fitness for me. It’s about the camaraderie and connections. My passion for fitness and being active has connected me with some amazing communities.

They also taught me the importance of resilience and adaptability – qualities I hope to bring to my role as your Personal Benefits Manager.

Outside of work, I’m deeply committed to volunteering and sharing the teachings of the Bible. I find balance in my fitness routine, spending time with family, and enjoying the company of friends. Whether it’s a rigorous CrossFit session or a quiet evening at home, it’s about enjoying life’s moments.

Thanks for reading, and I’m looking forward to working with you as your Personal Benefits Manager for many years going forward! 

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