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How to strategically use your health insurance, health sharing plan, health savings account, and other tools to lower your healthcare costs and increase your health care freedom. 

Year after year, healthcare gets more expensive, more confusing, and more difficult to use. At HSA for America, our mission is to reverse this trend by empowering our clients with the expert advice and no-nonsense strategy they need to maintain an edge over the health insurance companies.

Since 2004, Maximize Your HSA has been revealing the secrets to navigating today’s healthcare landscape, including:

  • How to slash medical bills by becoming a healthcare comparison shopper
  • How to take advantage of valuable healthcare tax credits
  • How to use an HSA to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for retirement

But Health Insurance and HSAs are just the beginning. Our Personal Benefits Managers are leading experts in Healthcare Cost Sharing, or Healthshare Plans. This low-cost insurance alternative is giving Americans a new way to exercise their healthcare freedom, all for about half the cost of unsubsidized insurance.

Q: What is Healthcare Cost Sharing?

If you’re interested in learning more about Healthshare plans, you can get a free copy of our special report. Click here

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Newsletter Issues

Newsletter TitlePublished Date
enewsletterOur Healthcare Freedom is Under AttackJuly 2024
enewsletterHow to Protect Yourself Against Alzheimer’s DiseaseJune 2024
enewsletterWhat Health Screenings You Should Get,
and When
May 2024
enewsletterSmart Last-Minute Tax Moves-how to pay less tax
April 2024
enewsletterSmart Last-Minute Tax Moves-tax planning strategies

April 2024
enewsletterPaternalistic Medicine – And How To Escape It
March 2024
enewsletterHealth Sharing: Understand Your Plan
February 2024
enewsletterThe Benefits of Preventative Care

February 2024
enewsletter6 Money-Saving Tax Tips for 2024
January 2024
enewsletter6 Money-Saving Tax Tips for 2024
January 2024
enewsletterBack to Basics: Twelve Keys to a Healthy Lifestyle
December 2023
enewsletterHow Direct Primary Care is Transforming Healthcare (And We’re Here For It!)

November 2023
enewsletterUp Your HSA Game With Three Wealth Maximizing Strategies

November 2023
enewsletterHow To Find the Best Doctors – A Guide for Health Sharing Members (And Everybody Else!)
October 2023
enewsletterOpen Enrollment Starts November 1st. Here’s What You Need to Know
October 2023
enewsletterThe Health Share Advantage—Who Should Make the Switch
October 2023
enewsletterInsider Secrets Revealed: Find The Best Available Prices for Your Prescription Drugs!September 2023
enewsletterWhen to Use Urgent Care Centers vs. Emergency Rooms: A cost-saving guide to help make the right decision during non-emergency situations?August 2023
enewsletterShould You Choose a Younger Doctor or Older Doctor?July 2023
enewsletterHow To Explain Healthsharing To Your DoctorJune 2023
enewsletterWhat To Do When You Don’t Like Your DoctorJune 2023
enewsletterHow to Get the Best Possible Cash Pricing for Health CareMay 2023
enewsletterMultiple Companies Slashing Insulin Prices! Here’s What You Need to KnowApril 2023
enewsletterHow To Choose a Primary Care PhysicianMarch 2023
enewsletterSave Money With Medical Tourism!February 2023
enewsletterThe Best Way to Lower Your Medical Bills – Get Healthy!January 2023
enewsletter7 Powerful Ways to Reduce Your Out-Of-Pocket
Medical Expenses
December 2022
enewsletterUnderstanding Your Healthshare PlanDecember 2022
enewsletterProviding Health Benefits to Your Small Business Employees – At a Cost You Can AffordNovember 2022
enewsletterHow Your Health Insurance Could Change in 2023October 2022
enewsletterWhat If I Want to Switch Back to Health Insurance?October 2022
enewsletterUnderstanding the New Ban on Surprise Medical BillingSeptember 2022
enewsletterA Game-Changer: How the Owner of the Dallas Mavericks May Save You Hundreds on Your Prescription DrugsAugust
enewsletterDirect Primary Care Is a Better Option for Small BusinessesJuly
enewsletterPsilocybin and the Terminally Ill: Why the “Right to Try” Is an Essential Healthcare freedomJuly
enewsletterOnly 14% of Hospitals are Complying with the Price Transparency Rule (Here’s How to Fight Back)June
enewsletterDirect Primary Care (DPC) is the Best New Option for Small Business HealthcareJune
enewsletterHow Direct Primary Care (DPC) has Single-Handedly Reversed a Nationwide Exodus of Family PhysiciansMay
enewsletterPaying for Maternity Care When You Don’t Have an Insurance Plan [Healthshare Maternity Benefits]May
enewsletterGetting the Most out of the 2021 Government Hospital Price Transparency RuleApril
enewsletterKnow Someone Who Can’t Afford Health Insurance? A Low-Cost Catastrophic Health Plan
Could Be the Answer
enewsletterHow Healthshare Plans & HCSMs are Bucking the Trend of Surging Healthcare CostsMarch
enewsletterOut-of-Control Insulin Prices are a Threat to Our Healthcare FreedomMarch
enewsletterWinter Sports Lovers: Low-Cost Accident Plans Can Lower Your Risk of Injury to Just $100February 2022
enewsletterYour Telehealth Benefits Have Been Upgraded, Probably for Good. Here’s How to Get the Most Out of TelemedicineFebruary 2022
enewsletterWhat the Biden Vaccine Mandate Means for the Future of Healthcare FreedomJanuary 2022
enewsletterURGENT: This is Your Last Chance to Sign Up for 2022 Health Insurance [Open Enrollment Ends January 15th]January 2022
enewsletterHealthshare Comparison: Zion vs. MediShareDecember 2021
enewsletterLower Your Out-of-Pocket Healthcare Costs in 2022 (Here’s How)December 2021
enewsletterGetting the Most Out of Your Healthshare Plan in 2022November 2021
enewsletterHealth Insurance Open Enrollment Starts NowNovember 2021
enewsletterPairing Your Direct Primary Care Membership (DPC) with a Health Sharing PlanOctober 2021
enewsletterCreating Your 2022 Personal Healthcare BudgetOctober 2021
enewsletter icon0What’s the Best Medical Cost Sharing Plan?September 2021
enewsletter icon0What to Do if Your Insurance Premiums SpikeSeptember 2021
enewsletter icon0Price Transparency: An Important Reason Healthshare Memberships Cost Less Than Health InsuranceAugust 2021
enewsletter icon0Reminder: You May Qualify for Lower PremiumsAugust 2021
enewsletter icon0How Much Life Insurance Do I Need? (How to Calculate Your Life Insurance)July 2021
enewsletter icon0Know Your Plan: How to Make the Most of Your Medical BenefitsJune 2021
enewsletter icon0Spring Retirement Check-In: Are You Maximizing Your Tax-Favored Investments?May 2021
enewsletter icon0Urgent: What You Need to Know About the New Health Insurance Subsidies
April 2021
enewsletter icon0Know Your Plan: How to Make the Most of Your Medical BenefitsApril 2021
enewsletter icon0Understanding Tax-Deferred Investment ToolsMarch 2021
enewsletter icon0Two Ways to Offer Health Benefits to Your Employees … Without Buying a Group PlanFebruary 2021
enewsletter icon0Why Routine Screenings and Preventive Care are More Important Than EverJanuary 2021
enewsletter icon0The Ongoing Battle for Medical Price TransparencyDecember 2020
enewsletter icon0 Small Business Guide to Individual Coverage HRAs (ICHRA)November 2020
enewsletter icon0Creating a Buffer Zone for your High Deductible Health PlanSeptember 2020
enewsletter icon0Are You Prepared for Long-term Care?August 2020
enewsletter icon0Fast Help: Lowering Healthcare Costs to Get ByJuly 2020
enewsletter icon0Health Savings Accounts Just Got StrongerJune 2020
enewsletter icon0The Most Important Questions about Coronavirus, Health Insurance, & HSAsMay 2020
enewsletter icon0 In Uncertain Times, Your Preventative Benefits are More Important than EverApril 2020
enewsletter icon0How to Avoid Surprise Medical BillsMarch 2020
enewsletter icon0Yes, Most People Actually Do Need Life InsuranceFebruary 2020
enewsletter icon0A Resolution to ‘Bank On’: Supercharge Your HSA in 2020January 2020
enewsletter icon0Making the Most of Your Health Plan in 2020December 2019
enewsletter icon0Your End-of-Year Financial Management RemindersNovember 2019
enewsletter icon0Open Enrollment is Almost HereOctober 2019
enewsletter icon0Is Surgery Really Necessary? If So, How do you Find the Right Surgeon?September 2019
enewsletter icon0Why Price Transparency Is Essential in the Health Care IndustryJuly 2019
enewsletter icon0Start Early: Planning for Long-term Care CostsJune 2019
enewsletter icon0Save Your Prescriptions with Free Mobile Apps!May 2019
enewsletter icon0Tax Deadline is April 15: Here’s What to Do If You Made HSA Excess ContributionsApril 2019
enewsletter icon05 Reasons an Estate Plan is Vital TodayMarch 2019
enewsletter icon0 Prepare for the Unexpected: How an Accident Plan Can Help!February 2019
enewsletter icon0New Year’s Resolution: Achieving Financial SecurityJanuary 2019
enewsletter icon0Reminder: Open Enrollment Period Will End SoonDecember 2018
enewsletter icon0Are You Ready for 2019 Open Enrollment Period? Here’s What You Need To Know!November 2018
enewsletter icon0Steps 5 & 6 of the Financial Protection Program ExplainedOctober 2018
enewsletter icon0Financial Protection Program Step 4: Planning for Long-term Care NeedsSeptember 2018
enewsletter icon0Financial Protection Program Step 3: How to Secure a Guaranteed Lifetime IncomeAugust 2018
enewsletter icon0Assessing Your Disability Risk and How to Financially Protect YourselfJuly 2018
enewsletter icon0The Best Ways to Manage Dental and Optometry ExpensesJune 2018
enewsletter icon06 Basics Steps on Retirement PlanningMay 2018
enewsletter icon0April 15 is Almost Here – Maximize Your HSA Contribution!April 2018
enewsletter icon07 More Ways to Save on Your Medical CostsMarch 2018
enewsletter icon0Healthcare Options Outside Open EnrollmentFebruary 2018
enewsletter icon0Open Enrollment and Alternatives to Missed DeadlinesJanuary 2018

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