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Pairing Your Direct Primary Care Membership (DPC) with a Health Sharing Plan

It’s no secret: The reason that Health Sharing Plans are so affordable is because they don’t force you to pay for coverage that you’re not using. That’s how it is with traditional health insurance, and the result is that more people than ever are having trouble paying their premiums.

But the drawback is that healthshare plans are mostly meant for emergencies, or “big” medical expenses. So If you have to visit your doctor for something like a strep throat or a simple check-up, you could end up paying hundreds of dollars out-of-pocket.

The solution? By pairing your healthshare plan with a Direct Primary Care membership, you can add unlimited primary care visits to your healthcare strategy. And even better: It will still cost less than unsubsidized insurance.

Direct Primary Care: A Revolution in Low-Cost Healthcare

All across the country, doctors are converting their practices to Direct Primary Care, or DPC. This is a membership-based healthcare structure, where members pay a monthly cost in exchange for ongoing access to a primary care provider.

With this style of healthcare, members can visit their doctor as many times as they need. Whether it’s a regularly scheduled health screening or looking into a minor health issue, people can get the routine and preventive care that they need. This makes it easier to stay healthy, which in turn saves a lot of money on healthcare down the line.

Why You Should Consider a DPC Healthshare Plan

With DPCs becoming more popular, some Healthcare Sharing organizations are crafting plans designed to work exclusively with DPC. Basically, a DPC-ready healthshare plan will include low-cost protection for only the large or unexpected emergency costs, like surgery or a trip to the E.R. This keeps the monthly costs down, even compared to other healthshare plans.  

Meanwhile, your DPC will cover all the routine and preventive care. In essence, it’s combining two ultra-low-cost plans into one strategy, while avoiding traditional health insurance altogether.  

  • On average, DPC appointments are much longer than regular appointments, giving you more time to ask questions
  • DPC physicians report better doctor/client relationships, and higher job satisfaction as a result
  • DPC members don’t have to avoid going to the doctor because of the cost; They can catch medical issues before they become serious.

Why We’re Recommending MPB Direct

Offered by the health sharing company MPB Health, MPB Direct is designed specifically to work with an existing DPC membership. In addition to emergency cost sharing, MPB Direct includes additional benefits including:

  • On demand telehealth
  • A prescription drug discount program
  • Behavioral resources and counseling

MPB Direct plans start at under $200 per month. With the average cost of DPC memberships at about $100, you’re looking at $300 for a comprehensive health protection strategy.

When you compare that to $600 or even $700 for an unsubsidized health insurance plan, the advantages are pretty clear.

Enrolled in Medi-Share? Your DPC Could Be a Shareable Expense

Last year, MediShare added DPC membership fees to their list of shareable medical expenses. However, this is only for members who are enrolled in the $12,000 AHP option.

Learn More About Health Sharing with MPB Direct for DPC

Interested in learning exactly how much you can save with MPB Direct? Click here to run a free, instant quote.

Not yet enrolled in Direct Primary Care? Visit the Direct Primary Care Coalition to learn more, or find a DPC provider that operates in your area.


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