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 is our free monthly publication designed to help you maximize the value you get from your Health Savings Account.  We will remind you of investment deadlines, alert you to changes in the tax code, and let you in on little-known ways to defer taxes and reduce your medical expenses.

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In previous issues, subscribers have learned:


    • How to use funds from your HSA to cover alternative medicine expenses
    • How to have hundreds of thousnads of dollars in your HSA when you retire – even if you have big claims every single year
    • How to pay for dental expenses from your HSA using pre-paid dental plans
    • When can nutritional supplements be considered a medical expense
    • How to save money on prescription drugs
    • How to save money on lab testing
    • How to maximize the growth of your HSA
    • How to get your hospital bills reduced
    • How to avoid out-of-control health insurance rate increases
    • And much more!
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All subscribers will receive a free copy of HSA for America’s official “The Complete Consumer’s Guide to HSAs.”  This report gives all the essential details on how Health Savings Accounts work, including:

    • Contribution maximums
    • Qualified expenses
    • How to calculate your tax and premium savings
    • How to calculate the future value of your HSA
    • How to choose an HSA-qualified health insurance plan
    • How to set up HSA

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