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Hi, and welcome to the HSA for America website! My name is Mike Montes. I am an HSA Personal Benefits Manager. If you’re reading this, you most likely have either heard the buzz about health savings accounts and want to know more, or you already have an HSA of your own but need some guidance dealing with the new health care reform laws that were put into effect in March of 2010.

The HSA for America mission is very much an extension of my own personal beliefs and values. My approach is to individually assess your needs, make recommendations where appropriate, and then continue to keep you informed about issues that may affect your health care in the years to come. I am fully committed to helping you avoid any emotional or financial disasters by choosing the health plan that best suits your situation and needs.

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I’ve been there, too

Back in the days before I began my career in the health insurance field, the topic of health care plans was extremely confusing. I remember my wife and I getting so overwhelmed when searching for a policy to cover our medical expenses. After weeks of research and phone calls, we ended up settling for a policy our agent sold us that turned out to be good for him—and not so good for us.

We ended up paying thousands of dollars unnecessarily. It was a hard lesson, but it’s what spurred me on to make sure that kind of situation never happened again. I made up my mind that I would become an expert on insurance myself. Thankfully my wife and I were able to recover, but it was one of those experiences I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

Going forward, my motivation has been to protect my clients’ interests in every way possible. Unfortunately, not everyone is working in your best interests when a sizable commission is on the line.

That’s why I love working with HSA for America so much. They believe in standing up for the little guy in the health care industry by offering unbiased information and expert guidance to people regarding their health savings accounts, Medicare and health insurance policies.

Here at HSA for America, we share how to avoid common pitfalls that people can fall into without assistance from someone who knows the industry and who can help them find what would be best to do in their situation.

Health savings accounts 101

Health savings accounts (HSAs) are savings accounts linked to your health insurance plan that you fund in order to pay for health care costs. When you get a health savings account plan, you’ll be responsible for a yearly deductible, but you get 100 percent preventive health care coverage. Under the new health care reform law, you are eligible for preventive coverage regardless of what plan you have or even if you don’t have insurance at all.

What if I get hurt or sick?

Health savings accounts usually have lower premiums than most traditional plans. I can help you find an HSA plan that will minimize your maximum out-of-pocket costs compared to more traditional plans. In the long run, an HSA plan can actually save you money in years when your health is good, and in years when you need extra health care, too.

The great news about health savings accounts

With an HSA account, you can deduct all kinds of health care from your taxable income, including acupuncture, braces, medical massage, etc. with an HSA. Just look at all of the tax-subsidized medical expenses you’ve been missing out on capitalizing on!

There’s also a trick to switching to a plan with a higher deductible as you build up your savings. Start with the deductible that’s easy for you to manage while you fund your HSA. Reinvest the money you save by deducting your HSA contribution off of your taxable income to grow your HSA balance. When that’s big enough to cover a higher deductible, switch plans for a lower premium and save even more!

Why I’m a fan of healthshare plans?

Healthshare plans are a great option for many people. Their affordability is one of the main selling points for the one million members. More and more people are seeing the perks of abandoning their insurance and switching to medical-cost sharing. If you don’t qualify for a subsidy to help with insurance premiums, a healthshare plan is often the difference between having coverage for medical expenses and having none.

Your health isn’t something you should take for granted.

I’m healthy. Why do I need health insurance?

On a very personal level, I can relate to people who are healthy and not feeling too concerned about having health insurance. After all, health insurance is mainly for sick people, right?

My mom was what you’d call “healthy as a horse.” She was one of the few people over 60 I knew who wasn’t on any prescription drugs. But, at the young age of 62, she passed away suddenly because of a brain aneurism in 2004. She had to have brain surgery and needed to stay in the ICU for observation. All of this costs money. And if she didn’t have adequate insurance, we might still be paying her hospital bills to this day.

All in the family

I help all of my family members understand and navigate the health care maze and get coverage that will protect them while keeping their costs as low as possible. Since they began allowing me to guide them down the right path, they haven’t had any negative experiences. I can do the same for you.

Every day that I can help even one person with challenges they may be facing is a successful day in my book! Having the ability to help others is very rewarding and I enjoy getting to meet new, interesting people. I get a sense of fulfillment when I know I’ve helped someone make critical decisions that impact his or her future. The insights we Personal Benefits Managers share really can help you save a lot of money during the course of our relationship.

With my beautiful wife

Taking personal responsibilities seriously

My life forever changed when I met my wife and we got married in 1997. Today we have two beautiful children: Madisyn and Gavin. I take my role as the head of the family very seriously.

Every day I strive to lead my family to live a healthy, happy and positive lifestyle. We enjoy having fun and going on adventures—to explore, experience and learn new things. We want our children to grow up to be positive, successful and valuable leaders, so we continuously try to impart good values and wisdom in both of them.

Living life to the fullest

I believe in the power of the present, and make sure to appreciate every minute of every day. Life is not long enough to do what you don’t enjoy. I take pleasure in spending quality time with my family and friends and taking in all of the great experiences that life has to offer.

Those experiences include traveling the world. I love going to new places and learning about the cultures of the places I visit. I have traveled to many different states including three Hawaiian Islands, and have visited parts of Canada, Mexico and Central America, all of the islands in the Caribbean, and several countries in Europe as well.

Playing golf

Because the climate is great where we live, our family gets to take advantage of many outdoor activities like going to the beach or the lake. You name it and I’ve probably done it recreation-wise, from boating and water skiing to hiking and snow skiing. I’ve also tried water rafting, scuba diving, zip-lining, and even skydiving. But, I especially like golf. I also enjoy traveling inward. That includes reading and learning new things every day. One of the philosophies I try to live by was best expressed by Jim Rohn: “Success is what you attract by the person you become.”

So until I hear from you, I’ll make sure the person I’m becoming is someone who has the expertise to help you get the best value in your health coverage.


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Testimonials from Mike’s Clients…

Yes, it went seamlessly. We now recommend you all to our patients seeking alternatives to traditional healthcare insurance.

Yes, it went seamlessly.  Our broker was great and all the staff involved with getting us the policies and onboarding went very well.  We now recommend you all to our patients seeking alternatives to traditional healthcare insurance.

Dr. Saleeby

Mt Pleasant, SC

The service to date has been exceptional and Mike Montes was professional and thorough.

Good morning and thank you for reaching out. The service to date has been exceptional and Mike Montes was professional and thorough. I have shared Mikes contact information with several friends.

Bob Domzalski

Fort Myers, FL

Mike has a ton of patience! I always enjoy talking with him and am very comfortable with his recommendations.

Mike has a ton of patience!  He also listens, instead of just throwing a bunch of info out about multiple policies.  He thoroughly explains all options available and gives details that are specific to my situation.  I always enjoy talking with him and am very comfortable with his recommendations.

As far as what he could do better, I’d say nothing!  You need to figure out how to clone him.

Rhonda and Ed Rogers

Little River, SC

I can’t remember exactly how I stumbled on HSA for America, but feel so blessed that I did.

I can’t say enough how lucky I feel to have found this resource back in the early fall.  At the time, I was working for a retailer that we were being forced to wind down the business due bankruptcy and effects from COVID-19.  As part of this wind down, we already knew our jobs would be ending soon, but also learned that our health care coverage would be expiring sooner at the end of September.  This was also with no opportunity to use COBRA as an interim.  I quickly had to start research and was overwhelmed by the costs of healthcare, and without a job soon this made it even worse. 

I can’t remember exactly how I stumbled on HSA for America, but feel so blessed that I did.  I was able to schedule some time with Mike just days before my company coverage was about to end.  He was an absolute gem, patiently walked me through the process and options available to us currently at that time and what we needed to consider for the future.  I have been so impressed by how Mike made sure I understood all the options and made sure we had future check-ins to insure we were still satisfied. 

The best way I can put this is with all the other stress going on in my life (job loss, navigating through a pandemic, kids at home with virtual learning, etc), our health care coverage was one less thing on my list of worries, and I have Mike to thank for that.

I would (and have) recommend this service to anyone in need of health care and lowering their costs.  Thank you to your company and Mike for all you do to truly help people for the better!


Kami Blanchard

Mansfield, TX

Mike Montes was a great help! He helped me to find an affordable health insurance, registered me in the system, and set up an automatic payments for me. He also later helped me to find a primary care provider in my area. I was really pleased with his services!


Svetlana Nakrokhina

Summerville, SC

Thanks Mike Montes, for easing this whole process… I’m frankly not sure I even would have [one], if not for your advice & help with everything.

Eric Angleton

Tipton, IN

I have been very impressed with Mike Montes and his quick responses to any questions I have had,… . I am glad to have found something that works with my budget, which I was very concerned about with the marketplace. In Iowa, there is only 1 provider left, and they were asking for an astronomical increase in premium that I was afraid I would not be able to afford and still pay my bills. …, so again, thank you for giving me …[the Healthshare] option.


Diane Nelson

Houston, TX


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