OneShare Health is a medical cost-sharing community that provides low-cost healthshare plans. OneShare Health is not insurance, but rather a Health Care Sharing Ministry that is dedicated to providing a more affordable path to healthcare.

As more and more people make the switch to healthshare plans, OneShare Health is emerging as one of the most popular options. In this OneShare Health review, we’re going to take a look at the different plan options that are available, as well as the primary risks and benefits of choosing OneShare.

OneShare Health Review 2021

OneShare Health is one of the most popular ways that people are reclaiming their control of their healthcare. In the last few months, we have been getting a lot of calls from people asking specifically about OneShare. So we thought we’d take the time to review OneShare Health’s primary risks, benefits, and benefits details.

OneShare Health Review: Why OneShare is Considerably More Affordable than Health Insurance

Skipping right to the real meat of the story: a plan with OneShare Health is going to save you money. On average it will cost about half as much per month as an unsubsidized insurance plan. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), subsidies are only available to certain people. Make even $1 too much, and you’re left out. These unsubsidized plans can be devastatingly expensive, and the result is that many people have decided to just go uninsured.

Forcing everybody into the same plan does not work. As a cheaper, simpler alternative to health insurance, OneShare makes it possible for everyone to find a coverage option that works for them. Even among other healthcare sharing programs, OneShare Health has emerged as one of the most impressive to insurance professionals and policyholders alike.

Compare Pricing on the Best Healthshare Plans Available

What is Health Care Sharing, & Why Is Everyone Talking About it?

Known as Health Care Sharing Ministries (HCSMs) or simply Health Sharing Programs, plans like the ones offered through OneShare are actually not health insurance at all. Instead they are a membership-based group that provides cost-sharing services in exchange for a monthly membership contribution.

This definition under the law means that health sharing isn’t regulated the way health insurance is. This increased flexibility alongside the lower cost that has made health sharing increasingly popular.

Is Health Care Cost Sharing Right for Me?

Most of us humans learn early on that there is no such thing as free money. Thus far this is just as much the case with health insurance as it is with anything else. The reduced monthly costs of health care sharing programs are partially due to the reduced coverage options that are offered, as well as the more significant membership and qualification restrictions.

For example, healthshare plans are not required to cover birth control, preventative care, or even pre-existing conditions. This means that health sharing is not the best option for everyone, and if that’s the case for you, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Why We Recommend OneShare Over Other HCSMs

One of the unfortunate truths about health care sharing is that there are not as many options as there used to be, so it says a lot that OneShare is currently one of the fastest growing health sharing programs in the country.

Here’s why:

    • Membership contribution costs are ~ 50% of unsubsidized health insurance
    • A nationwide PPO network of over 1 million providers is available to every member
    • One of the few health share organizations with a strong, consumer-focused leadership team
    • Multiple plan options increase the chance that you’ll find the perfect option for you
    • Enrollment is not restricted to specific periods like ACA  plans are

OneShare Catastrophic [Most Affordable]

For people who are in good health and plan on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the OneShare Catastrophic Plan starts at $115 per month and provides only the most important health services.

OneShare Classic [Most Popular]

The OneShare Classic Plan has the best balance of service options and overall costs. It also offers preventative care services that most health sharing programs simply do not. The comprehensive benefits and low cost make this the most popular option.

OneShare Complete [Most Comprehensive]

The Complete plan offers the most amount of services as well as adequate coverage for people with ongoing health issues and concerns.

Learn More About Healthcare Sharing

We published this OneShare review because we’ve been impressed by the company for a number of reasons. But it is not the only health cost sharing program that we offer. Nor is health sharing in general the only option for anyone looking to reduce their healthcare expenses. With a quick phone call, our experts can walk you through all the options on the table so that you can feel confident enough to make the call for yourself.

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