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Low-Cost Zion HealthShare Membership Built for Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Direct Primary Care (DPC)

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Zion Health Share
By Lou Spatafore – Updated April 18,2024
Reviewed by Whitney Kline – Fact checked by Misty Berryman

Zion HealthShare is a non-profit medical cost sharing community that is open to everyone. Zion’s most popular healthshare membership include options built specifically for Health Savings Accounts and Direct Primary Care, two tools that can further increase the value of your health membership.

New to the idea of healthcare cost sharing? Click here to read our guide, “All You Need to Know About Healthshare Plans”.

Zion HealthShare Options: DIRECT and SECURE

Zion Health offers two program options to choose from:

ESSENTIAL: Lowest-Cost Healthshare Membership Built for Direct Primary Care

If you’re a member of a Direct Primary Care program, or DPC, then you’re already saving a lot of money on routine and preventive medical care. But membership for DPC’s don’t cover things like ER visits or hospital stays.
Zion’s ESSENTIAL healthshare option is designed to be paired with an existing membership for DPC. This allows members to stay protected against both routine and emergency healthcare costs, while still saving hundreds of dollars a month over traditional insurance.
Zion’s DIRECT healthshare option is more comprehensive, automatically including additional services like Teladoc and Preventive Sharing.

Zion HealthShare Reviews: What Our Members are Saying

Here’s a look at why our existing clients are sticking with Zion Healthshare Membership in 2024:

  • Zion DIRECT is one of the most affordable health sharing options available, starting around $100 per month for an individual.
  • The SECURE membership gives healthshare members access to a Health Savings Account (HSA).

  • Members can choose from a list of low-cost additional services options, including Rx Share (+$10), LifeWorks Mental Health Program (+$5), or Unlimited Teladoc (+$5).

Zion HealthShare Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Q: How much do Zion HealthShare Membership’s cost?

A: Depending on your specific program options, a Zion HealthShare membership can be as low as $103 per month for an individual member. Family healthshare programs start as low as $295 per month. Your age and tobacco usage can also affect your monthly contribution amount.

Q: Is Zion HealthShare Mormon?

A: Unlike many health sharing organizations, Zion HealthShare is not affiliated with any church or religion. Zion Health is a nonprofit medical sharing organization that accepts individuals and families of any faith and background.

Q: Can an HSA work with a HealthShare membeship?

A: The only way to use a Health Savings Account (HSA) with a Healthshare program is to also enroll in a Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) membershi. With Zion HealthShare’s
Essential membership, you can register in a healthshare
that further increases your savings.

Q: How is Zion HealthShare more affordable than health insurance?

A: Healthshare programs are for individuals who don’t need as much coverage as traditional health insurance provide. This includes both healthy people and people who are tired of paying for coverage that they’re not using.

Because healthshare membership like Zion HealthShare are only intended for emergency or unexpected medical costs, they can be around half the cost of traditional unsubsidized insurance.

Q: Which is better: Zion HealthShare vs Liberty Healthshare?

A: Zion HealthShare offers both Direct and Essential memberships, which is something that Liberty Healthshare does not. However, the best healthshare membership for you will depend on your budget, your medical needs, your location, and more. (Need help choosing? Maybe it’s time to get your own no-charge Personal Benefits Manager.)

Q: How do Zion HealthShare membership work?

A: Zion HealthShare membership work similar to other health sharing options:


  1. The member submits a monthly contribution, or share.
  2. When a qualified medical expense is incurred, the member submits a Sharing Request within six months of treatment.
  3. The member pays their Initial Unshared Amount, or Member Responsibility Payment. This amount can be either $1,000, $2,500, or $5,000, and must be met before the rest of the expense can be shared.
  4. If the cost is approved for sharing, it will be paid for by the Zion Health community, through a combined pool of member contributions.

Q: Does Zion HealthShare have a waiting period for pre-existing conditions?

A: Zion members must wait 12 months before expenses relating to pre-existing conditions can be shared. After 12 months, up to $25,000 in costs can be shared. After 36 months, this amount increased to $50,000. After year four, it increases to $125,000.

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Reviews Section

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3.9 out of 5 stars (based on 19 reviews)
5 star37%
4 star42%
3 star5%
2 star5%
1 star11%

Affordability and Transparency

March 9, 2024

Zion’s health share plan stands out for its affordability and transparent pricing. Understanding healthcare costs can be challenging, but Zion simplifies the process, allowing us to budget effectively. The cost-sharing model has proven to be a fair and reasonable approach to managing medical expenses. Although there’s room for minor enhancements in communication, I’m pleased with the overall transparency and affordability.

Loki P

Responsive Customer Service

January 21, 2024

One of the key factors influencing my positive experience with Zion is their responsive customer service. Whenever I’ve had questions or concerns, the support team has been prompt and helpful. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident. While there’s always room for improvement, the consistent and reliable support has made a positive impact on our overall satisfaction.

Stark B

Comprehensive Coverage

December 15, 2023

The Zion health share plan offers a comprehensive coverage that has exceeded my expectations. From routine check-ups to unexpected medical expenses, Zion has been there for my family when we needed it the most. The network of healthcare providers is extensive, ensuring that we have access to quality care. While there’s always room for improvement, I give it four stars for its overall reliability and coverage.

Eli Jackson MI

Zion has been a good choice so far

October 7, 2023

I joined Zion after I moved to a new city where my old HMO didn’t have much of a network. I like that I don’t have to stay within a network with ZIon and I can see whoever I want. The rates were much lower than my old HMO (Kaiser), and they have a strong package for maternity benefits, which I wanted.

Eleanor C

Overall, Zion has been good

July 26, 2023

There’s one downside customers should be aware of: With most insurance companies your deductible is per year. Same with most healthshare ministries I’m familiar with… there’s an annual contribution that functions like a deductible.

With Zion, they call at an “initial unshareable amount.” But it’s not per annum. It’s per INCIDENT.

So that’s just something to be aware of.

Tamar N

So happy I found zion

May 1, 2023

I bought a zion plan when i turned 26 and i got kicked off my parents insurance i coudn’t afford regular insurance but my neighbor told me about healthsharing and i found zion which was way cheaper. Im telling all my friends about it.

Erica M

Have been waiting 4 months for a bill to be paid, customer service has become very questionable

April 29, 2023

When we first signed up, Zion was super fast at paying eligible bills (two to be exact). But with this last eligible bill (same type as other bills that were paid before), their customer service has gone from great to super sketchy, and we are heavily considering finding a new healthshare to switch to if this continues.

We told them about the bill in December 2022, and they offered to do direct deposit into our account–but because we missed their phone call to accomplish that, they said they would send a check instead. Check never came, but due to travel we didn’t realize it until March 2023. We reached out in March, they said they would resend the check and it would be here within 2-4 weeks. We asked if they can do direct deposit into our account, and they said their systems aren’t capable of doing direct deposits (even though they JUST offered to do direct deposit 4 months before). A little off, but okay.

We reached out 4 weeks later, and they said they sent the check on March 20 and should arrive within 2-4 weeks. We reached out again later, and they said they actually didn’t send it on March 20, but on March 30, and it would arrive in 2-4 weeks. Exactly 4 weeks later on the day, they reach out and ask for our bank account number so they can do direct deposit! We give them the account number and STILL haven’t received the money. They will probably say it’s the bank’s fault, but what even happened to the first two checks that were supposedly sent? If they sent a check on March 20 or 30, why do they–exactly 30 days after “sending it,” the day when we’re supposed to have received the check–why do they reach out to give us a direct deposit (which apparently their systems cannot do anyway)? Is this because they never actually sent the checks in the first place, and with each “correction” they’re just trying to bide time from paying the bill? This is beyond ridiculous and there is clearly some dodgy business being done here, what with all the delays and excuses to avoid paying us our due.

I don’t know what’s happened with their systems, if they’re running out of money or what, but this is not okay and I’m getting fed up with their excuses and borderline lies. If I don’t get my bill paid soon, I am switching.

Pavel A

Great for small business owners!

March 30, 2023

I’m a small business owner and Zion has been great for me and my employees. We started up the Essential Membership option for my workers and their families, They make the program easy to administer, and we’re able to provide better benefits to my workers than we ever could if we were stuck with traditional group health insurance.

Using healthsharing ministries like Zion is an affordable and realistic alternative to group major medical and has helped improve morale and make us more competitive. I would recommend to other businesses, and we plan to expand our relationship with Zion.

David A

Satisfied Customer!

January 23, 2023

I had Kaiser for years. Then joined Zion because I wanted more freedom to see my own doctor, and because Kaiser premiums were getting out of hand. The lower monthly costs are a big help, and they’ve shared every bill just as they were supposed to. I’m a satisfied customer going on two years!

Toby P

Zion was not for me

November 10, 2022

My family has a history of breast cancer. I’m 46 now. My mom died of breast cancer at age 48. but they told me they won’t cover a mammogram until I turn 50?!?! If they think mammograms are expensive, just wait til the see how expensive not having a mammogram is!

I dropped them and went back to real insurance. It’s more expensive but you get what u pay for!

Angela P

Much better than regular insurance-based care!

September 7, 2022

I use the Zion DPC and my primary care doctor is the best I’ve ever had by far. He actually has time to talk to me during appointments. He told me a big part of that is the direct primary care model, which means he doesn’t need to carry a huge patient load and can spend more time with each patient.

Much better than regular insurance-based care! Very glad I made the switch to DPC!

Andrea L

Super affordable only $121

July 10, 2022

Healthcare is all a price game. This was the cheapest plan I could find.

Ted B.

Works with my Direct care Plan

May 24, 2022

My DPC doctor was the one that told me about Zion. Now I’m covered for both my doctor visits and emergency care. It’s a lot like a ‘real’ insurance plan but only cheaper!

Laura K.

More expensive than OneShare but worth it

May 1, 2022

Zion lets you contribute to an HSA if you’re in the right plan. That was reason enough for us to switch. We’re paying a bit more than our old OneShare plan but Zion seems way better so far.

Nathan D.

Mediocre at best

April 11, 2022

Meh. Their price is good, but I’m not thrilled about their customer service, particularly this one guy. Hopefully they have someone who actually listens to customer feedback and makes them feel heard. Emailed the manager and waiting to hear back.

William J.

Zion accepts us even though we’re not really Christian

March 24, 2022

Haven’t been to church in years. But Zion didn’t even ask. We thought Christian health insurance would be a bit stricter. They’ve actually been really welcoming.

Michael T.

Too expensive for 50+

February 4, 2022

My husband is almost 10 years older than me. He just turned 50, and his part of our plan got LOT more expensive than mine. We wish we would have gotten notification that our rated would be increasing that much.

Megin T.

We like our Zion plan

January 27, 2022

We like the Zion Secure plan we picked. We have not been members that long, but like it so far.

Jill S.

It's nice to find a healthshare plan that works with an HSA

January 6, 2022

We have been very pleased with our new Zion healthshare plan. We had been looking for a healthshare plan that works with an HSA and we’re glad we found the Zion Secure HSA plan. It’s been working great so far.

Mac M.

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