In the United States, the average cost of childbirth has risen to almost $15,000. While health insurance can make maternity costs more manageable, not everyone can afford a plan. This guide will examine healthcare cost sharing as a lower-cost alternative for paying the costs of childbirth. We’ll then compare the best healthshare plans for maternity side-by-side, looking at eligibility requirements, waiting periods, out-of-pocket responsibility, and more.

Best Healthshare Plans for Maternity

Can Healthshare Plans Pay for Maternity?

Many healthcare sharing ministries (HCSMs) now offer cost sharing for maternity-related medical bills. This can include the cost of either vaginal or c-section birth, as well as anesthesia, lab tests, prescriptions, and hospital charges.

But all healthshare programs are different in how they handle maternity. If you’re thinking about paying for the cost of having a child with a healthshare plan, there are some important things to keep in mind. 

Healthshare Maternity Restrictions – Things to Consider

Remember: Healthshare plans are not health insurance. This means that they work a little bit differently than traditional plans, and can have additional restrictions.

Here are some critical things to keep in mind when considering a healthshare plan for maternity:

  1. There can be waiting periods. For example, Altrua has a requirement that the pregnancy not occur before membership, or during the first 90 days of membership.
  2. There might be faith-based restrictions. Some Health Sharing Ministries can require that the pregnancy occur only within a Christian marriage. (Not all healthshare plans have faith-based requirements).
  3. There could be discounts for home birth or birthing centers. For example, both Sedera and Zion will reduce your member responsibility payment if you choose a more affordable birthing center over a hospital.

Top 5 Healthshare Maternity Benefits Compared

Here’s a look at how the top 5 healthshare companies compare when it comes to maternity cost sharing:

Altrua Maternity

Offers Maternity Cost-Sharing: YES
Eligible Memberships: Diamond and Emerald-Level Only
Waiting Period: 90 days from membership start
Member’s Out of Pocket Responsibility: $5,000
Annual Sharing Limit: $12,000 in year one, $25,000 per year after that

netWell Maternity

Offers Maternity Cost-Sharing: YES
Eligible Memberships: Elite + option only
Waiting Period: 6 months from membership start
Member’s Out of Pocket Responsibility: None
Annual Sharing Limit: $15,000

OneShare Health Maternity

Offers Maternity Cost-Sharing: YES
Eligible Memberships: Classic Crown, Complete Basic, Complete Enhanced, Complete Crown only
Waiting Period: Conception must occur after plan effective date
Member’s Out of Pocket Responsibility: $5,000
Annual Sharing Limit: $5,000 for natural delivery, $8,000 for c-section, $50,000 for birth with health-threatening complications


Offers Maternity Cost-Sharing: YES
Eligible Memberships: $3,000 AHP options and above
Waiting Period: Conception must occur after membership start date. Conception must also occur within marriage.
Member’s Out of Pocket Responsibility: Between $3,000 and $12,000 per household
Single Pregnancy Sharing Limit: $125,000

HSA Secure / Zion Maternity

Offers Maternity Cost-Sharing: YES
Eligible Memberships: Secure, Care +
Waiting Period: 60 days after start of membership
Member’s Out of Pocket Responsibility: Double your plan’s standard Initial Unshared Amount (IUA) before maternity is included
Annual Sharing Limit: None

Compare Pricing on the Best HealthShare Plans Available

Healthshare Maternity FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]

Q: Do Healthshare Plans Cover Maternity?

A: Many healthshare companies offer maternity. For some, maternity cost sharing is only available in higher-tier plans.

Q: How Much Does Maternity Cost Without Health Insurance?

A: According to a 2020 HCCI analysis, the average cost of maternity and childbirth in the U.S. was over $13,000. However, this is likely to be much higher as time goes on.

Q: Does MediShare Cover Having a Baby?

A: Yes, MediShare offers medical cost sharing on pregnancy. It is only available on the $3,000 AHP level memberships and above. Conception must occur within a biblically-defined marriage, and cannot occur before membership begins.

Q: Is Pregnancy Considered a Pre-Existing Condition?

A: With healthshare, pregnancy can be subject to waiting periods before costs are eligible to be shared. Many healthshare companies will not offer cost sharing on pregnancies that occurred during membership, and can have 60- or 90-day waiting periods after pregnancy begins.

We’ll Help You Find a Healthshare Plan for Your New Family

The best way to save money on maternity costs is to have a solid strategy in place. If you’re thinking of having a child and paying for it with a healthshare plan, allow us to help.

Myself, as well as the rest of the HSA for America team, can help you choose and enroll in a healthshare that fits your maternity needs. Along the way, we might even be able to find you some big discounts.

Click here if you’re ready to talk to someone about enrolling in a healthshare plan, or call 800-913-0172.

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