A big part of that is also protecting your family’s resources, and that means never paying more than you need to for health insurance.

So how much is health insurance for a family of four? This short guide explores the average cost of family health insurance plans, so you can keep your family protected in 2024 and beyond.

How Much is Health Insurance for a Family of 4 Planning Guide

How Much is Family Health Insurance – Updated 2024 Considerations

Here are the factors that go into calculating your total monthly health insurance cost:

  • The number and age of family members on the policy.
  • Your location
  • Your selected level of coverage
  • The level of federal subsidy you qualify for (These #’s increased in 2021)
  • The employer contribution, if it’s group coverage (not eligible for subsidy)

What is the Cheapest Health Insurance for Families?

In terms of monthly cost, the most affordable health insurance plans for families are Bronze-tier, high-deductible plans. But with the new expanded federal subsidies, many Silver-tier plans can be the same price per month, or in some cases, $0.

Depending on your family’s household income, you also may qualify for Extra Savings, Medicaid, or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

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A Low-Cost Alternative to Health Insurance for Families: Health Sharing Plans

One option for people who cannot afford health insurance is medical cost sharing, also known as healthshare.

This is not insurance, but it can keep your family protected against significant or emergency medical costs.

Before you enroll in a health sharing plan, consult your Personal Benefits Manager. We’ll make sure you understand every option that’s available for your budget, so you can make the best decision. (Schedule a no-cost appointment now).

Compare Pricing on the Best Insurance Plans Available

How Much is Health Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Q: What’s the average health insurance cost for a family of 4?

A: The 2023 average premium for non-subsidized health insurance for a family of 4 was $1,437 per month.

However, this cost varies greatly by plan type and provider. In addition, many more families are now qualifying for health insurance subsidies that make their plans more affordable.  

Q: Is health insurance for families more expensive?

A: Family health insurance is more expensive than individual coverage, and the total cost depends on the number of people that are being covered.

The cost of a family plan is significantly better than individual plans for each family member.

Q: Do family insurance plans have a single deductible?

A: Yes, health insurance plans for families usually have a single deductible that must be met for the year.

Q: How much does Obamacare cost for a family of 4?

A: The cost of an ACA family health insurance plan depends on the level of subsidy that the household qualifies for. Or, in the case of employer-sponsored plans, it will depend on the total value of the employee contribution.

Your location and preferred level of coverage are also factors in the monthly cost.

Q: Is there a difference in deductibles for family plans?

A: Family plans have deductibles that are about twice as high as individual plans on average. The out-of-pocket maximum is also usually doubled.

If Your Family Needs a Health Plan for 2024, There’s Still Time

The Open Enrollment period for marketplace health insurance plans lasts until January 15th in Colorado.

But you may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period if you moved, got married, had a baby, or earn less than 150% of the federal poverty rate.

You can also sign up for a health sharing plan any time of year.

Your Personal Benefits Manager is standing by when you’re ready to make any changes to your plan. Click here to schedule a free consultation before time runs out.

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