No matter where you come from, chances are you know someone in your community who has struggled to pay for the costs of unexpected medical care. From traffic accidents to unexpected cancer diagnoses, the financial burden of sudden health costs can be absolutely devastating.

Healthcare Sharing Ministry

A Healthcare Sharing Ministry is a compassionate, faith-based solution to the financial burdens of medical care. By allowing like-minded members of a community to pool their healthcare dollars, Healthshare plans make it possible to care for those around us, just like the Bible says.

If your church congregation is looking for a way to share the cost of medical bills while encouraging a healthy, faith-focused lifestyle, a Healthcare Sharing Ministry is the answer.

Healthshare Plans: It’s not health insurance (but that’s a good thing)

If you’re new to the concept of medical cost sharing, you’re not alone. The American health insurance industry doesn’t want you to know that there is a legal, low-cost alternative available. But as more and more people make the switch to healthshare plans, the movement will be hard to ignore.

Healthshare plans work similarly to health insurance, in that you pay a set monthly rate in exchange for medical benefits. The biggest differences are that healthshare plans tend to pay out on a fixed cost basis, and they are not regulated by the same restrictive federal rules as traditional health insurance plans.

But at around half the cost of unsubsidized health insurance, healthshare plans have a clear advantage.

Your congregation needs an affordable option for healthcare

For church leaders, there is nothing more important than being accountable for your flock. That means doing what you can to make sure that they’re living the healthy, joyous lives that have been promised to them.

A Healthcare Sharing Ministry can help people from all incomes and all walks of life to secure respectable, affordable healthcare. When offered through your church, it’s easy for members of the congregation to sign up.

A healthcare plan that’s true to your beliefs and values

One of the biggest differences between health insurance and healthshare plans is the statement of beliefs. While the specific language varies depending on which healthcare sharing ministry you choose, most healthshare plans require a faith-based commitment from their members.

This includes things like:

  • Agreeing to a drug-free lifestyle
  • Agreeing to not abuse alcohol
  • Recognizing scripture-based principles of community, health, and sharing

Most healthcare plans do not share the costs of medical expenses associated with abortions, or drug or alcohol use.

Compare Pricing on the Best Healthshare Plans Available

How your church can benefit from a Healthcare Sharing Ministry

With a healthcare sharing plan, your congregation members will pay a set monthly contribution into a shared pool of medical funds. But some Health Care Sharing Organizations make it possible to give a portion of this contribution directly to the church.

This is an incredible opportunity to both provide healthcare to your congregation while also supporting the church’s bottom line.

We can help get your congregation set up with health care sharing

There are a lot of health care sharing organizations on the market these days, and not all are created equal. If you’re looking for a plan option that not only fulfills your congregation’s needs but also supports your ministry’s bottom line, give us a call.

Our advisors are well-versed in the world of health sharing, and are equipped to provide you with the tools you need to choose the right plan.

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