Across the nation, health insurance companies are teaming up with state legislatures to suffocate consumer freedoms

In times such as these it is easy to keep our attention on the “loudest thing in the room”, whether it is the stupid thing that politician A said to politician B, or the arrival of a virulent new superbug with the incredible power to keep us all indoors, like an entire planet of people that has been put on time-out.

But while the show goes on in all its loud, boisterous glory, there is another game afoot, in which the one of the most predatory industries in America is teaming up with career politicians to sneak damaging changes into health insurance law that are designed to help nobody but them.

Why? Because they think we’re not looking.

A Nationwide Push to Reduce Consumer Freedom

In recent months, legislatures across the country have introduced bills with the singular goal of forcing health sharing organizations to operate under the same basic framework as the Affordable Care Act [ACA]… a health care system that is already famous for leaving a huge chunk of Americans with anything but. Take S.B. 209 in the Connecticut General Assembly, or HB20-1008 in the Colorado House of Representatives.

Both bills take aim at the more flexible coverage options offered by health care sharing plans. For hundreds of thousands of Americans who do not qualify for a health insurance subsidy under Obamacare, these plans are quite simply the only way that they can maintain manageable monthly health care payments.

Short term health care plans, another option that has helped countless Americans navigate financial hardship in their lives,  aren’t safe from the chopping block either. Both Colorado and Virginia are already sharpening their guillotines, and more states are sure to follow suit.

What we say next should come as a surprise to no one. The recent nationwide attack on individualized, consumer-driven health care is not the noble quest that the legislators make it out to be, but rather, the highly concentrated efforts of a predatory health insurance industry that has its fingers in perhaps every single state government in this country.

We Need to Protect an Alternative to Obamacare

We know that health sharing isn’t for everybody, and we certainly would not recommend it to someone who was already satisfied with their monthly health care costs. What we believe in is a freedom of choice for all customers, all Americans, just as it is in any other industry.

The Affordable Care Act had ambitious goals, but it also had some pretty serious restrictions. The millions of people who do not qualify for a health care subsidy under the ACA were either forced to watch their monthly healthcare costs go into the thousands, or abandon health insurance altogether. Health sharing plans and short term insurance were two safety nets for those people who were left behind by Obamacare, and getting rid of them now is an idea that is beyond conscience, and certainly beyond justice.

Health Insurance Isn’t “One-Size-Fits-All”

No matter where you are in life or what kind of health insurance you already have, there will always be Americans out there who are looking for a way to decrease their monthly health care payments and increase their standard of living. For a lot of these people, the ACA simply did not do the trick, and we need to protect their right to shop for an alternative to health insurance … and alternative to the ACA.

If lawmakers were serious about improving the lives of their constituents, then they would support the freedom of choice that is inherent in an open healthcare market, one in which consumers can find the health plan or sharing program that works for them.

The alternative is letting a handful of bought-and-paid-for-politicians decide which health plan is best for me, when in reality, I wouldn’t let them pick out what I was having for lunch.

If I come across as a bit fired up, it’s because I am. I built HSA for America with the hopes of innovating the way that individuals and businesses alike pay for their healthcare. Our goal is making sure that you understand every option that is available to you, even if it isn’t the right one for ourselves.

Plans, rates, and coverage options are changing all the time. Give us a call if you want to stay ahead of the game.

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