Millions of Americans Switch to Health Sharing Programs as a Result of Unsubsidized Premiums

When the Affordable Care Act went into law back in 2010, there were plenty of people who knew what the inevitable result would be. As federally-funded subsidies became available to more and more people, the predatory American medical machine (including doctors, hospitals, and insurance providers) would not hesitate to take this new opportunity to jack up their prices.

Unsubsidized Premiums Continue to Escalate

Subsidized & Unsubsidized Premiums

The result is a market with bloated costs, shady price structures, and an imbalanced subsidy system that leaves many American families stuck with ACA premiums as high as $2000 a month. And while the total number of people insured has gone up, we have seen no indication that health care costs in this country are going to start to drop. 

In fact, according to a recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, researchers found that in 2019, health care costs were still rising faster than both wages and inflation. At this rate, it is hard to imagine that any of us will be able to afford unsubsidized health care premiums a decade from now, much less those of us who do not qualify for the ACA subsidy. 

Americans Turn Increasingly to Health Sharing

In response to the overwhelming rise in costs, more and more families and individuals are looking for different ways to make sure their family is covered, without incurring the harsh penalty that comes with bucking Obamacare. Not surprisingly, Health Sharing Plans is the place that many of these people are turning to.

Because of the unique way that they are structured, health care sharing organizations are able to offer bill sharing options that are not regulated federal government, and as such they are generally a lot cheaper than all but the most highly subsidized ACA plans. In fact, health share members usually pay about 50% less per month than people who have a non-subsidized plan under the ACA.

Of course, it seems that any time something good actually happens to the American health care consumer, there is someone there to try and spoil it. Unfortunately that is also the case with health sharing.

“Opting Out” of Obamacare: Why Regulators and Insurance Companies Want to Make Health Sharing Illegal

Because health share programs are not designed to line the pockets of insurance companies and hospital executives, those very people have been working tirelessly to make these kinds of organizations a thing of the past.

Despite their best efforts, regulators have been unable to clamp down on Health Sharing Programs, allowing millions of people access to the kind of basic medical cost assistance that might otherwise be unattainable.

Here’s the thing: as it currently stands, Health Share Plans are specifically allowed in the ACA. This means that health share members are exempt from the requirement to carry insurance, and can therefore avoid the harsh tax penalty that comes in some states from having no coverage. And, unlike ACA plans, consumers don’t have to wait around for any kind of enrollment period to begin.

Compare Pricing on the Best Healthshare Plans Available

Educate Yourself about Health Share Organizations

Health Care Sharing programs are popular because they are cheap, but like any other sweet deal, it is important that consumers understand the tradeoff that comes with cheap premiums. Because health sharing is not federally regulated, these plans are not forced to cover things like pre-existing conditions or preventive care..

Anyone who is considering making the switch to a health care sharing organization should take the time to understand the full picture. Our team is comprised of trained experts who are well versed in the world of health sharing. We represent a number of popular plans that can help you buck Obamacare for yourself and start saving immediately on your monthly payments.

Meanwhile, as the regulators and insurance companies may continue their fight, we shall continue our own by educating our clients on each and every cost-saving opportunity that is available to them.

Especially the ones they don’t want you to have.

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