For most people, the deadline for signing up for a new health insurance plan for 2024 is January 15th.

When Is the Health Insurance Deadline For 2024 Plans

Health Insurance Deadline 2024

That’s the last day of open enrollment for individual and family health insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act in most states – unless you have a qualifying life event that triggers a 60-day Special Enrollment Period.

However, if you want your health insurance policy to become effective as of January 1st, most states require you to complete your enrollment by December 15th.

Otherwise, your new plan will become effective as of February 1st.

States With Extended Open Enrollment Periods

Note: 17 states, plus the District of Columbia, have elected to extend the health insurance open enrollment periods for their residents.

If you live in any of these states, take note: You have different deadlines than the rest of the country. 

StateOpen Enrollment DatesDeadline for January 1st Effective DateDeadline for February 1st Effective Date
California11/1/23 - 1/31/24December 15, 2023January 31, 2024
D.C.11/1/23 - 1/31/24December 15, 2023January 31, 2024
Idaho10/15/23 - 12/15/23December 15, 2023N/A
Kentucky11/1/23 - 1/15/24December 15, 2023January 15, 2024
Maine11/1/23 - 1/16/24December 15, 2023January 16, 2024
Massachusetts11/1/23 - 1/23/24December 23, 2023January 23, 2024
New Jersey11/1/23 - 1/31/2December 15, 2023January 31, 2024
New York11/1/23 - 1/31/24December 15, 2023January 31, 2024
Rhode Island11/1/23 - 1/31/24December 15, 2023January 31, 2024
Washington11/1/23 - 1/31/24December 15, 2023January 31, 2024

What if I’m Already Enrolled in the Health Plan? 

If you are already enrolled in the plan, and you don’t want to change your plan, you don’t need to take any action. Your plan will automatically renew for 2024 as long as you keep paying premiums.

What is the Deadline for a Health Sharing Plan?

There is no deadline. Health sharing plans don’t have limited enrollment periods. You can enroll in a health sharing plan at any time during the year.

However, health sharing plans may impose waiting periods before the cost of treating certain pre-existing conditions becomes fully shareable.

If you have significant pre-existing conditions, it’s important to sign up for a traditional health insurance plan during the Open Enrollment period in your state.

Otherwise, you could be locked out until January 1st next year.

However, if you miss your open enrollment deadline for health insurance, you can still sign up for a health sharing plan. These plans won’t share pre-existing conditions. But they will share costs for everything else defined as shareable under their membership guidelines.

Compare Pricing on the Best Insurance Plans Available

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That’s because health sharing plans save too much money: 

Health sharing plans routinely cost 40% to 50% less per month than the unsubsidized cost of a traditional Marketplace health insurance policy.

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Need Help? 

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