Many people, Christians in particular, are finding healthshares to be a great moral alternative to Obamacare. Why? Healthshares are not traditional insurance, and therefore, they function a little differently than traditional insurance. First, let’s discuss what a healthshare is.

Ethical Objections to Obamacare

What are healthshares?

Healthshare programs are meant for like-minded people to share the burden of medical expenses. Instead of paying premiums with traditional insurance, members pay a monthly share, which is collected and then used to pay for members’ qualifying medical expenses.

Many Healthshares are Faith-Based.

Since healthshares are not regulated by the government but by health care sharing ministries instead, many healthshare plans have a faith-based component, though there are many non-secular ones. Many faith-based ones require members to sign a statement of faith and some even encourage church attendance. Things like smoking and alcohol are often discouraged.

The whole idea of Healthshares is loving your neighbor and helping one another, ideas close to the Christian faith. Many Christians find Healthshares more aligned with their ideologies and creeds. With Healthshares, Christians do not have to pay for things they do not agree with, and that—in addition to the substantial savings—is a selling point for many.

Compare Pricing on the Best Healthshare Plans Available

Healthshares are Not Comprehensive.

Healthshares do not offer the same coverage as traditional insurance. While insurance is more comprehensive, healthshares are not. For example, they often do not cover preventative care.

The issue of insurance and employers paying for contraceptive like birth control is controversial, with most people strictly on either side of the coin. Healthshares do not cover birth control, which goes against the beliefs of some Christians.

Christians believe in the sanctity of life, and are opposed to abortion. With healthshares, there does not have to be any worry that any money will be going toward the subsidization of abortion.

Healthshares Align with the Christian Faith.

Being a member of a healthshare, instead of traditional insurance, gives many Christians the peace of mind their money is not being spent on expenses contrary to their beliefs. Being a member allows Christians to come together as a community with like-minded people to ensure the best care possible.