As community-based organizations, all health sharing companies have a list of guiding principles that all members are expected to follow. Some healthshare programs refer to these principles as the Statement of Faith, while others say Statement of Belief, Statement of Standards, or Principles of Membership.

HealthShare Statement of Belief vs. Statement of Faith

This guide will explore both the differences and similarities between these concepts.  It will also provide examples of each, as well as instructions on how to find this information while shopping for a healthshare plan.

Never Heard of Health Care Cost Sharing?

Known simply as Healthshare, medical cost sharing programs allow community members to split the cost of healthcare amongst themselves. These programs are not insurance, but rather forward-thinking independent organizations that bring like-minded people together.

While not technically insurance, healthshare plans work similarly. The member submits a monthly contribution, or share. In exchange, their medical bills can be eligible for community cost sharing. It’s simpler, more flexible, and about half the cost of unsubsidized health insurance.

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What is a Healthshare Statement of Faith?

A Statement of Faith is a collection of statements that members must agree to in order to join a faith-based healthshare program. Many healthshare organizations restrict their membership to people who are also members of the Christian Faith, which is why most Statements of Faith are based on the Bible.

Healthshare Statement of Faith Example: MediShare

One of the largest Christian healthshare organizations is Medi-Share. The MediShare Statement of Faith is a good example of the form.

Here’s what in the MediShare Statement of Faith (paraphrased):

  1. Belief in one God in three Persons: The Father, Son, & Holy Spirit
  2. Belief in the Bible as God’s written testament
  3. Belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
  4. Agreement to live by biblical standards
  5. Agreement to bear one another’s burdens
  6. Agreement to actively attend and support a fellowship of believers
  7. Commitment to live a healthy lifestyle, avoiding the use of tobacco and illegal drugs

While the MediShare Statement of Faith is somewhat typical of Christian healthshare, there can be some big differences. For example, most healthshare programs do not require their members to attend church regularly.

What is a Healthshare Statement of Belief?

A Statement of Belief is similar to the Statement of Faith, in that it affirms a dedication to biblical principles. However, the Statement of Belief tends to be more flexible than the Statement of Faith.

Health Share Statement of Belief Example: OneShare Health

OneShare Health’s Statement of Belief is the best example. This is a brief, 5-part statement that is based on specific Biblical teachings but is less explicit about religious belief.

The Statement of Belief includes belief in:

  • The authority of Biblical Scripture and the sanctity of human life
  • The fact that all individuals have the right and freedom to worship God
  • The Biblical principle of sharing with those who are less fortunate
  • Our responsibility to God and fellow members is to live a healthy lifestyle
  • The power of prayer to heal, save lives and unite members in common purpose.

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Are There Non-Religious Health Sharing Plans?

Not all healthshare plans are explicitly based on the Christian faith. Not only are some healthshare plans available for members of the Jewish or Catholic church, but many newer programs are available with no affiliation at all.

MPB Health asks its members to agree to a non-denominational Principles of Membership. Similarly, Sedera Health has a Statement of Standards that includes belief in caring for one another, living a healthy lifestyle, and avoiding excess alcohol consumption.

Where Can I Find My Healthshare Member Guidelines?

No matter which healthshare program you’re interested in, it’s always a good idea to review the member guidelines before enrolling. These can be found on the healthshare organization’s main website, usually listed either under ‘Members’ or ‘Resources’.

The healthshare member guidelines will list the statement of faith or belief that is required.

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