MediShare vs. MPB Health: An HSA for America Healthshare Comparison Guide

In this edition of the HSA for America Healthshare Comparison Guide, founder and president Wiley Long takes a look at two of the most popular health sharing plans on the market. It’s MediShare vs. MPB Health, a head-to-head matchup to find out which healthshare is best.

MediShare vs. MPB Health

Q: What is Healthcare Cost Sharing (Healthshare)?

Healthshare programs are designed to provide a low cost and legal alternative to traditional health insurance plans. It’s not insurance, but rather an entirely new way to pay for large or emergency medical expenses.

Health sharing can be an effective way to significantly lower your monthly costs. However, these programs do not cover much of the preventive or routine care than you can get with an ACA health insurance plan.

For this reason, health sharing is ideal for individuals and families who are generally healthy or don’t expect to use their plan much.

MediShare vs. MPB Health – MediShare Review

MediShare is a faith-based medical cost sharing community (Health Care Sharing Ministry, or HCSM). Medi Share is one of the largest and longest-running health sharing communities in the United States. As health insurance premiums have continued to rise, more and more people are switching to MediShare.

A lot of people refer to MediShare as Christian health insurance. This is misleading, however, as MediShare is not health insurance at all. This faith-based alternative makes it easy to get your medical bills shared by a like-minded community of Christian members.

MediShare has a 98% customer satisfaction rate, low monthly costs compared to some healthshare companies, and an impressive discount program that members can use for dental, vision, prescription drugs, and more.

Pros and Cons of MediShare


  • A supportive, faith-based cost sharing community
  • Impressive member discount program for vision, dental, hearing, and prescription drugs
  • 98% customer satisfaction rate
  • Program options are clear and easy-to-navigate


  • Requires a Christian Statement of Faith based on biblical principles (Not all healthshare companies are faith-based!)
  • 36-month waiting period for some pre-existing conditions (FYI, most healthshare companies have some sort of waiting period for pre-existing conditions.)

Compare Pricing on the Best Healthshare Plans Available

MediShare vs. MPB Health – MPB Health Review

MPB Health, formerly known as MPowering Benefits, is an up-and-coming healthshare company that is redefining healthshare programs for a lot of people.

With new, innovative program options like MPB Direct (Designed to work with a DPC membership) and MPB Secure (for one-person businesses), MPB Health is attracting a lot of deserved attention in the healthshare arena.

Another big benefit of going with MPB Health is that they accept all people into the health sharing community, regardless of faith.

Pros and Cons of MPB Health



  • Waiting periods required for pre-existing conditions (similar to MediShare)
  • Newer and less established than MediShare

MediShare vs. MPB Health: Which is Better?

The best healthshare plan for you will depend on a few things, including your current health, your ongoing medical needs, your budget, and even your personal faith.

MediShare is the best option for people who are looking for a strong, established, faith-based cost sharing community. MediShare makes it easy to choose the right membership level, as opposed to some newer cost-sharing companies with complicated program options.

MPB Health could be an ideal option for anyone who is currently a member of a Direct Primary Care (DPC) facility. In addition, MPB Health could be the right match for anyone who wants a healthshare membership without having to sign a Christian Statement of Faith.

MediShare vs. MPB Health: Healthshare Comparison FAQ

Q: Are Healthshare Plans Legal?

A: Yes, health sharing plans, and healthcare sharing ministries (HCSMs) are 100% legal in the United States. These alternative health plans give millions of Americans a new way to pay for their medical bills, without being forced to pay for excess coverage that they don’t need.

Q: Does MediShare Cover Previously Existing Conditions?

A: MediShare accepts new members with previously existing conditions. However, there is a multi-year waiting period before medical bills relating to that condition can be eligible for sharing.

Q: Does MediShare Cover Dental?

A: MediShare does not share the cost of dental services. All members do get access to significant savings through the Careington Discount Dental program, which can make both basic and specialty dental care as much as 60% more affordable.

Q: What is MPB Healthcare?

A: MPB Health is a healthcare sharing program that is open to all people, regardless of faith. Popular MPB Healthshare options include MPB Direct, which is designed to work alongside a DPC membership, and an HSA-compatible healthshare option.

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