MediShare is one of the oldest and largest health sharing programs in the country. But is it the best one? In this quick MediShare review guide, we’re comparing two of the most popular healthshare plans: MediShare vs. Zion Health.

MediShare vs. Zion Health

Begin Here: Pros and Cons of Health Share Plans

Before making any educated healthshare comparison, it’s necessary to know a little more about how medical cost sharing programs work.

Here are the basic pros and cons of health share plans to get you started:

Health Share Plans: Pros

  • More affordable than unsubsidized insurance
  • You don’t have to pay for coverage that you’re not using
  • Totally legal alternative to Obamacare

Health Share Plans: Cons

  • More limitations than insurance for preventive care, primary care, and pre-existing conditions
  • Many (but not all) healthshare plans have annual and/or lifetime cost sharing limits
  • Some hospitals and doctors do not accept MediShare

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MediShare Review: “Christian Health Insurance” (That’s Not Really Insurance) 

MediShare has been around for a long time, offering members of the Christian faith a new way to pay for medical expenses. Since the beginning, MediShare has offered sharing programs for less than half the cost of unsubsidized insurance plans.

The biggest advantages of MediShare are a low monthly cost, and the opportunity to join like minded people in an explicitly faith-based community. MediShare is also popular for its health incentive program, which makes it possible for members to lower their rates even further by completing simple health tasks.

Q: Is Medi-Share Insurance Legitimate?

Medi-Share is a legal, legitimate company; however, it is not an insurance company. Healthshare plans like those offered by MediShare are private, membership-based cost sharing programs.

Zion Health Review: A New Breed of Flexible Healthshare Plan

The Zion Health family of healthshare programs, which includes MPB Health, is a good option for anyone looking for a non-religious health sharing plan. Zion accepts everyone into their programs, regardless of pre-existing conditions or personal religion. (However, pre-existing conditions are subject to a waiting period before cost sharing becomes available, with some exceptions).

Healthshare Comparison Final Verdict: Is Zion Health Better Than MediShare? MediShare vs. Zion Health!

The best healthshare plan for you will depend on a few things, including:

  • Your current health
  • Your ongoing medical needs, including prescriptions
  • Your budget
  • Your personal preferences

MediShare is a good choice for people who want to enroll in a Christian health sharing program and don’t mind committing to a strong biblical Statement of Faith. MediShare is also one of the largest and longest-running HCSMs, which gives them added credibility in the growing healthshare market.

Zion Health (Or MPB Health) is the only health sharing program that offers an HSA compatible plan. Unlike MediShare, no one is denied membership based on prior medical conditions or religious beliefs. MPB Direct is a popular plan option, designed to lower monthly costs even further by pairing with Direct Primary Care.

Compare Pricing on the Best Healthshare Plans Available

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