Healthcare sharing programs like Medishare are designed to cover only major medical expenses, but members do get access to a valuable dental discount program

There are a lot of reasons why MediShare is still one of the most popular healthcare sharing programs available. Chief among them is the Medishare Select Savings Discount Card, which can save members up to 60% off both routine and specialty dental care.

Does MediShare Cover Dental

Does MediShare cover dental? No, dental care is not eligible for cost-sharing under your MediShare membership. But with the Select Savings Discount Card, you can still pay much less than average prices.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at Medishare’s Careington Dental Discount program, explain how to use it, and remind you of some of the other “extras” that all Medi-share members have access to.

Medishare Dental Program with Careington Network

All Medi-share members can access big savings on dental care through the Careington Discount Network. This is one of the country’s largest professional dental networks, with thousands of neighborhood dentists and specialists nationwide.

By using Careington network dentists, Medishare members can save between 20% and 60% on both common and specialized dental procedures.

Here’s a closer look at what is included in the discount program:

  1. Routine oral exams, dentures, crowns, root canals
  2. Unlimited cleanings
  3. 20% savings on orthodontics, braces, and retainers
  4. Bonding, veneers, and other cosmetic dental work
  5. Oral surgery, endodontics, and pediatric dentistry
  6. Highly selective credentialing standards for all participating dentists

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How do I Use my Medishare Dental Discount Card?

Accessing and using your Medishare member discounts is easy:

  1. Have your Medishare “Select Savings” membership card ready. Your card can provide discounts on dental, hearing, vision, prescription drugs, and more.
  2. Find a Participating Provider Location. You can use the online Careington Provider Search to find a participating dentist in your area. You can also call member services at 844-306-0866.
  3. Present Your Card at Time of Service. Your bill will be discounted on the spot!

The Key to Saving Money with MediShare: Keeping Yourself Healthy

Healthcare sharing programs like MediShare can save many thousands of dollars over the course of an average year. But for the most part, this is only true for people who can stay healthy.

The same is also true with dental health. By using your unlimited discount cleanings through Careington, you can ensure that you’ll never have to worry about massive out-of-pocket dental bills.

More MediShare Discount Programs

In addition to the Careington dental discount program, MediShare members can also access discounts on telehealth, prescription medication, mental health counseling, vision care, hearing, and more. These Medishare “extras” are available to all members, regardless of which AHP level is chosen.

  • Telehealth: Through MDLive, members can visit with a certified physician for no-cost advice about non-emergency issues.
  • Mental Health Counseling: Members can schedule free calls up to 30 minutes long for help with marriage issues, family counseling, depression, anxiety, and more.
  • Navitus Pharmacy Program: Through Navitus Health Solutions, Medi-Share members can compare prescription costs, research common drug side effects, track medication history, and get more affordable prescription drugs.
  • Vision Care & LASIK: Up to 50% savings off natural average costs for routine exams, frames, lenses, and even laser eye surgery.
  • Hearing Care: Up to 60% off the average price of hearing aids, with a guaranteed no-obligation trial period on all products.
  • Diabetic Care Supplies: Between 20% and 40% of diabetic supplies, durable medical equipment, disposable medical supplies, and nutritional supplements.

Other MediShare Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Q: Are Medi-Share Payments Tax Deductible?

A: No, your monthly MediShare contribution is not tax deductible. This is because MediShare is not health insurance, but rather a legal alternative that is classified differently.

Q: Does Medi Share Cover Pre Existing Conditions?

A: MediShare does cover pre-existing conditions, but only after the member has been making contributions for 36 consecutive months.

Q: How Much is Medishare a Month?

A: Current Medishare contributions start at $135 per month for an individual, but can be as high as $470 depending on your choice of Annual Household Portion (AHP).

Q: Does Medi-Share Pay for a Colonoscopy?

A: MediShare does not pay for colonoscopies.

Q: What is Not Covered by Medishare?

A: Routine and preventive care, including physicals, immunizations mammograms, lab tests, and colonoscopies are not paid for by Medishare.

Q: Does MediShare Cover Prescriptions?

A: Prescription drugs are eligible for sharing as long as they are related to a new eligible illness, injury, or accident.

Enroll in MediShare [No Enrollment Period Required]

Unlike traditional health insurance plans, Medi Share doesn’t have any enrollment periods. That means that you can sign up any time of year, and have your new healthshare program in place fast.

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