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Health sharing plans are not insurance but a more affordable way to make sure your family is protected from unexpected medical expenses.

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The word "HSA" will be in the plan name if the plan is HSA-qualified. You will also see quotes for non-HSA plans.

We have indicated the most popular option we offer in TX in the list of health insurance carriers and health sharing organizations that we represent below. Easily compare plans and rates when you run a health insurance instant quote or a healthshare instant quote.

Note: When you get an instant quote, you will only see plans available in your zip code. Some plans are not available in all areas of the state and some may be available only during certain times of the year.

Best Seller is OneShare Health

OneShare Health is the most popular medical cost sharing program we offer. Monthly contributions vary by state, so in some states it is not priced as well, but it often offers the best combination of price and benefits.

This is not health insurance, but rather a more affordable alternative, particularly if you do not qualify for health insurance subsidies.

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OneShare Health

Altrua Healthshare has thousands of members in a majority of the states. Members of healthshare plans are exempt from the requirements of the Affordable Care Act, including the requirement to purchase a government-approved health insurance plan.

Altrua is known as being very easy to work with.


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Ambetter is the most rapidly growing health insurance company in the country. It has become popular because of its competitive rates, and reputation for customer service.

Coverage includes 24-hour telehealth, and incentives for healthy behavior.
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Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of the most widely known and trusted names in the health insurance industry, and BCBS of Texas has one of the most competitive HSA plans in Texas.

The plan is popular year after year, due to the large network of doctors and hospitals and the company’s solid reputation for paying claims quickly.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas

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Covenant HealthShare is the first and only African American operated and led Health Care Sharing Ministry (HCSM) in the country. Several program levels are available, including a low-cost catastrophic option.

This healthshare program also offers the best options for smokers over the age of 50.
Covenant Healthshare

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Decent Health Plans offers plans at 35% less than prevailing market rates, and unlimited free primary care visits. They are able to do this through a special arrangement that bands together thousands of small businesses in Texas, and a large network of Direct Primary Care physicians.

Decent Health Plans

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Friday Health Plans is a rapidly expanding health insurance company.

They have a focus on wellness, with unlimited free primary care visits, and free mental health visits on most plans.

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Friday Health Plans

Medi-share has a strongly worded faith statement, and is popular with people who want a healthshare program with a strong Christian faith component.

Monthly contribution amounts are sometimes not as competitive as other health sharing organizations.
Medishare Plans

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For over 30 years, Molina Healthcare continues to provide quality and affordable health insurance plans to individuals, families and businesses. It is a FORTUNE 500 multi-state health care organization that provides NCQA-accredited care and services designed to promote and improve the health and well-being of their members.
Molina Healthcare
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MPowering Benefits offers an HSA-qualified MEC insurance plan, combined with a health sharing program that offers unlimited lifetime benefits. The result is a very low-cost program that combines the tax benefits of an HSA with all the flexibility and savings of a healthshare plan.

This is one of our most popular options, and highly recommended. Available to both individuals and small groups.
MPowering BenefitsRead More about MPowering Benefits

National General Holdings Corp, the parent company of Accident & Health, covers a wide range of insurances from car to homeowner to health. As a division of NGHC, National General Accident & Health is committed to bringing short-term and supplemental coverage to individuals and groups.

National General Holdings Corp
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With three different plan options available, netWell members have access to health plans that are suited to them. Note that health sharing is NOT the same thing as health insurance. In addition to free 24/7 telemedicine, netWell also offers preventive screening benefits that other healthshare plans do not.

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netWell Healthsharing Plans

Founded in 2012, Oscar Health Insurance is available New York, New Jersey, California, Texas, Ohio, Tennessee, Arizona, Michigan, Florida, Georgia, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

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Serving Texans for more than three decades, Scott & White has become a name that Texans trust when it comes to health insurance.  Started in 1982, Scott & White is a not-for-profit company offering HMO, PPO, and Medicare plans to the citizens of 77 Texas counties in central, east, and west Texas.

Scot&White Health Plans

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Sedera is one of the most popular health sharing programs available to small groups.

Health sharing programs are not health insurance, but they do serve the same purpose. Monthly contribution amounts are typically less than half the cost of health insurance.
Sedera Health Plans

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WBA offers a very low-priced supplemental accident plan that will reduce your deductible for any accident, to just $100. To learn more and sign up, visit the Accident Plans page.

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Accident Health Plans


Health insurance plans that are HSA qualified can be viewed in our health insurance instant quote results. HSA-qualified plans will have a blue HSA symbol.

Choose your state below to get a free health insurance quote for both HSA-qualified and non-HSA health insurance plans.

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Health sharing plans are not insurance but a more affordable way to make sure your family is protected from unexpected medical expenses. Health sharing means that the group is helping to cover each other's medical bills.

Choose your state below to get a free quote on our low-cost health sharing plans.

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