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HSA for America Offers New York Health Insurance Plans and Healthshare programs at the Lowest Rates Available!


Rates shown are non-subsidized premiums. Most people will have lower rates than this after tax credits. Contact us for an exact quote.

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Health sharing plans are not insurance but a more affordable way to make sure your family is protected from unexpected medical expenses.

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We have indicated the most popular option we offer in NY in the list of health insurance carriers and health sharing organizations that we represent below. Easily compare plans and rates when you run a health insurance instant quote or a healthshare instant quote.

New York requires health insurance plans to charge the same regardless of age, resulting in very high rates for younger people. Most health sharing contribution amounts are tiered by age.


Altrua is notable for its popular RUBY plan tier. It features extremely low monthly costs, though benefits are limited as well. 

For example, sharing benefits are capped at $150,000 per year. Unlike most other Altrua is a particularly good match for older health share members because it doesn’t have age banding.


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DPC Direct is an affordable, cost-efficient health sharing program exclusively for Direct Primary Care patients. 

DPC clinics charge a low monthly fee to cover all primary care, including preventive care and unlimited doctor visits, while the DPC Direct protects from emergency and hospitalization expenses. (Read more about Direct Primary Care in our Complete Guide to Direct Primary Care).

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Excellus BCBS has more than 80 years of experience within the health insurance industry. Excellus BCBS of NY offers a wide array of health insurance options based upon personal lifestyle needs.

Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield of New YorkRead More about Excellus BCBS

Interested in contributing to a health savings account but you’re in a health sharing plan that isn’t HSA-eligible? Then HSA MEC may be the solution for you.

HSA MEC isn’t a health sharing plan per se. Instead, HSA MEC is an add-on to your existing health sharing plan that qualifies you to make pre-tax contributions to HSAs.

So you can take advantage of the immense tax benefits of the health savings account.

Note: At this time, HSA MEC is only available to business owners, independent contractors, and those with verifiable income from self-employment. Those with DPC memberships are not allowed to make HSA contributions.

HSA MEC logo

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This innovative health share plan is HSA-compatible on its own. HSA Secure offers great catastrophic sharing benefits, and excellent value overall. 

Currently only available to business owners, independent contractors, or individuals with verifiable self-employment income. (If you don’t meet these criteria, consider the CARE+ plan, which has nearly identical benefits (except it does not include certain preventative screenings) and is available to anyone, including W-2 employees and those between jobs or looking for an affordable “bridge to Medicare eligibility.”


MPowering Benefits

Best Seller is OneShare Health

Humana offers an excellent value on HSA plans in many areas.  It is often the most attractively priced plan for large families or someone looking for a higher deductible.  In addition to hospitalization, this plan also provides coverage for doctor visits and prescription drugs, which is something many of the lowest priced HSA plans don't do.

Humana Health Insurance
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Jericho Share is an excellent, very low-cost choice if you want a health sharing plan focused on major and catastrophic needs and you can afford to contribute up to $10,000 to $15,000 per year in the event you unexpectedly need care.

It’s faith-based, but non-denominational. The Jericho Divine plan is arguably the best catastrophic-focused value in the health share industry.

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Medi-Share is among the largest and most established health share ministries in the country, with a 25-year track record of reliable cost sharing and a 98% member satisfaction rate.

It’s an explicitly Christian organization: new members are expected to attend religious services and attest to their Statement of Faith.

Medishare Plans

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National General Holdings Corp, the parent company of Accident & Health, covers a wide range of insurances from car to homeowner to health. As a division of NGHC, National General Accident & Health is committed to bringing short-term and supplemental coverage to individuals and groups.

National General Holdings Corp
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One of our most popular healthshare plans, netWell has a great comprehensive option (Elite+) for those who want a broad plan with a wide range of benefits that includes doctor visits and preventative care. The Elite+ tier also has excellent maternity benefits.

netWell’s “Advantage” tier also works well for those who want lower costs and more focus on catastrophic care.

Both tiers include access to an extensive pharmaceutical discount plan with hundreds of generics available for free. Compare this with Prosper or OneShare Health.

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netWell Healthshare netWell Healthsharing Plans

A subsidiary of the prominent health care sharing ministry NetWell, NetWellRx makes the 605 most-prescribed generic prescription drugs available to subscribers for free.

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An affordable, faith-based health sharing plan with excellent maternity benefits. OneShare Health’s comprehensive Classic plan compares favorably to netWell Healthshare or Prosper.

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OneShare Health

netWell Healthshare


Founded in 2012, Oscar Health Insurance is available in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

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Univera offers plans for both individuals and businesses, as well as the MyHealth Medicaid program sponsored by the state of New York.

Univera HealthcareRead More about Univera Healthcare

Universal Healthshare is based on the principles of Unitarian Universalism. 

This faith-based but non-denominational health sharing ministry is open to members of all faiths who agree to adhere to its statement of principles. A good choice for someone who wants a low initial non-shareable amount. Universal is a good choice for those with pre-existing conditions, with a short 1-year exclusion period, then a $50,000 cap for years 2 and 3.

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Prosper’s  health share offering is designed for people who want a benefits-rich plan that includes preventative care and significant sharing for primary care doctor visits

Higher monthly costs than some other health share plans, but still much lower than unsubsidized traditional health insurance products. Compare with netWell and OneShare Health.

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WBA offers a very low-priced supplemental accident plan that will reduce your deductible for any accident, to just $100. To learn more and sign up, visit the Accident Plans page.

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Accident Health Plans


Health insurance plans that are HSA qualified can be viewed in our health insurance instant quote results. HSA-qualified plans will have a blue HSA symbol.
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Health sharing plans are not insurance but a more affordable way to make sure your family is protected from unexpected medical expenses. Health sharing means that the group is helping to cover each other's medical bills.
Choose your state below to get a free individual quote on our low-cost health sharing plans. For a quote on a small group, please fill out this Census Form, or schedule a consultation with one of our small business experts.

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