Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield
of New York

Excellus BlueCross BlueShield of NY has more than 80 years of experience within the health insurance industry; their original motto boasting that they could provide “hospital prepayment for pennies a day.” Today, they serve 31 counties in New York throughout the Central New York Region, Utica Region, Central New York Southern Tier Region and the Rochester Region.

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What’s Covered

Excellus BCBS of NY offers a wide array of health insurance options based upon personal lifestyle needs.  These range from coverage options for individuals, families and those eligible for medicare.  Furthermore, Excellus has options for dental, small and large businesses, as well as flexible savings accounts.  With added benefits to boast, including a ExerciseRewards, HealthyRewards, a 24/7 Nurse line and Advanced Care Planning. Excellus is more than just a health insurance provider.  It offers a partnership in the health care.


Under certain plans, subscribers and their spouse or partner can receive up to $600 per year to assist in the payment of fitness club memberships.  ExerciseRewards also offers fitness tools including the ability to create a personalized fitness plan, customized meal plans and online coaching courses.


An online incentive program available to a subscriber and their spouse or partner.  Each family can earn up to $1000 for doing routine healthy tasks – such as taking the stairs, going for a walk or doing household chores.  Progress is tracked online and one task equals one dividend; one dividend equals one dollar.

Available Plans

Excellus offers a Blue PPO Health Savings Account.  This is a great way to receive a comprehensive health plan while also receiving the tax benefits that can come with an HSA.  The Blue PPO HSA is considered a Consumer Driven Health Care (CDHC) plan, which enables you the opportunity to receive the same benefits of any health insurance plan including preventive care and health and wellness programs, while paying a low premium.

Excellus BCBS of NY plans are offered on the state’s health insurance exchange.  Plans offered through the exchange can help lower your premium, deductible, copays and coinsurance if you qualify for tax credits.

    1. HMO Blue
    2. Bronze Standard
    3. Bronze Select
    4. Silver Standard
    5. Silver Select
    6. Gold Standard
    7. Gold Select

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