Nestled in Lincolnton, North Carolina, 36 miles northwest of Charlotte, Collier family Medical is establishing itself as one of the premier direct primary care practices in Lincoln County.

Collier Family Medical Bringing DPC to Lincolnton, North Carolina

Founded by Nurse Practitioner Amanda Collier, Collier Family Medical is all about fostering a deeper and  genuine relationship between patients and their healthcare providers.

Practitioners at Collier Family Medical serve as allies who know your medical history, understand your concerns, and values your preferences. They are not just treating symptoms but aiming for your overall wellness in partnership with you.

The emphasis is on proactive, preventive care, where you are in the driver seat and your provider becomes a trusted guide, advocating for your well-being every step of the way.

If you value personalized healthcare and substantial cost savings, keep reading to learn more about Collier Family Medical Direct Primary Care Clinic.

Understanding Direct Primary Care (DPC)

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a modern way of getting healthcare that’s simpler and more focused on you.

It’s like having a health club membership for your medical needs. When you join a Direct Primary Care clinic, you become a member. This means you pay a monthly fee, like you do for a streaming service or a gym membership.

As a member, you get special benefits and services that are all about keeping you healthy. Overall, Direct Primary Care is focused on making your healthcare experience better, simpler, and more about you and your needs.

DPC can be used alongside health insurance, and is a great option even for people with high medical needs or those managing ongoing health concerns, employers offering benefits to team members will also benefit greatly from partnering with a DPC practice.

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DPC memberships offer tons of services that are helpful for staying well. Here are some common services offered:

  • Longer Appointment Times. Your doctor spends more time with you to understand your health concerns better.
  • Quick Access to Care. You can usually get appointments on the same day or the next day.
  • After-Hours Help. You can reach out to your doctor even after regular office hours for urgent needs.
  • No Co-Pays. No extra charges every time you visit your doctor.
  • No Insurance Hassles. You don’t need to worry about insurance for most routine visits and services.

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Meet The Practitioners

Amanda Collier, FNP-C

With an extensive 18 years of experience in healthcare, and over five years as a Family Nurse Practitioner, all of it dedicated to independent practice.

Originally from Indiana, Amanda and her family relocated to North Carolina, in part, to foster a deeper connection with their Christian faith.

And the warmer weather was a plus, too.

Now that she’s running a successful DPC practice in Lincolnton, North Carolina, Amanda and her family feel a joyful connection with the community, and are eager to give back.

At Collier Family Medical, Amanda focuses on creating a space for patients to feel educated and empowered. She believes in the vital importance of patient communication, and that patients need and deserve to fully understand the reasoning behind the diagnostic process and their treatment plans.

She believes that the direct primary care business model is best suited to this process, because it allows for lower patient loads and much more face time between patients and their health care providers. Appointments aren’t rushed, and Amanda can spend the time it takes to fully explain treatment plans and make sure patients understand.

Amanda hopes that patients share her enthusiasm for this model of care, which allows for a more personalized and attentive approach.

Shannon Spencer, FNP-C

Shannon has extensive experience in emergency medicine, urgent care, and home care.

Fostering strong patient-provider relationships is paramount in Shannon’s approach to healthcare. She values these connections immensely, recognizing their importance in identifying underlying health concerns and ensuring sustained wellness.

As a healthcare professional, Shannon places great emphasis on the transformative power of exercise and mindful nutrition in preventing various health conditions.

Shannon’s discovery of direct primary care rekindled her hope for the future of healthcare. Her  passion for helping others aligns with the principles of direct primary care, which she sees as a powerful way to attain meaningful and lasting wellness.

She also likes the fact that the DPC practice model, with its longer appointment times and higher level of patient-provider engagement fosters a more collaborative healthcare experience for both her and her patients.

As a result, she finds that patients understand their treatment processes better. As a result, these treatment plans are much more likely to be adhered to and effective over time.

Membership Benefits

Your membership with Collier Family Medical ensures a range of exceptional benefits:

  • Extended Appointment Times: Spend 30-60 minutes with your provider for comprehensive care.
  • No Waiting Rooms: Say goodbye to long waits; your time is valued at Collier Family Medical. 
  • After-Hours Accessibility: Reach out to your provider for urgent needs even after office hours.
  • Same-Day/Next-Day Appointments: Quick access to care when you need it most.
  • No Co-Pays: No additional charges for your visits. All primary care services are included in your monthly subscription fee. 
  • Free Routine Lab Work: Annual routine lab tests to monitor your health.
  • Affordable Additional Labs: Specialized tests offered at a 90% discount.
  • Cost Savings on Medications: Enjoy substantial discounts, even free medications in some cases.

Membership and Pricing

Collier Family Medical offers flexible pricing options:

  • Single Adults: Plans start at $90 per month, with a one-time enrollment fee of $100.
  • Spouses and Family Plans: $130 per month for an adult couple, with a one-time enrollment fee of $100. Additional dependents/family members under age 26 are an additional $30 per month. 
  • Business Pricing: Discounts available for businesses with 10+ employees/spouses and larger groups.

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Contact Collier Family Medical Direct Primary Care Clinic




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1814 N. Aspen St.

Lincolnton, NC 28092

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Other Noteworthy DPC Clinics in and Near Lincolnton, NC

While Collier Family Medical Direct Primary Care Clinic stands out as a top choice in Lincolnton, you may also consider these exceptional options in the Lincolnton area.

Hometown Direct Care

Hometown Direct Care offers a unique approach to healthcare called Direct Primary Care (DPC). This means you and your doctor have a direct relationship without involving insurance companies. This model keeps things clear and affordable, providing personalized and exceptional care.

Meet Hometown’s Expert Physicians

Thomas Rhyne White, M.D.

Dr. Thomas Rhyne White, a proud native of Cherryville, NC, pursued his undergraduate and medical education at Duke University.

Afterward, he completed a Family Medicine residency at Charlotte Memorial Hospital. Dr. White returned to Cherryville in 1988 and established Cherryville Primary Care. He opened Hometown Direct Care in 2015, introducing the first direct primary care practice, now serving both Cherryville and Shelby, NC.

Board-certified in Family Medicine and Clinical Lipidology, Dr. White’s exceptional contributions to the medical field led him to notable positions. Dr. White served as the President of the North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians in 2015.

He was honored as the North Carolina Family Physician of the Year in 2020, a recognition bestowed by his peers.

Alongside his achievements, Dr. White is happily married to Diana and shares a family of four, including their children Whitney, a hospice RN, and Daniel, an MD pursuing surgical residency, along with two grandchildren, Lawson and Addy.

Presently, Dr. White’s patient roster is at full capacity, and he is not accepting new patients at this time.

Dr. Joshua Trent Carpenter

A native of Duncan’s Creek in Rutherford County, North Carolina, Dr. Joshua Trent Carpenter pursued his education at The Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University.

He completed his residency in Family Medicine at Cabarrus/NorthEast Medical Center.

Operating mainly at the Shelby location established in August 2017, Dr. Carpenter specializes in Family Medicine and holds board certification in the field.

Dr. Carpenter cherishes family life with his wife, Megan, their daughter, Lucy, and son, Edison.

Presently, Dr. Carpenter welcomes new patients.

Clear and Transparent Pricing

Hometown Direct Care keeps things simple. There are no co-pays, and their pricing is easy to understand.

They ensure you know exactly what you owe, making healthcare affordable for everyone, whether you have insurance or not.

  • For Adults 65 & Up: They offer comprehensive healthcare at a rate of $90 per month.
  • For Adults 40 – 64: Experience exceptional care for only $80 per month.
  • For Adults under 40: Access affordable healthcare solutions priced at $70 per month.
  • Dependents 0 – 25 (Requires 1 adult member): Ensuring quality care for loved ones comes at an incredible rate of $30 monthly.
  • Employers Special pricing for employers covering their team members

These promotional prices only apply to new patients of Dr. Carpenter

Membership Benefits

  • Included Services: Office visits, annual health assessments, basic labs, EKGs, office procedures, and electronic communication are all covered in the membership fee.
  • Additional Services: They offer discounted additional labs, consultations for cholesterol problems, weight loss assistance, second opinions, and more.

Affiliate Practice: Hometown Healthy

This affiliate practice offers weight loss management, health assessments, men’s health, cholesterol consultations, and other services at a separate location.

They provide personalized care beyond the scope of Direct Primary Care.

Click Here for more information


Phone: 704.435.1100


Cherryville: 301 East Main Street, Cherryville, NC, 28021

Shelby: 111 N. Lafayette Street, Shelby, NC 28150


LandmarkMD is located in Belmont, North Carolina, and offers a host of primary care services.

LandmarkMD’s Direct Primary Care (DPC) revolutionizes healthcare putting you at the center of attention. They understand the frustrations that often come with traditional healthcare systems, especially for those seeking a more personal and rewarding healthcare experience.

Service Excellence in Direct Primary Care

At LandmarkMD, the primary focus is on fostering enduring and trusting relationships between patients and their primary care providers.

With DPC, you get more than adequate time with your physician. You receive undivided attention, enabling discussions about your health, lifestyle, and making informed long-term healthcare decisions.

Patient Empowerment

At LandmarkMD, you’re a valued partner in your healthcare decisions. DPC empowers you to take control of your healthcare journey.

Unlike traditional care, you’re involved in your medical and financial choices, ensuring transparency and control over your healthcare spending. Say goodbye to feeling like a statistic in the system.

Transparent Pricing

Here’s a breakdown of LandmarkMD’s monthly membership fees effective January 1, 2023:

Membership Tiers

Member Age 40 and Over:

  • Primary Member: $85/month
  • Spouse/Partner: $85/month
  • Dependent 1: $30/month
  • Dependent 2: Free
  • Dependent 3: Free
  • Family Maximum: $200/month (for up to 3 dependents; additional dependents cost $25/month)

Member Age Under 40:

  • Primary Member: $70/month
  • Spouse/Partner: $70/month
  • Dependent 1: $30/month
  • Dependent 2: $10/month
  • Dependent 3: Free
  • Family Maximum: $180/month (for up to 3 dependents; additional dependents cost $25/month)

About the Doctor

Dr. David Layne, MD brings over 28 years of experience to the table, as well as a passion for personalized healthcare.

He received his MD degree at Emory University School of Medicine 1987, followed by a  residency at St. Margaret Family Medicine Residency Program 1987-1990

Board-certified and deeply involved in the community, Dr. Layne prioritizes patient relationships, ensuring a supportive and compassionate experience at LandmarkMD.


  • General Health & Wellness
  • Prevention & Wellness Programs
  • Work/School/Travel Exams
  • Minor Dermatologic Procedures
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Family Planning
  • DOT Exams


Take the first step toward a rewarding healthcare experience.

Contact LandmarkMD at (704) 461-8111 or visit their website at LandmarkMD to schedule an appointment and experience healthcare as it should be—personalized, transparent, and empowering.

100 North Main Street

Suite 150

Belmont, NC 28012

(704) 461-8111

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Rock Hill Primary Care

Rock Hill Primary Care is a refreshing take on healthcare, breaking away from the conventional mold to offer a unique and patient-centered experience.

Led by Dr. Brandon Sick, this clinic prioritizes your well-being and satisfaction by eliminating bureaucracy, focusing solely on the fundamental doctor-patient relationship.

Benefits of Rock Hill Primary Care:

  • Personalized Physician Care. Experience tailored healthcare from a physician who truly knows you, fostering a deeper understanding of your health needs.
  • Quality Time with Your Doctor. Enjoy unhurried consultations and ample time with your physician, ensuring comprehensive care and attentive listening.
  • Direct Access to Your Doctor. Embrace the essence of old-fashioned medicine blended seamlessly with modern convenience, granting direct access to your doctor.
  • Affordable Direct Service. Say goodbye to the complexities of insurance companies. Rock Hill Primary Care operates directly with patients, providing cost-effective healthcare solutions.
  • Convenient Scheduling. Benefit from same-day or next-day appointments, ensuring prompt attention to your healthcare needs.
  • Cost-Efficient Pharmacy and Lab Services. Access wholesale pharmacy prices and inclusive lab work, reducing overall healthcare costs.
  • Comprehensive Procedures. Procedures are also part of the service offerings, ensuring a holistic approach to your healthcare needs.

Meet Dr. Brandon Sick

Dr. Brandon Sick’s journey to family medicine was rooted in a desire to care for entire families, fostering a stronger doctor-patient relationship.

With two decades of experience in family medicine and a commitment to providing high-quality, accessible, and affordable care, Dr. Sick found the conventional healthcare system limiting.

He obtained his medical degree at Albany Medical College. Following this, Dr. Sick completed his residency in family medicine at McLeod Health located in Florence, SC.

In his pursuit of delivering exceptional care, Dr. Sick established Rock Hill Primary Care. He envisions a return to personalized and accessible medicine, allowing for more face-to-face time with patients, prompt responses to inquiries, and a patient-centered approach that minimizes the bureaucratic hurdles often found in traditional healthcare.

Dr. Sick, supported by his wife Kelley, chose Rock Hill as their home, attracted by its urban amenities and enduring small-town values.

With three wonderful children and a commitment to fostering a supportive community, Dr. Sick’s mission at Rock Hill Primary Care is to deliver premier medical care, transcending the limitations imposed by conventional healthcare models.


  • Individual (Ages 2-64): $75
  • Individual (Ages 65+): $90
  • Enrollment Fee: $100
  • First Member, Ages 65+: $90
  • First Member, Ages 2-64: $75
  • Second Member: $65
  • Additional Dependent Members (Ages 2-22): $30
  • Enrollment Fee: $150


724 Arden Lane

Suite 235

Rock Hill SC 29732


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