Need a low-cost alternative to traditional, overpriced health insurance? The best Health Sharing Plans for 2024 are not only more affordable than insurance, but they’re also more versatile than ever.

The 5 Best Health Sharing Plans for 2024

In this short healthshare comparison guide, we’re looking at 5 of the best medical cost sharing options for the 2024 season.

Method: How We Compare the Best Health Sharing Plans for 2024

  • Monthly Price. Known as a ‘Contribution’ or ‘Share’, this is the member amount that must be paid in order to have access to cost sharing.
  • Annual Member Portion (AHP) or Equivalent: Similar to a deductible, every healthshare program asks the member to cover a portion of the medical bill before cost sharing kicks in.
  • Annual or Lifetime Sharing Limits: Some healthshare plans have annual or lifetime limits on the amount of medical costs that can be shared.
  • Member Benefits: Additional member benefits can include things like unlimited telehealth, mental health access, substance abuse counseling, and more.
  • Statement of Faith / Statement of Belief: Most healthshare plans require members to agree to a list of beliefs or principles. Some are based in the Christian or Jewish faith, and some are non-religious.

Compare Pricing on the Best HealthShare Plans Available

Top 5 Best Health Sharing Plans for 2024: HSA Secure, MPB Health, and More

1.) netWell Healthshare: Best Overall Value

The netWell Healthshare Elite+ stands out as the best overall value in health sharing plans in most states. Designed to cater to a broad range of healthcare needs, this plan emphasizes both affordability and comprehensive sharing.
  • Doctor Visits: Ensures that members have access to necessary primary care and specialist visits without financial strain.
  • Preventive Care: Focuses on maintaining health and wellness by covering preventive services, helping to detect health issues early on.
  • Extensive Surgery and Hospitalization Sharing: Offers robust financial support for surgeries and hospital stays, with high sharing limits to ensure substantial coverage during significant medical events.
With netWell Healthshare Elite+, members enjoy a balanced approach to health care, combining essential services with an eye towards overall wellness. This plan is ideal for individuals and families seeking dependable health sharing that includes doctor visits and preventive care.

netwell health insurance

2.) HSA Secure: The Only HSA-Qualified Healthshare Plan

By combining a cost sharing membership with a Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plan, members can gain access to the powerful investment potential of a Health Savings Account (HSA).

mpb health qualified health plan

3.) JHS Community: Lowest Monthly Cost

JHS Community is tailored for individuals seeking significant savings on monthly costs with a willingness to handle a higher initial out-of-pocket amount.

This plan is a strategic choice for those prioritizing lower monthly contributions.

Higher Initial Share Amount: If you are willing accept a higher initial out-of-pocket share amount (up to $10,000 or $15,000), you can optimize monthly savings.

Lower Monthly Contributions: Reduces regular financial commitments, making it an economical choice for budget-conscious members.

Catastrophic Strategy: Perfect for healthy people who just want to protect against an unexpected major medical expense.

JHS Community is ideal for those who are generally healthy and comfortable managing their primary healthcare costs in exchange for lower ongoing expenses.

This plan lowers your cost while still sharing for large hospital and surgery bills.

JHS Community

4.) Prosper: Best Comprehensive Plan

Prosper stands out as the premier choice for those seeking the most comprehensive health sharing plan available. It is designed to provide extensive healthcare sharing without the complexities of traditional health insurance.
  • Wide Range of Services Shared: Includes doctor visits, specialist care, preventive services, and emergency care, ensuring thorough health sharing.
  • Comprehensive Hospital and Surgery Sharing: Offers generous sharing limits for hospital stays and surgical procedures, protecting members against significant medical expenses.
  • Additional Wellness Benefits: Supports members’ overall health with benefits for wellness and preventive measures, aiming to maintain long-term health and reduce future medical needs.
Prosper is the optimal plan for individuals and families desiring broad and inclusive health sharing. It combines significant medical event protection with preventive care, embodying a truly comprehensive health sharing approach.

prosper health plan

5.) DPC Direct: Best Match for DPC Members

DPC Direct is specially crafted for members of Direct Primary Care (DPC), offering tailored health sharing benefits that complement DPC memberships seamlessly.

This plan focuses on enhancing the DPC experience with extended healthcare support.

Optimized for DPC Members: Integrates perfectly with Direct Primary Care, sharing aspects of healthcare outside the scope of DPC services.

Additional Medical Sharing: Provides sharing for medical needs that are not covered under typical DPC agreements, such as specialist care and hospital visits.

Cost-Effective Contributions: Designed to keep monthly contributions low, complementing the affordability of DPC memberships.

DPC Direct is ideal for those already enjoying the benefits of Direct Primary Care and looking for a health sharing plan that aligns with the DPC philosophy, offering broader healthcare protection without redundant costs.

dpc direct health plan

Remember: You Can Enroll in a Low-Cost Healthshare Plan for 2024 at Any Time

Unlike traditional health insurance, healthcare sharing plans have no enrollment periods. If you need to find a plan for 2024, contact us to be paired with your own Personal Benefits Manager. With a fast, no-cost consultation, we can pair you with the plan that best fits your needs, and get you signed up fast.

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