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Hi, and welcome to the HSA for America website! My name is Mark Smith. I am an HSA for America Personal Benefits Manager. If you’re perusing this, chances are you’ve come across the talk about health savings accounts, healthshare, health sharing benefits and are curious to learn more.

The mission of HSA for America resonates deeply with me, as it aligns perfectly with my personal beliefs and values. I strongly believe in a personalized approach, taking the time to understand your unique needs and providing tailored recommendations accordingly. My utmost dedication lies in keeping you well-informed about any health care matters that might impact you in the future.

My commitment is unwavering in ensuring that you are shielded from any emotional or financial hardships by selecting the ideal health plan that perfectly suits your individual situation and requirements.

Professional Background

I came to be a Personal Benefits Manager at HSA for America after many years in the medical and dental software, publishing, and automotive financial consulting fields.

As a co-founder of a successful startup technology company in the late 1990s. We underwent a very challenging period after the tech bubble popped in the spring of 2000. But we persevered, and were eventually acquired by an investment group.

It was a tough, but rewarding experience. And through it I gained a deep appreciation for entrepreneurs, founders, inventors, dreamers, and also for their small business employees in all disciplines who put in the hard work and make things happen.

This helped me to gain a healthy appreciation for the challenges employers face in recruiting and retaining quality employees. I love working with business owners to help them identify and implement creative, affordable ways to stay competitive by offering a quality health plan to their employees.

I consider myself a “problem solver” by nature. For many years, I had a knack for helping my employers and my own businesses find more efficient ways to do things, saving money and improving competitiveness and safety. As a Personal Benefits Manager, I’m passionate about putting my experience and industry knowledge to work finding affordable healthcare solutions for my clients and their own businesses.

Family Adventure – Hiking, Grand Canyon, Lake Powell

Escaping Indiana’s cold to Florida’s warm Gulf!

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On the personal side, I’m married to the most wonderful woman in the world, and with three children I was able to be there to “catch” on delivery!

We have always been very active in Church and with faith based groups. We worked two decades with the kid’s ministries and youth groups. We’ve also participated in numerous work camps from Michigan, to Kentucky to Mexico.|

We also have worked with local soup kitchens cooking food and serving those in need. Our faith and values will always be an important part of our lives, along with service to our community and those less fortunate.

In my spare time, I love being active – kayaking, hiking, skiing, fishing, bicycling, boating, and all kinds of outdoor activities.

I’m very excited to be your healthcare resource here at HSA for America

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