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Hi, and welcome to the HSA for America website! I’m Jim Corn, one of the Personal Benefits Managers here to help you choose the right plan that best fits your health care needs.

With the Affordable Care Act changing the rules of health care, it’s important to have someone on your side giving you accurate, unbiased and current information on new rules and policies and offering advice that’s in your best interests.

A mentor of mine was a man named Dr. Dan Doulet, my school faculty advisor. He saw potential in me when I was at my most rebellious. He made me realize I needed to strive for excellence.

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I never forgot the positive impact an advisor could have on someone’s life.

I’ve been working at HSA for America for close to three years now. Being a Personal Benefits Manager allows me to do two things I really love: helping others who are struggling to make the correct decision for their situation, and working from home. This fulfilling work allows me to meet interesting people from all over the U.S.

I’m a southern boy from Chattanooga, Tennessee.

I’m the eldest of two with a sister six years younger. My favorite childhood memories are the smell of my grandmother’s cooking and listening to Atlanta Braves baseball games on the radio with my grandfather (yes, I’m old enough to remember life before TV!).

I spent many long days playing pickup football and baseball games with my friends, enjoyed taking trips by train to see my other grandmother, and always looked forward to the fun summers when my favorite cousin would visit from California.

My favorite teachers were Dr. George Blanchard and Dr. Doulet. Dr. Blanchard was my high school algebra teacher. He took a difficult subject and made it interesting and practical.

My dad was a firm believer in education. He pushed me to become an engineer, which I did. My mother had strong religious beliefs and taught me the importance of right and wrong.


With my wife Diane

My family

My family

I took the traditional route in life.

After high school, I went to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, majoring in industrial engineering. College was my first real experience away from home without having to answer to my parents’ rules. Being in engineering was harder than I had imagined. With lots of freedom to do what I wanted to do, I had a rough time, but managed to make it through my freshman year.

I ended up dropping out for a year and went to work for an electric company in Atlanta, Georgia. Wanting to make my dad proud, I tried taking another bite at the apple. After taking a few classes at Georgia Tech, I returned to Knoxville to complete my degree in industrial engineering. Later in life—much later—I got my MBA while working full-time.

It seems that, for me, the second time is always the charm, both personally and professionally. My second marriage to my wife, Dianne, 34 years ago was definitely the charm. We both worked for the same company in Chattanooga, although in different parts of the city. We are a blended family with my two daughters from my first marriage and Dianne’s daughter and son from her first marriage.

Today, we have two wonderful grandchildren, a 13-year-old grandson and a soon-to-be seven-year-old granddaughter. I’ve always told my children to find something in life that made them look forward to getting up every day. Hopefully, they took my advice.


Life has taught me many things.

My wife and I enjoy traveling to visit family and friends. We also have plans to see more of the United States—especially states we haven’t visited before. One of my dreams is to go see Yosemite, Big Sur, San Francisco, and the Gold Country. We also plan to go to France, England, and Ireland in the next couple of years.

I now realize that even though I was successful in my engineering career, I wasn’t happy with it. I think I should have been more creative and found something to do on my own. If I could go back in time, instead of working for Fortune 500 companies, I would have started a company of my own to deliver products that my customers were seeking, much like the founders of HSA for America have done.

The pearl of wisdom I like to share with people is to always follow your heart. Do something out of the passion you have for it and not for the money you will earn.

I am passionate about helping people understand the perplexing world of health insurance. The topic leaves many feeling confused and vulnerable towards being taken advantage of financially. My commitment is to help them see a clearer picture of the choices available and select the best plan for their needs.
I believe in the benefit of health savings accounts, and I like helping people save themselves unnecessary grief by choosing the right insurance plan. My long-term goal is to help as many people with this as I can.

My grandchildren

Testimonials from Jim’s Clients…

As you well know, the insurance dilemma is confusing and frustrating. Jim Corn has been very helpful and it’s nice knowing I can contact him if I have questions or concerns. Thanks for helping me through the maze and for providing superb service.

Donna Maner

Greensboro, NC

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