Health sharing, also known as medical cost sharing, is an affordable alternative to health insurance that helps individuals and families manage their health care expenses.

What Is Health Sharing?

What is Health Sharing?

Healthshare plans are soaring in popularity largely because they cost just a fraction of the monthly cost of an unsubsidized traditional health insurance plan.

In contrast with for-profit insurance corporations, healthshare plans are non-profit, voluntary communities of health-conscious individuals who all agree to help shoulder the financial healthcare burdens of their fellow members. 

How Do Health Sharing Plans Work?

Healthshare plan members contribute a set amount to the plan each month. If they need healthcare, they submit a request to the plan to share the cost among thousands of other members.

In this way, no individual plan member has to face high or catastrophic medical bills alone.

Healthshare plans are not insurance, and are not regulated the same way traditional insurance policies are. In a way, they are very much like old insurance plans before the Affordable Care act. However, they are not regulated.

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