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Amerihealth NJ was founded in 1995, and over the last two decades, they have expanded their influence to reach health providers and doctors at 76 hospitals in their state. Amerihealth NJ focuses solely on New Jersey and its care, preferring to specialize as opposed to offering a wider net of coverage.

What’s Covered

Regardless of the plan, the following are all covered:
preventive care

Preventive, wellness, and disease management service

pediatric services

Pediatric services, including dental and vision


Emergency care

prescription drugs

Prescription medications

emergency services

Ambulatory services

laboratory services

Laboratory services



mental health

Mental health and substance abuse services, including behavioral health treatment

maternity and new born

Maternity and newborn services


Rehabilitation and habilitation services

Available Plans

Amerihealth has individual and family plans, dental and vision plans, and HSA plans available. The plans are separated by three tier levels (bronze, silver, and gold), the prices of which vary depending on coverage.

With each of their plans, Amerihealth also includes online and mobile tools like telemedicine, as well as a wellness program that incentivizes members to reach healthy milestones and goals. For example, members get $100 just for doing one of the following: participating in any local gym, completing one approved weight loss program, or complete a program meant for quitting tobacco products. The wellness programs also offer condition and case management programs to help better manage complex and chronic illnesses.

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To learn more about AmeriHealth New Jersey call us at 800-913-0172 to discuss your options with a Personal Benefits Manager.

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