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Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente has been around for more than 60 years and is one of the largest not-for-profit health plan companies. Based in Oakland, California, Kaiser consists of three parts: the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc, Kaiser Foundation hospitals, and Permanente Medical Groups. Because Kaiser is led by physicians, superior care for everyone is the top priority.

Kaiser Permanente Benefits

Kaiser Permanente is focused on preventative care to the point where it has become #1 for breast-cancer screenings, in every state where Kaiser is found. The company values convenient care, so it provides four ways to access your personal health care:

Kaiser Permanente Online


Phone Assistance

By phone

Kaiser Permanente In-Peronal

In Person

E-mails Support

e-mails with your doctor

Types of Plans Offered by Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente offers a variety of plans, including individual/family plans, Medicaid, Medicare, and employer-sponsored plans. Their individual/family plans are all HMO plans, and you must use the Kaiser physician network. Types of plans include:

      • Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Catastrophic health insurance plans
      • Off-exchange plans for those who do not qualify for a subsidy
      • HSA-qualified plans (limited availability)



If you’re interested in signing up for a Kaiser Permanente plan, please give your HSA Personal Benefit Manager a call at 800-913-0172. We’re standing by and eager to answer any questions you have about Kaiser-specific plans or HSA plans in general.


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