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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma is one of the top health insurance companies in the state, offering a wide variety of products that will fit the needs of many different types of customers. Whether you are single and between jobs or married with several children, there is an insurance policy that will cover you when you need it most. In addition, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma offers employer-sponsored health insurance and other coverage for people at every stage of their lives.

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Individual Health Insurance

There are many individual health insurance products offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma. One of the advantages of choosing this company is having the ability to choose a plan that provides the coverage you need at a price you can afford. Few other companies have the flexibility that Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma offers. Some of the plans available include:

This plan offers comprehensive coverage that is similar to that offered by group health plans, including inpatient hospital stays, maternity benefits, coverage for prescription drugs, and many other services.

Both of these plans provide the basic coverage you need, such as diagnostic testing, prescription drugs, and hospital services. These plans allow you to pay lower premiums in exchange for paying more of your upfront medical expenses.

HSA plans have high deductibles and require that you assume a larger portion of your medical expenses upfront. It is an excellent option if you want to pay lower premiums while having more control over how you spend your health dollars. There are also tax benefits that come along with having a high deductible HSA plan, which many people find appealing.

In addition to these plans, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma also offers short-term health plans if you are temporarily without insurance, such as if you are between jobs or waiting for open enrollment on a group health plan. There are also plans available for children, and optional dental coverage is available to everyone as well.

Group Health Insurance

Whether you are an employer looking for affordable group coverage for your employees or an employee taking part in the decision regarding which plan your company will choose, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma offers several different types of group coverage.

Additional Benefits

Access to Variety of Tools

In addition to health insurance coverage, members of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma gain access to a variety of different tools to help manage their health care decisions and take control over their health. There are online tools to help you find a doctor in your network, a specialized medical equipment supply store, or even a pharmacy for prescription drugs you may take that require special handling.

Be Smart. Be Well

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma also offers Be Smart. Be Well, a website with information and tips on many health-related issues like childhood obesity and mental health issues. The primary goal of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma is to help consumers manage their health in order to spend less on medical expenses.

Community Programs*

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma is also the only health insurance company to be completely owned by its customers. There are over 700,000 members and the company also takes part in many community programs. Staff members regularly volunteer for civic organizations and other worthy causes, and the company is proud to be known as a responsible and ethical company.

This enables them to provide quality health insurance for their client base while still maintaining a personal feel to their business. They care about their members and go to great lengths to make sure you feel like an important member of their insurance family.

Cost of Premiums

The premium you will pay monthly is largely dependent on which plan you choose. For example, the premiums for an individual Simply Blue policy are likely to be less expensive than premiums for a Health Check Select policy. Other factors will be taken into consideration as well, such as your age and physical health at the time of your application.

In order to receive an estimate of the premium you will pay, feel free to contact one of HSA for America’s Personal Benefits Managers at 1-866-749-2309 to discuss your situation. Our agents have extensive experience in all aspects of health care management and can help you choose which Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma policy will best fit both your lifestyle and your budget.

At HSA for America, we believe that you have the right to make health care decisions on your own behalf, and our Personal Benefits Managers will be happy to help you with no fees or obligations to you — this is a free service we offer in order to help our clients spend as little money as possible for the best plans available.

If you would like to be able to explore the different plans available on your own, we offer a free online quoting tool that can be accessed here. You will be asked for some identifying information and will be taken through a few steps using a simple drop-down menu. We use a secure connection, so your personal information is completely confidential. When you are finished entering the requested information, you will be presented with several different plans to compare.

With the cost of health care rising at a rapid rate, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma believes that the time to be researching all your different health care options is now. Regardless of your life circumstances, this is the time to make sure you have the health coverage you need.

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