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Since it’s inception in 1940, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBS MI) grew to become the largest HMO in the 1990s, as well as the first HMO to earn accreditation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance and is recognized as one of America’s top HMOs.  By the 2000s, BCBS of Michigan began making it a priority to place emphasis on quality generic drugs, and also introduced wellness programs to encourage its members to live healthier and active lifestyles.  In 2014, BCBS of Michigan became a nonprofit mutual company, with the intention of giving their members a stronger voice in the company.

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BCBS of Michigan Health Plans

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s health insurance plans are divided into four plan levels called “metal tier plans.” The categories to choose from are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.  Catastrophic coverage is also available.  Each plan level have different plan types: PPO, EPO, HMO/Blue Care Network, and Dental and Vision plans.  Below are the list of plan choices offered by BCBS MI:
      • Blue Cross Partnered Extra (Bronze, Silver or Gold)
      • Blue Cross Metro Detroit HMO (Bronze or Silver)
      • Blue Cross Metro Detroit EPO (Bronze or Silver)
      • Blue Cross Metro Detroit HMO Extra (Bronze, Silver or Gold)
      • Blue Cross Metro Detroit EPO Extra (Bronze, Silver or Gold)
      • Blue Cross Select (Bronze, Silver or Gold)
      • Blue Cross Select Extra (Bronze, Silver or Gold)
      • Blue Cross Select Value (Catastrophic)
  • Blue Cross Preferred (Bronze, Silver or Gold)
  • Blue Cross Preferred Extra (Bronze, Silver or Gold)
  • Blue Cross Premier (Bronze, Silver or Gold)
  • Blue Cross Premier Extra (Bronze, Silver or Gold
  • Blue Cross Premier Value (Catastrophic)
  • Blue Cross with Dental & Vision (Silver or Gold)
  • Blue Cross Extra with Dental & Vision (Silver, Gold or Platinum)
Please note, that all plans, both HSA and non-HSA, now have aggregate deductibles.  These are different than your typical embedded deductible.  Simply put, regardless of whether a plan covers just an individual or a family, the FAMILY deductible must be met by a combination of the members within a particular family.  This is different than a traditional embedded deductible in that an individual deductible needed to be met as well as a family deductible.

The advantages of having an aggregate deductible is that premiums with such plans tend to be lower.  This type of deductible is best for families that are expecting low out-of-pocket costs.

BCBS of Michigan HSA Plans

The HealthEquity HSA offered by BCBS MI works with several of their plans.  For individuals and families, the plans below are HSA-eligible.
  • Blue Cross Partnered Bronze
  • Blue Cross Metro Detroit HMO Bronze
  • Blue Cross Select Bronze
  • Blue Cross Preferred Bronze
  • Blue Cross Metro Detroit EPO Bronze
  • Blue Cross Premier Bronze
  • Blue Cross Metro Detroit EPO Silver
  • Blue Cross Premier Silver
  • Blue Cross Silver with Dental and Vision, a Multi-State Plan
For Silver plans that you pair with an HSA, it must have an actuarial value of 70.  Learn how health savings accounts (HSAs) work on our HSA Info page.

Why Choose BCBS of Michigan



They are the recipient of several awards, including the Customer Experience Innovation Award and the Forrester Award; both for excellence in customer service.

Wellness Programs

Their innovative programs such as their Patient-Centered Medical Home program and Building Healthy Communities – both with the common goal to donating and saving money in the health care system, as well as providing healthier meals to elementary students.

Healthy Living

An online portal with access to BlueHealthConnection, which includes a 24/7 Nurse Line, Chronic Condition Management, Health Assessments, Wellness Programs, Case Management resources, as well as healthy living tips, member discounts, and other tools to live a healthy lifestyle.

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