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Who will take care of your expenses if you can’t work temporarily?

Think for a minute about your routine expenses. These are the bills that come every month, or the things your kids need for school. Things like filling the car up with gas, buying groceries, paying the water and the power bill. Even vaccinations for the dog.

You don’t have to put much thought into it to realize that your routine expenses add up to a sizable sum. If you lost the ability to work due to an accident – let’s say something as simple as a torn ACL while playing basketball with your kids – it likely wouldn’t take much time for a bunch of unpaid bills to pile up.

It would be bad enough if you couldn’t work. But what if your spouse and you were in an accident together, that left you the two of you unable to work during the same time period?

Most of us would have some savings that we could tap into to help out during this time. Unfortunately, recent studies show that only 23% of Americans have enough liquid assets to cover 6 months of expenses. So as you can see many of us aren’t prepared for an injury that leaves us unable to work.

Coverage that gives you what you need

Here’s an idea for some unusual coverage that pays cash to you, for every week that you’re injured and aren’t able to work. It’s called Accidental Total Temporary Disability (ATTD), and it’s surprisingly affordable.

Let’s say you get injured. It doesn’t matter if it happens on the job or not, if you can’t do your job because of the accident, ATTD insurance pays you cash benefits every week for as long as a year. Coverage is available at two levels. With the lower level plan you’ll receive $250 every week, and with the higher level plan you’ll receive $500 every week. Depending on your preference, you can purchase a policy for just you, or one that covers you both.

What if you lose your job? If you get injured and your injury causes you to be curtailed from doing the ordinary things somebody of your age and sex could typically do, an ATDD plan pays then, too.

And you won’t have a long wait for your benefits to begin. At only 14 days post-injury, your weekly benefits begin – right about the time your bills start to arrive.

What if I have other coverage?

With an ATTD plan, that doesn’t matter. Even if you’re already receiving payments from a Worker’s Compensation claim, or another type of plan that pays benefits if you can’t work, you’ll still receive benefits from your ATTD plan.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage, too

If you sustain an accident that leaves you without hearing or sight, or that causes the loss of a limb, you’ll receive benefits, depending on how severe the injury is. If you are mortally injured, your family will receive a one-time death benefit of $5,000. This coverage is included at no additional cost.

The money is yours to spend as you need

There are no stipulations with an ATTD policy as to how the money will be spent. You are the one who intimately understands your family’s needs, and you are the one who decides how the benefits are best used.

HSA for America has chosen Wholesale Benefits Association (WBA) as our primary collaborator in providing these policies to our clients. You can get coverage for as little as $17.95 per month for an individual, $39.95 per month for a couple ($250 weekly benefit). The higher benefit plan is available for $35.90 per month for an individual or $79.90 per month for a couple. This plan pays a $500 per week benefit. If you pay the entire year’s premiums when you sign up, you’ll enjoy a 9% discount.

If you’ve got 10 minutes, you’ve got time to sign up. Answer only a few basic questions, pay online with a credit card or by check, and you’re done. Getting signed up is as easy as clicking here to be taken to WBA’s website. Find the “enroll” button at the top right, and get started.

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