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A “health improvement company” offering group, individual, and family HMO plans in New Mexico & West Texas

True Health New Mexico (THNM) was launched in 2018 as a provider of group health insurance plans for local businesses. In 2020, True Health began offering individual and family coverage as well, allowing them to become one of the fastest growing physician-led health plans in the southwest.

True Health offers a wide range of plans for individuals and businesses in Northern New Mexico, the Albuquerque area, Southern New Mexico, and the border areas of New Mexico / Texas.  

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Plan Overview: True Health New Mexico

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HMO network with over 10,000 providers and specialists

THNM operates under a physician-led network of over 10,000 health professionals. This includes the DaVita and Lovelace Medical Groups, as well as regional hospitals and medical centers across the state.

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Access to over 350 pharmacies across NM

Includes major chains like Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS, as well as a large number of local, independent pharmacies.

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$0 copays on generic medication for common chronic conditions

Plans with THNM go beyond ACA requirements for prescription drug coverage, making maintenance medications even more affordable. With True Health, a large number of generic drugs can be obtained with a $0 copay.

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24-hour nurse advice line

THNM allows patients to connect to a board certified MDLIVE medical professional any hour of the day for an in-network telephone consultation.

true healthHSA-qualified HDHP plans

True Health offers two different plans that are HSA-qualified: True Bronze HDHP and True Silver HDHP. By enrolling in one of these plans, individuals can start a Health Savings Account (HSA) to save tax-free money for medical expenses.

Health insurance plans with True Health New Mexico

True Health New Mexico offers insurance plans with a statewide provider network. Three different tiers are available for individuals and families, each with different coverage terms. A fourth tier Platinum option is also available for small group plans.

Premier options are also available for each tier, and High Deductible (HDHP) options are available with both Silver and Bronze-tier plans.

Group health insurance plans with True Health New Mexico: HSA-qualified coverage for small and large businesses

Businesses of any size can find a suitable group health insurance plan with THNM. With a wide range of plan options and a number of unique benefits, THNM has quickly become one of the most reputable small group providers in the state.

True Health offers a number of high deductible plans (HDHP) that are HSA-qualified. These plans allow employees to open a Health Savings Account and put away tax-free dollars to pay for out-of-pocket expenses.

For employees, HSAs are a reliable way to save thousands on health care costs. Meanwhile, employers can make tax-deductible contributions, significantly increasing the value of any benefits package.

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THMN offers dozens of plan options for individuals and employers alike. Your Personal Benefits Manager can help you choose the plan that makes the most sense, whether you’re trying to cut costs or increase coverage.

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