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Professional, affordable HMO health plans for Sacramento & Northern California

Headquartered in Sacramento, California, Sutter Health Plus is a low-cost HMO health plan that is available to individuals, families, and businesses in the greater Sacramento area. These traditional health insurance plans offer complete coverage for outpatient services, hospital care, prescription drugs, and more.

Sutter Health Plus also offers a number of high deductible health plans (HDHP) that are HSA qualified. This allows members to open a tax-advantaged savings account to help cover out-of-pocket costs, while also serving as an effective retirement savings vehicle.

Both individual and group plans are available through Sutter Health Plus.

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Plan Overview: Sutter Health Plus

sutter health

Personalized plans for the greater Sacramento and Bay Area communities

Sutter Health’s network includes 30 hospitals and 7,000 providers in the greater Sacramento area. Plans include copayment plans, deductible plans, and HDHPs low monthly premiums.


No-cost preventive care services

Access to a variety of no-cost services including vitamins, supplements, health counseling, routine exams, immunizations, and smoking cessation medications and counseling.

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Individual, family, and group health insurance plans

Options are available for all needs and budgets, from high-deductible HSA-qualified individual plans to large group coverage for businesses.

sutter option

A range of optional-coverage plans

Consumers can enroll in specialized plans for medical needs not covered by traditional insurance, including dental, vision, acupuncture, and more.

Group health insurance plans with Sutter Health Plus

Both small and large businesses can find affordable group coverage with Sutter Health Plus. Small employer plans (2-100 employees) are available in metal-tiered options of Gold, Silver, Bronze, & platinum.

Large employer groups (100+ employees) can choose from more specialized Summit, Peak, Ridge, & Vista plans.

HSA-compatible plans are available for businesses of all sizes, giving employers an opportunity to provide an additional tax-deductible health benefit for employees. Each tier of group insurance is available in multiple configurations, giving employees a wider range of options to choose from.

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Your Personal Benefits Manager can walk you through the different health insurance plans that are available through Sutter Health Plus. All consultations are obligation-free and come at no cost to you.

You can also ask your PBM about more information on Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), the tax-advantaged retirement vehicles that are available alongside any HDHP health plan.

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