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Work-from-Home Opportunity as an HSA for America Independent Commissioned Personal Benefits Manager

We have thousands of clients that need servicing year-after-year, so we can make sure they continue to get the best coverage available.  We also have hundreds coming to our websites every week, looking for information on how Obamacare works, ways they can find a good value on health insurance, and information on Medicare supplement and Medicare Advantage plans.

What they need is someone who can make things easy for them to understand, make it easy for them to get enrolled, and build a long-term client relationship.

What we have is a “done for you” marketing system that generates very hot leads, incoming phone calls, referrals, and sales, even from people you barely talk to!

How would you like to have thousands of emails going out every week in your name – to existing clients and, –  to prospects who have requested information from you, written by a professional sales copywriter and proven to generate calls, emails, and pre-set appointments with prospects clamoring to talk to you?

Unlike most people in this industry, as an Personal Benefits Manager with HSA for America you do not have to spend the majority of your time prospecting, marketing, handling post-sale issues, and all the other details that could bog you down.  You get to spend your energy on what you do best – selling to qualified prospects, and helping people understand their best health insurance options.

Business is Blooming

The changes instituted under the recent health insurance law known as Obamacare is the biggest income-producing opportunity to occur in the health insurance industry in years. Health care reform has accelerated rate increases, increased confusion, and caused more people to seek out individual health insurance, and HSA for America has a limited number of opportunities for ambitious independently contracted sales people who wish to partner with us.

If you’re like most salespeople, you don’t have the time, technical skill, or interest to put together websites, quote systems, multi-step marketing sequences, client retention systems, online applications, direct mail campaigns, and all the other marketing methods that generate sales and customers for the top insurance agents.

Now you can integrate into a marketing system that’s already put together for you.

Selling Insurance the Easy Way

My name is Wiley Long; I’m president of HSA for America.  I started my insurance career calling on so-called “telemarketing leads”.  I would guess four out of five people told me they weren’t interested before I even got three words out.  Most would hang up on me, many cussing me out before slamming the phone down.

The only way I learned to survive was by cold-calling.  It could take hours of rejection before getting a “maybe”, and then I usually had to get in my car to drive to the prospect’s house or place of business to try to close the sale.  I was broke, tired of all the rejection, and sick of the long, long hours.

I knew there had to be a better way!

In 2001, I put up my first website, and began studying marketing earnestly.  I read dozens of books, attended seminars that cost me thousands of dollars, spoke with experts, and hired expensive copywriters.

And the work paid off.  Today HSA for America is the number one agency in the country offering individual and family HSA-qualified health insurance plans.  Thousands of unique visitors come to our site every week, seeking our expertise and requesting applications.

Today more people sign up through my online system without ever even speaking to me than I used to sell working an 80-hour week.

Many of our other sales close after a 2-minute phone call, or a quick email exchange just to clarify a point or two.

And after buying from us, our clients stay with us.  And they buy more.  And they send us their friends and colleagues.

So what is the secret?  Well that’s a big question, but the short answer is that we have put together a highly effective marketing system.  McDonald’s didn’t become the largest restaurant chain in the world because of its great hamburgers; it did so as a result of the systems it put in place to make its processes both efficient and effective.

When you are integrated into our system, you will benefit from the thousands of hours we’ve put into refining our message, the professional copywriters we’ve hired, and the thousands of dollars we continue to spend optimizing our search engine results and conversion ratios.

Let Me Tell You About The Actual Easy Sales Secrets Of Our Marketing System That Will Once-And-For-All Put Your Insurance Sales On AUTOPILOT

If you are interested in growing your success in the health insurance business, please read the following information very carefully.  Whether or not your Independent Personal Benefits Manager application is accepted, you will learn a lot by simply understanding what has made HSA for America so phenomenally successful.  If we both agree that having you on board as part of our team would be mutually beneficial, this is the system that you will become a part of:

Easy Sales Secret #1

HSA for America‘s Website and Reputation

HSA for America is firmly established as the experts in HSA-qualified health insurance plans.  We have been specializing in these plans since they first became available, and more people learn about and purchase individual HSA-qualified health insurance from us than from any agency in the country.We have enrolled thousands of individuals and families.

When you represent HSA for America, you benefit from the instant credibility the HSA for America brand name represents. Readers can obtain detailed information on virtually any aspect of HSAs and HSA-qualified health insurance – from instant health insurance quotes and online applications, to details about how the tax benefits of HSAs work, to information on how to maximize tax credits under the Affordable Care Act.

Not only does our website serve as an information resource, but it actually does your selling for you, so that by the time you talk to your prospect they are very well informed and ready to do business.  Imagine the difference when talking to a cold prospect versus one who has already done their research, compared quotes, and is simply deciding between the $3000 deductible and the $5000 deductible.

Of course, it’s not always that easy.  That’s why the next Easy Sales Secret drives sales through the roof:

Easy Sales Secret #2

Talk to HOT Prospects

Everybody needs health insurance, and many people must buy it themselves because they are not covered by an employer.  But few enjoy the process, and most buy only when the pain of their current situation gets strong enough to motivate action.

By capturing prospects when they are actively looking for information on HSA-qualified health insurance plans, we are able to hit them with our marketing message at a time when they are most receptive to hearing it.

Personal Benefits Managers who participate in our lead program are able to speak with very interested prospects that actually want to talk to them.  Often they are on the phone with the prospect within minutes, while he or she is still looking at the quote results – what an excellent time to answer short questions and set up a telephone appointment to help the prospect choose a plan and get signed up.

When we can’t reach them on the phone, the next Easy Sales Secret puts the sales process on autopilot:

Easy Sales Secret #3

Ongoing Automated Marketing Messages

How many people are on your “still thinking about it” list?  Are you still keeping in touch with them on a regular basis?  And if so, is it really the best use of your time?

Imagine a series of well-timed emails going out in your name, further establishing your credibility, selling the reader on:

  1. what their best options are
  2. why they should get coverage from you
  3. why they should take action now

We have put hours and hours into perfecting our written sales letters, making our messages so compelling and so convincing that most readers wouldn’t dream of buying health insurance from anyone but you.

Most emails come directly from you, in your name.  If the prospect replies to the email, it goes directly to you.  Anyone who does not sign up right away will continue to receive communication from you every few days, for the next 5 weeks.  They’ll learn more.

Setting up an autoresponder to send out emails is not that difficult, but getting the message right, is.  Every one of our email messages has been reviewed and updated by a leading professional sales copywriter who really understands how to influence people to take action now.

Easy Sales Secret #4

Special Reports That Generate Traffic and Further Establish Your Credibility

The consumers out there have a real desire to find a better solution for their health insurance needs.  They’ve heard about health savings accounts, but most have a difficult time finding anyone who can clearly explain things, and answer all their questions.

That is why so many people order HSA for America‘s Complete Consumer’s Guide to Health Savings Accounts.  We also offer reports on life insurance, health care reform, ways to save money on medical expenses, and other valuable information.  Offering unbiased, reliable, hard-to-find information is one of the best ways we generate leads from prospects who are truly interested in what we have to offer.

Our Independent Personal Benefits Managers have exclusive access to this material, along with systemized methods of using them to continually generate additional inquiries.

Easy Sales Secret #5

Make Multiple Sales At Once via Webinars

One of the keys to high income is figuring out ways to “multiply” yourself.  One of the many ways our Personal Benefits Managers do so is through the use of webinars.

Our independent Personal Benefits Managers often host webinars to which people come to learn about HSAs and how to obtain an HSA-qualified health insurance plan, their health insurance options, and how to choose and sign up for a plan.  We provide scripts, marketing sequences, website sign-ups, and we even pay for the call.

A well-run webinar will further increase your status and reputation as an expert, and will often result in 10 or more sales within an hour after the call.

Easy Sales Secret #6

Pre-Set, Qualified Telephone Appointments

Effective salespeople spend their time speaking with people who are ready to buy. So when someone calls interested in getting some assistance in choosing a qualified health insurance plan, we schedule an appointment for you, based on the times you make available on your online scheduler.

You receive all the information you need to do some research before the call so you are well prepared.  The prospect also receives the information they need to prepare for the call (and, critically, to prepare them to be ready to make a decision when they do talk with you).

The result is that you are no longer “pitching”, but instead you are advising.  You have credibility before you even say hello, and your job now is to simply help the prospect find the best plan for his or her needs, and get them enrolled. Our top Personal Benefits Managers are closing 80% or more of their pre-scheduled appointments.

Easy Sales Secret #7

Home Office Support To Free Up Your Time

Most agents spend a whole lot of time on paperwork.  How much of your time do you want to spend hunting down new clients to get missing info so you can submit the application to the insurance company?  How many hours do you spend each week following up on the underwriting status of your applications?

More importantly, how much time will you really have available to do these activities when you are selling 2, 5, or 10 plans a day or more?  Our system is designed to let you spend your time doing what you do best – selling. Whenever possible and prudent we handle the back office paper work and nitty-gritty for you.

One of the keys to monetary success is to spend your time on highly productive activity.  Systemization of your business is critical, but you must also have a well-trained and responsible staff to handle all the details.  If you’ve ever tried to hire, train, and manage office staff, you know how valuable this is to our Independent Personal Benefits Managers.

Easy Sales Secret #8

“Done For You” Back-End Sales Marketing

When you close the sale, are you done?  If so, you’re missing out on a LOT of money.  HSA for America‘s automated marketing systems help you maximize total customer value.  As Personal Benefits Managers, we are here to help our clients manage their entire benefits package. Here are some of the sales you’ll capture that you used to miss:

  • Lapsed clients who still need coverage
  • Term life insurance sales
  • Accident Plans
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Dental Plans
  • More!

Most of these sales processes are integrated into our automated follow-up system, so you may not have to do much at all to add additional income revenue.

Easy Sales Secret #9

Even MORE Ongoing Marketing Done For You, Every Week

One of the things that has surprised us as we’ve built our system and tracked our results is how many sales we get from people who initially inquired weeks, or even months to service.  So after the initial marketing sequence, our prospects continue to hear from you every week.  They receive informative emails that maintain that critical balance of providing valuable information, while creating urgency and a call to action.

The results are sales coming in every week from prospects we might have otherwise written off.

In addition to email, at times we’ll use direct mail, voice mail, webinars, and other media to drive response and surge sales.  We do the work, and our Independent Personal Benefits Managers close the sales.

Easy Sales Secret #10

Developing Lifetime Customers

Our objective when enrolling a new client is not to simply make a sale.  We want to develop a long-term relationship so we can continue to help them stay in the best plan for their needs, and so we can help them out with other needs such as life, disability, or long-term care insurance.

HSA for America has numerous methods to keep clients on the books, keep them buying additional products, and referring their friends and colleagues.

By keeping in touch with our clients on a regular basis, we are building a long-term relationship with them that can double or triple your renewal income.  Marketing guru Dan Kennedy calls it “Fencing the Herd”.  Here are some of the ways we nurture the relationship:

  1. Post-Sale Wow Packet – right after someone applies for coverage with us, a thick packet of information is sent to our clients, along with a letter from you, welcoming them to HSA for America, and sharing with them ways they can save money on their medical expenses. 
  2. Maximize Your HSA – our acclaimed monthly newsletter goes to our clients, and focuses on ways they can lower their medical costs, reduce their taxes, and maximize the value of their health insurance.
  3. HSA for America Update – Our monthly direct mail newsletter which contains helpful articles, offers for additional products and services, and helps develop the “relationship,” which turns customers into long-term clients.
  4. Birthday Cards – customers receive a birthday postcard directly from you.  These touches generate referrals, life insurance sales, and greater loyalty from our customers.
  5. Other “touches” throughout the year – your customers will not forget you when they get holiday greetings and other occasional touches throughout the year.

HSA for America customers are not just “sales,” they are long-term clients.  Because of the level of service we provide, the valuable information we provide and the ongoing communication, our business stays on the books.  And our customers buy more, and refer their friends.  All this, of course, means greater success and income for us, and for our Independent Personal Benefits Managers.

Easy Sales Secret #11

Online Database To Track Your Clients and Prospects

Its easy, organized, and all in one place.  See who is in your marketing funnel, and where they are.  You can put prospects into relevant groups so you can efficiently manage your follow-up calls.  See what plan they bought, any notes you’ve made on previous conversations, and what automated marketing steps are coming up.

To consistently reach high levels of insurance production, you must have a system in place that is organized and efficient.  If you have to hunt for notes scribbled on scraps of paper, go through lists of who you need to call back or follow-up on, or try to remember past conversations, you will never make the big money.

Our system has everything in one place.  It allows you to quickly retrieve any information you need on clients and their policies, track prospects and all past marketing touches, and start and stop pre-written marketing campaigns.

Easy Sales Secret #12

Access to Exclusive HSA for America-Generated Leads

As you can imagine, we generate quite a few leads, many more than we can effectively work ourselves.  When you integrate into our system, you have the opportunity to have those leads directly assigned to you, so you can begin dialogue with your potential customer immediately.

Company-generated leads assigned to our Personal Benefits Managers are marketed to in the Personal Benefits Manager’s name.  Personal Benefits Managers who participate in the lead program have new leads assigned to them in real time, every day.  Those leads are then marketed to in the Personal Benefits Managers name, automatically.

Easy Sales Secret #13

Comprehensive Training

Everyone accepted into the HSA for America Personal Benefits Manager program has the opportunity to participate in an extensive training program covering all aspects of our program.  Before representing HSA for America, all of our Personal Benefits Managers must demonstrate an expertise in health insurance, the government exchanges and subsidies , and the plans that they will be offering.

If you are accepted into this program, you will participate in an intensive three-week learning program of web conferences and home study, so that you have the knowledge and information you need to confidently represent HSA for America, and to maximize your sales results.

You will then receive one-on-one coaching to help you polish your presentation, smooth out your closing, and maximize your sales.  Ultimately we are only as successful as our Personal Benefits Managers, so we are very committed to your growth and success.

Is This A Sales Person’s “Dream Job”?

Many people who have seen our system call it a “sales person’s dream job.”  You get to work from home, set your own schedule, and work hot leads that are coming in daily.  You provide a high-quality service that people really need.  And never has the topic of health insurance been hotter.

In addition to health insurance, you will be paid for accident plans, dental plans, life insurance sales, annuity sales, international travel insurance, and other services we offer.  And as long as you are an Personal Benefits Manager with HSA for America, you will continue to service your clients and offer them additional products and services.

If you are comfortable with the living you are making and the hours you are working and commuting, then you can stop reading now.  If you are not ready for this, if you don’t see the value in what we’re providing our Independent Personal Benefits Managers, then quit dreaming and get back to work.

But if you’ve read this far you now realize that there is a better way.  You can either try to recreate it (print this page out, tape it to your wall, and study it); or you can possibly become part of it.

What You Get

Total Value

HSA for America website, including over 600 pages of selling information $25,000+ (If you hired a company to write, manage, and optimize a website of this size with this Google ranking, it could easily cost you three times this, if they could do it)
Integrated online instant quote system/ database $3600/year
Pre-set Qualified Appointments Invaluable
Prospects emailing you Invaluable
Prospects calling you Invaluable
Real-time notification of instant-quote leads Invaluable
Easy Online “No-talk” Sales System $35,000+/year
Special Reports Sales System:
· HSA plans
· HRAs
· Term Life
· For CPAs
· $5,000
· $5,000
· $5,000
· $5,000
“Done For You” Backend Sales System $25,000 – $100,000+/year
Pre-written drip campaign $10,000
Pre-written, automated instant quote follow-up marketing sequence of professionally written sales letters, sent in your name $20,000 (We have actually been offered $75,000 for the use of our marketing system, but refused to sell. To hire a top copywriter to write and test a sales sequence with 14 steps will cost you at least this much).
Professionally written pre and post-appointment campaigns $2500
52+ continuous follow-up emails sent to your prospects throughout the year $5000
Fencing the Herd” Business Retention and Growth Program
· Mailed Post-Sale Wow Packet
· Maximize Your HSA newsletter
· Monthly mailed newsletters
· Birthday Cards
· Annual Comprehensive Policy Reviews
$15,200 – $50,000+/year (This of course becomes more and more valuable as your herd grows!)
· $10,000+/year
· $2500+/year
· $2000 – $6100+/year
· $800 – $2500+/year
· Invaluable – generate good will, keep business on the books, sell more services, and watch your referrals soar!
Weekly 60-minute Group Tele-Coaching Call $2,900/year
One-on-one sales coaching $6000/year
A detailed online database of all your leads and clients, including all past and upcoming marketing steps $5000

All of these Program benefits are really worth a total of AT LEAST $175,150+They drive our business and make life easier for our sales Personal Benefits Managers, but it won’t cost you a fraction of the cost.

Yes, you will spend some of your own money.  Even though you will be representing HSA for America and some of our other brands, you will be self-employed.  You will work from your own home, set your own schedule, and pay for your own internet access and office supplies.  You will also have to get an insurance license, and Errors and Omissions insurance.  (We’ll help you through that process).

The HSA for America Independent Commissioned Personal Benefits Manager Sales Success Program

Real lifestyle is lived in the insurance business by people who use systems to grow their client base and attract prospects.  Working from home, being in charge of your own schedule, and having time for your family may make you the envy of friends who have a daily nine-to-five.  Don’t misunderstand me – you do have to work.  But by working smart instead of just hard, you can build a customer base that sends you referrals and continues to expand your business.

Most importantly, you’re helping people who really do need to find the least expensive ways to insure protect themselves from unexpected medical expenses.  As an expert with HSA for America, you can help our clients cut through the clutter and understand some innovative ways to reduce their premiums and out-of-pocket risk.

At this time we only have a couple slots available, which we will be filling quickly.

This link will take you to our application processing system.  The application process includes filling out an application, taking skills and screening tests, and for those who qualify, undergoing video recorded and live interviews.

If you are good with people, honest, disciplined, and motivated, then I suggest you get your application submitted to us right away.

Note: HSA for America Independent Personal Benefits Manager applicants will only be accepted AFTER completing an application and going through our interview process.  If you are accepted into the program you will be integrated into our marketing system and will be representing HSA for America.  We ONLY want someone who has very high integrity, is customer service oriented, and who has a strong work ethic and wants to make the most of this business opportunity.

I cannot emphasize enough the complete RARITY of this opportunity.  Our objective is to have a small number of talented, very efficient, personable Benefits Managers.  We put a tremendous amount of effort into helping our Personal Benefits Managers maximize their production, and do not have the time or inclination to be bringing on new sales Personal Benefits Managers every month.

So once we have this position filled, we will only be able to accept your resume and put it in our files, to be reviewed when and if we eventually have another opening.

At last you can finally have the opportunity to stop doing business the hard way, and take advantage of a proven marketing system that has clients looking for you (instead of the other way around!).

As an HSA for America Independent Personal Benefits Manager, you will:

  1. Learn How To Have People Calling You!
  2. Get paid for clients you generate who sign up online, without ever talking to them!
  3. Have marketing continuously going out on your behalf, without having to think about it!
  4. Have the HSA for America brand name and reputation behind you
  5. Spend less time marketing and prospecting, and more time selling
  6. Spend less time processing applications, checking on underwriting, following up on prospects…  and more time hanging out with your family!

One of our Personal Benefits Managers who had previously been struggling just to pay her $1000/mo yellow page ad said to me recently, “Wiley, I just can’t believe how easy this is!  And I can’t believe all the time and money I had been just wasting before finding HSA for America.”

Complete the Commissioned Sales Personal Benefits Manager application to be considered for a personal interview. If selected, you will be scheduled for an initial interview and then, if you are among the best, you will have the opportunity to interview with our President, Wiley Long. You will then be notified within 7 days whether you have been accepted or not. If so, we will immediately begin integration of you into the system, and schedule your initial training.

This is a breakthrough opportunity to become part of a company with a proven health insurance sales system, that can grow your business and give you an enviable lifestyle, and breakthrough opportunities do NOT come along every day.  Take action now – this is your opportunity, don’t miss out.

Wiley Long,



HSA for America

P.S.  We have used the exact strategies described above to quickly build one of the nation’s most successful online health insurance agencies. In fact, Humana named us their top producing agency in the entire country. We’d love to keep all the business for ourselves, but at times we are flooded with so many inquiries that we’ve decided to crack open the door, reveal our secrets, and actually allow the right person to join our team as an esteemed HSA for America Independent Commissioned Personal Benefits Manager.

P.P.S.  This is a very limited time offer.  If you are at all serious about making money in the insurance business and creating the lifestyle that you want to live, you have stumbled upon the opportunity of a lifetime.  Every day opportunities are NEEDLESSLY LOST, SQUANDERED…  by those who know they should take action right now…  and don’t.  

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