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How your clients can save thousands in taxes and premiums by switching their health insurance to an HSA plan

Dear Business Advisor,

The accountants and advisors that thrive are those that do the best job helping their clients.  When you do their taxes, your clients probably feel like you did a fine job, and that they got what they paid for.  But when you give them advice that can save them thousands of dollars every year, advice that no one else is giving them, they talk about you to their friends.

Why your clients will be raving to their friends about you

You can impress your clients and generate referrals and long-term loyalty, by showing them how to save thousands on their taxes and premiums by switching their health insurance to a Health Savings Account (HSA) plan.  Most people have heard of HSAs, but don’t really know much about them.  Their insurance agent can’t give tax advice.  And since most accountants don’t sell health insurance, their clients are not being fully informed on how to take advantage of an HSA.

As a financial professional, you know that an HSA can lower one’s health insurance premiums, provide tax deductions, and grow into an additional retirement fund worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.  More specifically, by letting your clients know about Health Savings Accounts, you’ll be able to help them:

  • Lower their income tax bill by up to $2,096 or more
  • Deduct the cost of their aspirin, dental treatments, eye glasses, alternative therapies, and other health-related items – without itemizing.
  • Establish an additional retirement account that could add $850,000 or more to their retirement savings
  • Pay for their long-term care insurance, Medicare premiums, and any medical expenses incurred during retirement with pre-tax dollars

When your clients realize how much money they are saving, they’ll be talking about you on the golf course and at the water cooler.  And their friends will be wondering why their accountant didn’t tell them about HSAs.  The result: you grow your customer base and revenue, with no marketing cost to you.

All About HSAs

This 31-page report provides everything you need to know to clearly explain to your clients the benefits of HSAs, and how to establish one.  It is simple and easy to understand, and can even be printed out and given to your client as a reference source.  In this report, you’ll learn:

  • How Health Savings Accounts work
  • Why HSA plans have lower premiums
  • How to get instant quotes on HSA-qualified plans
  • How to choose the right insurance plan
  • How to choose an HSA administrator
  • The hidden tax benefits of an HSA
  • How to use an HSA to pay for eyeglasses, over-the-counter medications, and other expenses not normally covered by health insurance
  • Ways to use an HSA in retirement
  • How to use an HSA to pay Medicare premiums
  • Innovative strategies to maximize the value of an HSA
  • And more…

“But I’m not an insurance agent…”

The vast majority of people who pay for their own health insurance are finding that HSA plans are by far the most economical way to insure themselves.  But many people have an aversion to even thinking about anything related to taxes, unless they hear about it from you, their accountant.

Probably the last thing you want to do is become a health insurance agent.  There are too many companies to keep up with for you to be able to do a really good job helping your customer, and it’s not what you want to do anyway.  What you need is a source to refer your clients, where they can get honest advice and information, where they can find the best value, and where they can sign up quickly and easily.

That’s where we come in.  Our company is a provider of individual and family health insurance plans that are qualified to work with health savings accounts.  We partner with many CPAs across the country, providing them a resource to have questions answered and a place where their clients can receive quotes, information, and advice on the best values in their area.

If you’ve explored our website, you’ve seen that it is very thorough.  We offer instant quotes and online applications for most of our plans.  For those who would like personal assistance, we also provide free consultations.

We help you by helping your clients.  There is no one else that offers the variety of plans, the level of service, and the expertise in HSA plans that we do.

The report is a gift to you.  Our expectation is that you will see more clearly than ever how HSAs can help your clients.  We also anticipate that you will see us as a good source for your clients.  If you would like to discuss how we can work together, please give us a call.

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