Free HSA Report for CPAs

“Wow” your clients by showing them how to reduce their income tax by $2,195 and grow your referral business by providing them information about HSAs now, before another year goes by

Many of your clients could have saved thousands of dollars the past couple years if they had known about HSAs.  This free report for CPAs includes strategic methods your clients can use to minimize their health expenses and maximize the amount of money they accumulate in their HSA.  Every month that goes by in which they don’t have an HSA is costing them money.

Our purpose in producing this report is to make HSAs easy to understand and easy to sign up for, and to help you help your clients who are not covered by an employer-provided health insurance plan.  We are paid by the insurance companies, so there is never any charge for our services to you or your clients.

Our objectives are two-fold.  First, is to provide objective information to our clients about HSA-qualified health insurance plans, and to help them find the best plan to meet their needs.  Secondly, we want to be a resource for you.  By helping your clients, we become a no-hassle value-add for you, and your clients will be thankful.

We place top priority on working with our CPA-referred prospects.  Please enter the information below and this report will be sent to you immediately.  If you would like to establish a working relationship, please give us a call.  We’ll answer any questions you have, let you know how we operate, and how you can be listed in our online CPA Resources guide.

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