HSA Holders: You Can Now Use Your Health Savings Account to Pay For 23andMe

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A new ruling from the IRS allows Health Savings Accounts to be used for TAX FREE genetic testing

Until recently, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) could only be used to pay for medical expenses related to the treatment or prevention of a specific illness. However, a new ruling by the Internal Revenue Service means that HSA holders can now use these funds to cover some or all of the costs of many 23andMe services.

For many, this ruling means that even more people are going to have access to valuable genetic testing that can help them better understand the way their bodies work, and thus create a more informed plan for their personal healthcare.

HSA Holders: You Can Now Use Your Health Savings Account to Pay For 23andMe

What 23andMe Services Are Covered by HSAs?

Not all of the services provided by 23andMe are eligible to be covered by a Health Savings Account, but the primary genetic testing services are.

Here is what is currently covered in 2024:

    • Health & Ancestry Service
    • Health Service Upgrade (for original 23andMe Ancestry Service Customers)
    • Health & Ancestry Service Lab Fee (for customers who purchased their kit from an authorized retailer)
    • Health & Ancestry Service Chip Upgrade

How Do I Document This Expense for Reimbursement?

When you are ready to make a reimbursement claim, you can visit the 23andMe eligibility calculator to get a claim receipt for your purchase.

Keep this in your records in case you ever need to justify your HSA withdrawals to the IRS.

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23andMe HSA: How an HSA Can Slash Your Taxes

The real magic behind Health Savings Accounts is that they allow individuals to deposit funds, tax free, into a savings account where it can accrue interest (also tax free). When you need money to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses, you can withdraw funds from your HSA to take care of it. All 100% tax free.

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Healthcare consumers who have an HSA-qualified plan are able to set up their 2020 accounts in a matter of minutes. We can help you see which HSA-qualified plans are available to you, as well as provide you with a broader overview of your options in general.

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