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Anthem Blue Cross of California

Anthem Blue Cross of California is a part of Anthem, Inc. which is a nationwide insurance provider that has more individual policyholders in the state of California than any other insurer. Anthem Blue Cross of CA is dedicated to providing services to their customers that improve the health of individuals and of the entire community. Anthem Blue Cross of California also received NCQA Accreditation for their health insurance plans.

Anthem Blue Cross of California Health Plans

ACA-Approved Health Plans

All of Anthem Blue Cross’ health plans are ACA-compliant and provide services such as preventive care, emergency care, and prescription drugs. Their plans include:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold,
  • and Platinum

The plans are arranged based on how much of the care expenses the plan pays, so Platinum pays the most.

Anthem Blue Cross of California Health Plans are ACA Approved
Anthem Blue Cross of California HSA Plans

HSA-Qualified Plans

Anthem Blue Cross of California also offers HSA insurance plans for both individuals and families. These plans include both EPO and PPO plans.

  • EPO plans (Exclusive Provider Organization) are similar to HMOs and require that you use network providers.
  • PPO plans (Preferred Provider Organization) allow you more choice.

American Indian / Alaskan Native Health Plans

If you qualify, Anthem Blue Cross of California offers special plans for American Indian and Alaskan natives. The California Indian Health Care Program, which is for registered California tribe-members, offers a wide array of services like office visits, drugs, and so on at a low price.

natives health plans

Anthem Blue Cross of California Member Benefits

One of the benefits offered by Anthem Blue Cross to their members is called LiveHealth Online. You get to see a doctor online 24/7 if you’re struck with flu, colds, allergies and more right from your computer, phone or tablet. It’s more convenient than urgent care — no need to driving and wait.

Anthem BC of CA also provide you a list of urgent care facilities if your medical condition is not an emergency. This will help you save money and time.


If you have any questions about Anthem Blue Cross of California, call your Personal Benefits Manager or 800-913-0172.

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