Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
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Anthem was born from a merger in 2004 with WellPoint Health Networks Inc, and since those days, has expanded to serve over 73 million people with its affiliated companies, and 40 million with its health plans. Anthem BCBS in New Hampshire is licensed by Anthem, Inc headquarters, which is based in Indiana.

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Your Plan Options

There are lots of health plans to choose from with Anthem. The most popular types are HMO and PPO. With HMO, you have a primary care physician in charge of all your medical needs and any referrals in-network. With PPO, you have a PCP, but you don’t need a referral to see specialists or other providers.

Anthem BCBS uses a metal-tiered system that goes up in premiums as coverage improves, like so:

  • Bronze – lower monthly payments/preventative care 100% coverage/pay more out-of-pocket if you need more care
  • Silver – higher monthly payments than with bronze, but also more coverage/preventative care 100% coverage
  • Gold – higher monthly payments/lower out-of-pocket costs
  • Platinum – high monthly payments, but little to no deductible/covers the most out of every plan


If you meet certain qualifications like being under 30 or qualifying for one of fourteen total “hardship exemptions,” you can get a minimum coverage plan and save money. Anthem BCBS also will help with costs if you qualify for Medicaid.

If you need vision or dental insurance, Anthem has options for that, as well.

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If you are interested in learning more about Anthem BCBS of New Hampshire, give us a call at 800-913-0172. We can help you with any questions or clear up any confusion you might have before you make a health care decision.


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