Recommended HSA Administrators

2023 There are many HSA administrators to choose from, all with different fee structures and services.  Listed below are several with whom we have a relationship.  After choosing the one that best meets your needs, you can apply online with some companies, or download an application to mail in with your initial deposit.

The most popular among our clients is HSA Bank.  In addition to savings accounts, they offer a full brokerage services with discount broker partners, allowing you to purchase stocks, bonds, and mutual funds through TD Ameritrade. We have used them ourselves and have been very pleased with the level of customer service.

Low fees are an important consideration until you have built up some money in your account. If you are only interested in a savings account option, one of the HSA administrators that has low fees is First American Bank.

You may want to consider HSA Resources if you are looking to set up Health Savings Accounts for an employer group.  They have good service, low rates, and two attorneys on staff to help handle difficult issues that sometimes get complicated with group plans (section 125 issues, “comparability” testing of HSA contributions, Sub S and partnership contributions, etc.).

HSA for America is an independent health insurance broker specializing in HSA-qualified plans for individuals and families.  We are happy to provide our health insurance customers assistance in choosing the best HSA administrator to meet their needs.

HSA Administrators

HSA AdministratorsOpening FeeMin Opening BalanceMonthly FeeAnnual FeeInvestment OptionsFund Access
Avidia Bank None$10NoneNone Checking AccountsCheckbook &
Debit Card
Bank of CashtonNone$50None$25Brokerage ServicesCheckbook &
Debit Card
Optum Bank$12$25$3None
Fayetteville BankNone$100None/$2None Checking AccountsCheckbook &
Debit Card
First American BankNone$0NoneNoneChecking Account/
Mutual Funds
Checkbook &
Debit Card
HSA BankNoneNoneNone/$3NoneBrokerage ServicesCheckbook &
Debit Card
Wells Fargo$12$25$3None

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