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California-based, not-for-profit, Western Health Advantage was created in 1996 and has since served families and employers within the various counties of the Sacramento region.  Their provider network includes 700 of the region’s primary care physicians, as well as the ability to be referred to almost any of the network’s 2,500 specialists and 14 hospitals.  Western Health Advantage obtained a four star rating, the highest it can receive, by Covered California.  They also received a 12 star rating, also the maximum it can receive, on the HMO Report Card.  They were one of two health insurance companies that received all 12 stars.

My WHA Benefits

With MyWHA, you are able to manage additional benefits all online.  This includes access to:

nurse advice western
Nurse Advice
Access to a Registered Nurse 27/4 via phone or computer
pharmacy western
Access to a pharmacy 24/7 to order refills
healthy roads western
Healthy Roads
An online assessment tool that also includes a health tracker, enabling you to keep better
gym discounts western
Gym Discounts
Travel Assistance, as well as a Healthy Recipe Center
resources western
To maintain and improve your mind, heart and diabetes
wellness classes western
Wellness Classes
comprehensive western
Comprehensive information

regarding men, women, adolescent and infant wellness, as well as preventive health and disease management information

Healthcare Plans

Available plans and pricing vary based on your age, family size and zip code.

  • Deductible Plans – includes a lower monthly premium, you are responsible for the costs of your health care until your deductible is met.
  • HSA-Compatible High-Deductible Plans – includes a lower monthly premium, you can use your HSA to pay for the costs of health care, until your deductible is met.
  • Traditional Plans – includes a higher premium, you generally pay for a small, set co-payment for your health care
  • Cost Sharing Reduction Plans –  assistance with out-of-pocket costs in addition to premium assistance, which is determined by Covered California

We’re Here to Help.

At HSA for America you can expect that your Personal Benefits Manager will be here to guide you through the process of obtaining the right health insurance plan for you and your family.  Your Personal Benefits Manager will ensure that you can save as much money as possible while your personal health care needs are still met.

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